Who we are

We are a couple from Germany and together since we were 15 years old and K-Culture fans since 2013. Meantime we are both 23 years old and still love Korean Pop Culture. We are big fans of BigBang, BTS, and other iconic Kpop groups. We also enjoyed the Kdramas “I hear your voice”, “Goblin” and “W” a lot (still waiting for the day we get to see Quebec).

How we got to Fashion Chingu

As everyone knows Korean Pop-Culture is embossed trough beautiful and stylish outfits and while watching all this pretty idols and actors wearing such awesome outfits we started to desire to look like them.

That was the start of a very looooong Google Search

Someday, I wanted to buy a jacket from a Red Velvet MV. So I started my research for the outfit I wanted. Often I found the original designer pieces, but as you know Kpop idols and Kdrama actors don’t wear cheap things. The jacket I wanted to buy cost around 2000$. I was desperate since I obviously don’t have the money to spend 2000$ on a jacket. While Pouting, I searched for a jacket which is similar to the one I want to have. After I tried this process for other pieces I realized that there is absolutely no shop which sells the stuff I want to have, since I always had to search for 3 days till I found something similar.

That’s how I got the idea to start a blog/shop, where we could offer similar pieces. After telling this my boyfriend, who, by the way, was always really impressed by the similarity of my purchases with the original pieces, he wanted to join in. That was the beginning of Fashionchingu.com.

We started to research clothing suppliers in the whole world to find clothing pieces which look quite similar to the original ones but are way more affordable. For every outfit, we are searching a long time for the right supplier for every individual clothing piece. As you can see on our site Outfit Ideas we succeeded in the past and we found already enough suppliers to offer you a small variety of Kpop and Kdrama outfits.

We always put the similarity and quality of each piece above the price. We don’t want to promote cheap, but bad processed clothes for our readers since it doesn’t resemble our beliefs.

We are really happy about the feedback we are getting from you guys. It means a lot to us to contribute to a community that made us happy even on bad days.

We wish everyone a lot of fun and happiness while enjoying and sharing the K-Culture

Fashion Chingu 🙂