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Jimin’s twisted silver earrings.

They look exactly as I expected. They’re easy to put on. The clasp could be a little stronger, though.

Love it

It is sooo comfy and the material is also so soft. I can wear for everyday use and also style it for outside wear

My daughter did love this and it seemed well made.

My daughter loves it!

It’s a nice halmoon earrings. Very well packaged!


The quality is better than I thought, although the size is a little bigger, still very like it.

Never got it;(

I ordered it two months ago but it still hasn’t arrived… the two other things I ordered came a month ago BUT I NEVER GOT THESE PANTS;,,,,( haven’t gotten a refund even.

So comfortable! Cute bee emblem

I can't praise this enough! It's comfy cotton and perfect for lounging, going out and as an office sweater you keep on your chair for when you need a little more warmth or polish for meetings.
It's cotton soft knitting and has such detail from the embroidered bee patch, to the striped placket and cuffs. The pockets on both bottom sides are also softly stitched and hold tissues or hair ties well enough, but nothing more than that so it doesn't run the shape.

Not comfy enough and weird labeling

Maybe because it's meant for men to wear, but the buttons are on the opposite side from what women's shirt usually have. I thought it'd make a nice "boyfriend" shirt to wear, but the fabric is a bit stiff, so it's not comfy to wear all day.
The placket and upper arm tricolor band pattern are nicely stitched. I just wish the top buttons would be spaced closer together so I could unbutton them without revealing too much, or if the fabric was softer so the opening would lay apart less stiffly.

One other thing was the odd label placed so far down on the shirt that it wouldn't be seen unless it's untucked. In a way I'm glad it isn't visible because the wording is a bit questionable. I mean "Fukk Rampo"?! WTF exactly?!🤦‍♀️

Hi Becky,

Thank you for telling us about your product experience. While we’re glad that you found some details of it nice, we’re very sorry for failing to reach your full expectations. Upon checking, the placement of the buttons is the same as the intended style shown on our product page so we see no issues there. As for the fabric, it is indeed the thicker type of fabric so it's a bit stiffer than the usual flowy shirt types.

We do need to check the label with our team so we are extremely grateful that you took the time to send us feedback about our product. Some of these suggestions seem insightful and surely help in improving our item in the future.

Our support team will reach out to you soon to assist you with your concerns. We look forward to assisting you in getting your worries resolved.

All the best & have a nice day!

Your Fashion Chingu Team

Comfy and stylish, but needs trimming off of stray threads

I've washed it twice, once tumble drying on low and another time hanging dry. It feels somewhere in between wool and cotton knit. It's comfy enough that I wore it to bed and stylish enough to pair with a plain white top. I'd have given it 5 stars, but I had to trim off several threads that were poking out at the seams and placket. Quality is still great, just wish that they didn't rush the product without checking the final result. I'd buy it again in a different color because it's a pretty good Tom Ford knockoff, especially if they make the stripes a little wider.


Good color and model, quality is average


I love these pants so much omg they fit perfectly and are soooo so comfy. They are made of a nice material that is stretchy, soft, and warm in the winter and they were exactly what i expected! if you want brown pants, these are the ones to get. i get so many compliments on them whenever i wear them.


The buttons are loosely sewn, but the color is bright and fine.

Hi Carlota,

We thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are very sorry for the loosely sewn buttons. It should not have happened that you received the item in this state. We would like to make things right for you. We have noted this issue and our support team will contact you soon to help provide you with a suitable solution. We look forward to your response.

All the best & have a nice day!

Your Fashion Chingu Team

Love this!!!

This sweater is so cute and soft I absolutely adore it!! The only thing is it runs a little small so if you want it oversized, size up a bit. I got a medium and I’m 5’2 and on the smaller side

I don't know

I didn't receive it.

Love it!!

Good quality, not too heavy. I got the gold and love the way it looks. I have yet to be disappointed with this shop! <3


The bracelet is adjustable and so comfortable. It's effortless to put it on your wrist.


This is so cute and perfect for my granddaughter. She loves it.


It is a nice material and they are comfortable to wear.


Just like in the pictures, and they're very comfy!


Hoodie is very comfy to wear. Definitely the exact picture they sell it for. A good buy for you or anyone of your family or friends! Love this hoodie!

Missing Something

I really like the quality of the shirt. I love it but the shirt came missing without a garment. Seemed like it got missed over but at least we have someone to fix it. Thank you!


I love these kinds of earrings that clip close without a backing piece, and I was expecting these to be like the ChimChim "IDOL" earrings I ordered months ago. The hoops for this particular pair aren't big lobe friendly. I struggled to put them on. And even when I got them in my ear, I couldn't clip them closed without squeezing the bottom of my ears. But I love the crosses so much that I'd slide it on the hoops of my IDOL earring instead.


I got so many compliments the first time I wore these out! The design looks exactly like Felix's and they're even prettier up close. They've become one of my go-to pairs of earrings. They don't feel heavy on the ears either!


I was a little skeptical at first. I bought it solely for the butterfly aesthetic I needed to pull together an outfit. I was pleasantly surprised when the necklace changed color in my hand. It's like one of those old school mood rings, but cuter. The only thing that worries me is the chain of the necklace. It looks like it could break easily, so I wouldn't plan on wearing this piece often.