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  1. Florinda (verified owner)

    The dress is very similar to the original one and the quality is good. I only have good comments for this purchase, strongly recommended.

    Beige Cherry Dress | Jennie – BlackPink

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    Image #1 from Florinda
  2. Florinda

    The delivery was perfect and in time.

  3. Florinda (verified owner)

    The shirt looks really good and the size is perfect as I thought. I strongly suggest to buy this product!

    MMD Shirt | Taehyung – BTS

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    Image #1 from Florinda
    Image #2 from Florinda
  4. Maria Teresa (verified owner)

    El suéter es bastante grueso

    Blue Whale Sweater | Jin – BTS

  5. Maria Teresa


  6. Maria Teresa (verified owner)

    Buena calidad

    Skull Sweater | Jimin – BTS

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    Image #1 from Maria Teresa
    Image #2 from Maria Teresa
  7. Rara nzar (verified owner)

    super high quality, really love it, thank you so much fashionchingu, i’ll be your loyal customers (:

    Yellow Black Shirt | Suga – BTS

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    Image #1 from Rara nzar
  8. Rara nzar (verified owner)

    omg, i don’t know how to explain how i super love with your collection, for the special collection (this hoodie) I LOVEEE IT SO MUCHHHHH

    Black Sweater With Blouse Arms | Suga – BTS

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    Image #1 from Rara nzar
  9. Rara nzar

    really loves the service, super love with you fashionchingu(:

  10. Rita Battaglia


  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m very satisfied with the hoodie. It’s very warm and soft on the inside. It fit me just right and I got SIZE 8. For an oversized look, you might want to size up 2 or 3 more sizes. I recommend this item and this store.

    BLΛƆKPIИK Hoodie | Rose – BlackPink

  12. Anonymous

    The packaging was safe, wrapped the item in a bag and then a box. Delivery didn’t take too long and the tracking was accurate.

  13. Helena Wu (verified owner)

    153cm, 50kg, 75C, chosed S, Size is OK, better than I imagined . Thank you

    Cute White Dress | Jisoo – BlackPink

  14. Helena Wu

    I love this shop

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I ordered a small and it was a bit too big on me

    Beige Cherry Dress | Jennie – BlackPink

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. Anonymous

    Pretty slow delivery

  18. Jennifer (verified owner)

    The material is slightly itchy. Very shiny, but it looks good.

    Pink White Blinky Dress | Jennie – BlackPink

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    Image #1 from Jennifer
  19. Jennifer

    Delivery was not slow, items are accurate, website is easy to use. Tracking page was slightly confusing.

  20. Cristian M. (verified owner)

    The jacket itself is super great. Great fit and looks very good quality. Just be weary that the sleeves are extremely baggy and very wide. I would size down, it worked for me and the sleeves are still pretty baggy. The jacket should have kind of a smaller fit anyway as seen by Park Jimin. HOWEVER, fashion Chingu sent me a defective one. There is something wrong with the sewing on the left side of the jacket. The left half will not relax, what i mean by that is it does not sit straight but instead curls up very tightly and makes it slightly uncomfortable. Imagine your favorite jacket but the left side riles up.

    Palm Bomber Jacket | Jimin – BTS

  21. Cristian M.

    I will definitely be ordering from Fashion Chingu again. I’m overall very happy with my purchase and look forward to getting more of their great looking products. The service overall was solid and delivery did not take too long.

  22. Helena Wu

    love you<3

  23. Helena Wu (verified owner)

  24. Florinda (verified owner)

    The t-shirt has arrived in great conditions (it just needs to be steamed) and it really is the same Jennie is wearing in the ‘Solo’ diaries. The quality is also very good, considered the price that I paid, so I’m hugely satisfied with my purchasing. I highly recommend it!

    Elephants In The Room T-Shirt | Jennie – BlackPink

  25. gal123nah (verified owner)

    I ordered a 4 (as I am 171cm & 48kg I guess I do have a bit of a small build) and the top part doesn’t really fit me, it’s a bit big, the soulder parts aren’t where they should be, I’m considering taking it to a tailor to get it fixed since it’s so cute.
    would be a 5/5 if it was my size, it’s also a bit see through.

    Beige Cherry Dress | Jennie – BlackPink

  26. Anonymous

    Thank you for the fast delivery!

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Came as what I expected😁

    Beige Cherry Dress | Jennie – BlackPink

  28. Katrina L. (verified owner)

    Still haven’t received.

    Bandeau Crop Top | Solar – Mamamoo

  29. jc700348 (verified owner)

    I love these pants! I look so bad a** in it! It came quicker than expected and got it for a good price!

    Black Pants With Chain | Lisa – Blackpink

  30. Lisa (verified owner)

    Soo, I might write the first review!
    I am 156cm tall and ordered the dress in size 6. I am so sorry for the bad picture quality, but the dress itself is amazing! The straps are adjustable, the bow you can tie in the front (like Rose from BP did) or in the back. It has savety-shorts underneath which are in the same material. It has padded cups and seems like its very well made. When opening it did smell like chemicals, but i think the smell will fade very quickly.
    I had the item shipped to Germany and i ordered on the 24th April and it arrived on 9th May.

    Cute Blue Dress | Rose – BlackPink

  31. vanessa09thomas (verified owner)

    So when it came to that mail, the packaging look sort of like what the heck, but beside that, the shirt came in wrinkly but not a problem that a iron can fix, and the sleeves of the shirt is much bigger than I imagined them to be, like it’s really big surprisly. Like if I went out to eat with that shirt I might stain the shirt sleeves a bit so that’s sort a problem but maybe I can try to adjust with it which will probably take a long time. Now the neckline of the shirt is really gorgeous, like it looks really amazing but it’s a bit tight but you can barely feel it so that’s good. So overall I say I really like the shirt and hope to wear it alot.

    Blouse with Balloon Sleeves | Kang Mi Rae – My ID is Gangnam Beauty

  32. Birgit (verified owner)

    It is very beautiful. I love it. 😉

    Western Cardigan | RM – BTS

  33. Emily

    Its so nice I will wear it on the next concert

    Red “Army” T-Shirt | Jimin – BTS

  34. Vanni

    I got a lot of compliments from my friends for this pants. Thank you Fashionchingu 🙂

    Black Pants With Chain | Lisa – Blackpink

  35. Jennie

    I really like the pants, they suit me very well. I would really recommend them & the shipping was faster than expected.

    Black Pants With Chain | Lisa – Blackpink

  36. Sarah

    The package arrived in perfect condition and the shirt is perfect. Really good quality 🙂

    Red “Army” T-Shirt | Jimin – BTS

  37. quanta

    This item fits lovely for my daughter, she likes it very much. Looks lovely, the fabric is nice and soft, I recommend the item:)

    Striped Shirt | Kang Mi Rae – My ID is Gangnam Beauty

  38. Nadia (verified owner)

    Love these sandals! They are true to size, they fit me perfectly. I’ve also received a lot of compliments when wearing them. You can dress them up or down. They’re super cute! Best part is they arrived sooner than I expected! Ordered them on October 15th and received them on the 25th! Customer service is excellent as well. I had a question about sizing and I emailed and I got a response right away. Thanks Fashion Chingu!

    Black Summer Sandals | Suga – BTS

  39. quanta (verified owner)

    The dress fits my daughter(13 year old, regular, not skinny, nor fatty) perfectly. I have chosen 8, she is happy and I also like the dress, looks lovely;)
    The FCh team is really unbelievebly good in keeping one updated about the items during the way to the addressee, thankfull!xxx.

    Black Jeans Dress | Kang Mi Rae – My ID is Gangnam Beauty

  40. Shelley Long (verified owner)

    This has become my favorite shirt in my wardrobe. Purchased this in size 4 and it fits me loosely.
    Apparently this is quite a popular purchase as it took longer than my other purchase to come. Florian and Berna let me have the choice in shipping the 2 purchases separately. They were very helpful in keeping me with updates.

    Striped Shirt | Kang Mi Rae – My ID is Gangnam Beauty

  41. Shelley Long (verified owner)

    Very good quality and loose-fit. I’m very slim so I got size 6 and it’s still pretty loose on me but the style works with it. I’m also 5’7 so that’s about 170 cm and the light coat reaches to my knee so keep that in mind for any shorter people 🙂

    Overall very happy despite the long wait. Both Florian and Berna were very patient with every step of the way to make sure I was able to receive both of my purchases. I would recommend this site if you’re looking for good quality cheaper versions. However, the wait can take up to a month, as do most products that are coming from Asia.

    Classy Coat

  42. Emily (verified owner)

    I wore this piece to a BTS concert recently and it is such a good replica of the original that I had people asking me if I was wearing the real thing all night. No one else had anything like it at the concert and I had a few people even take pictures of it. This sweater is great- it seems well-made warmth-wise too. Not to mention, the customer service was top-notch in making sure I got it in time. I would definitely recommend buying!

    Snow White Sweater | Suga – BTS


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