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BlackPink Clothes – Youthful and Playful Styles

BlackPink fashion is one of the most popular KPOP fashion, since BlackPinks debut in 2016. Their fashion is characterized by their youthful and playful style: The BlackPink style.

Each of the members has a different uniqueness in her outfits. Of course BlackPink fashion differs from concept to concept, but nevertheless you can always see their different personalities and styles in their chosen clothes. BlackPinks fashion also differs between their stage fashion and casual fashion like their airport fashion.

BlackPinks Clothes Represents Their Personality

Blackpink Lisas Clothes

Lisas fashion is imprinted through her daring styles and outfits. Most of the time Lisas outfits contain two or more statement pieces like a really daring but fashionable cut jeans or combining pieces with certainly different styles. Lisas clothes are a lot edgier and bolder than from the other members.

BlackPink Jennie Clothes

Jennies fashion is compared with Lisas fashion more feminine and cute. Jennies style is imprinted through a more adult fashion. She likes to wear feminine dresses for example this combination of a skirt and a cute top with lace and ruffles but also elegant suits and jackets.

Blackpink Jisoo Clothes

Even if BlackPinks Style is, in general, extravagant and flamboyant. Jisoos fashion seems to be calmer than the other members fashion. Jisoos fashion is simpler and has a more minimalistic feeling to it. She likes to wear fewer accessories and one pieces dresses. Like Jennie, she has a more feminine fashion sense but Jisoos outfits are tranquil and never overwhelming.

BlackPink Rose Clothes

Roses fashion differs depending on her mood. Roses style is the most diverse from all members. Sometimes she is really feminine and on other days really edgy depending on environmental factors. On some days Rose likes to wear graphic T-Shirts and on other days she wears a feminine floral dress, but most of the time her outfits are consistent in style.

BlackPinks Clothes in the DDU-DU DDU-DU MV

BlackPinks clothes stands out against all other female KPOP groups. Like always their outfits in the DDU DU DDU DU MV are extravagant. In the MV they have three main concepts in which they dance. In each concept, you can see the different styles of every member.

First of all, you have glamorous outfits, with a lot of glitter and sequins. The concept is shiny and has a party vibe to it. In those outfits, you can exactly see the preferred style for each member. Jisoo wears a black sequin one piece, Jennie has a more feminine and sexy vibe, Rose has a more outgoing and mixed outfit. Lisas fashion is a lot more daring and unusual in comparison to the other members.

The second concept is more sassy and edgy. BlackPinks clothes are really unique for this concept. Jennie wears the one-piece with the sickle pattern, Lisa wears really sassy graphic baggy pants, Rose wears a asymmetric skirt, which is completely cut off at the front and Jisoo wears a unique puffy blouse. This really powerful fashion gives the vibes of true leaders and feminists.

Same goes for the last concept. The last concept where BlackPink wears a combination of different colors and patterns has a retro vibe to it. This concept is a lot more daring and unusual for BlackPinks fashion.