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BTS Clothes – Variety is Fashion

BTS clothes are one of the most important characteristics of the group. Since their debut in 2013, they varied and changed their styles continuously. At their earlier years, their fashion was inspired by the American Hip-Hop scene but changed rapidly after their break through. BTS clothes differs in their concept and feeling from edgy to classy, from dark and wild, to bright and colorful clothes.

Surely, every Army remembers their outfits in the first MV “No More Dream” or in “Blood Sweat and Tears”.

What a huge difference right?

Additionally, to their Music, BTS clothes are one thing that makes the boys special in their own way since it shows their evolution and change in character and heart.

BTS Clothes Are Gender-Neutral

One thing that you can always see in the KPOP industry, is that BTS clothes are often used gender neutral. Especially BTS loves to use more feminine fashion pieces in their wardrobe. In BTS fashion you always see originally female pieces worn by them. For instance, everyone loved Sugas flower jeans jacket. By wearing those clothes BTS fashion shows character strength and sexual security.

They round off their outfits by wearing a lot of female accessories like a choker necklace, earrings, or a scarf. BTS clothing style always gives the fans something to look forward to, besides their awesome performances.

BTS Style – Each Member Shows Uniqueness

Beside their voices, each BTS member shows uniqueness through their styles. Even when BTS style is sometimes limited through their concept for the album you can always see each members individual style.

Jungkooks style is kinda minimalistic, but still unique. A typical Jungkook outfit is an oversize white t-shirt, jeans and his Timberlands. Jungkooks fashion is more casual and practical, in the past he became famous under his members and the fans because Junkooks fashion was so predictable. Meanwhile, he expanded his fashion sense and likes to wear beanies and earrings and sometime even different coloured boots. Jungkooks fashion style reflects his shy and calm personality really well. The typical Jungkook style is loved by his fans and even Jungkook likes sometimes to go back to his iconic style. And who can blame him? The iconic Jungkook style is  just perfect the way it is.

Sugas style contains a lot of monochrome colors. Sugas outfits are famous for being more plain and cool. He likes to were Hip-Hop styles, but also classy fashion. Sugas clothes are often cozy and comfortable and contain neutral and natural coloures. He doesn’t like to look too polished,  that’s why Sugas fashion is often more laid-back. His fans love him for his calm and chill personality, which can for sure be seen in Sugas clothes and style.

Jimins style is often classy and effortlessly cool. Most of the time Jimin looks like a prince from a Disney movie or has the ultimate boyfriend look. Also, he is more minimalist in his combination of clothes. Yet he often likes to wear earrings, necklaces and bracelets. One of the most iconic outfits from BTS is Jimins Spring Day outfit. Who doesn’t know his blue jacket or Jimins striped shirt. One of his most iconic accessories is his Yves Saint Laurent necklace.

BTS Airport Fashion - Jimin Outfit

Taehyungs style contains a lot of love for designer brands and expensive clothes. He loves to wear Gucci which meanwhile is a typical V clothing store. Taehyungs style often variate between classy and baggy depending on the occasion and his mood. He likes to combine different patterns and loves to wear bright blouses and black pants. Iconic accessories for Vs clothes are a beret and of course his bandana. If Taehyung wants to be more comfortable he prefers to wear loose fitting sweaters and slacks.

J-Hopes style is the most unconventional in comparison to the other members, or maybe in the whole Kpop industry. J Hope likes to wear bright sweaters, colored pants and accessories. He also loves to wear bucket hats and off beat bags and sunglasses. J Hopes fashion reflects perfectly his sunshine character. His fashion choices are really daring and playful. J-Hopes style is often incongruent in his outfits. That makes his fashion sense interesting. He has some of the most epic outfits of the BTS-Clothes-History.

In comparison to the other members, RM had a wider range of experiments he tried. RM’s style changed a lot over the years, but at the moment it looks like RM found his favorite style. RM style is different from the other boys. Currently, his style seems to be inspired by comfier and laid-back looks. Currently, RM likes to wear newsboy caps and long cardigans.

Jins style is simple and more minimalistic. Jin likes to wear simple t-shirts and ripped jeans. If he wants to be more cozy and comfortable Jins wardrobe asks for oversize hoodies and skinny jeans. Furthermore, the Hyung likes to wear pink pieces like his epic pink fry hoodie or his oversize pink sweater.