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I mean at least I got it

Ordered this in November for a Christmas gift, got it in January. The tracking app was useful, but annoying since I could watch my order go all over the country, get within an hours drive from me, then go all the way across the country again. The box it came in was also extremely dented and the necklace was wrapped in loose bubble wrap and one piece of yellow tape. The necklace is cute Im just glad it wasn’t anything fragile because like I said the box was in horrible shape. I at least got the package in the end, but my experience receiving it was highly annoying- my takeaway: just note it’ll take a bit for you to receive what you order and it’s probably best not to order anything too breakable

Hi Bryanna,

We apologize again for the inconvenience that it took too long to be delivered. We do not have any control over the logistics workflow. The damages on the packaging must have been due to the long transit that it took to get to you. Nonetheless, we are glad that you already received your order and it arrived well. If you have any other concerns, you may reach out to our support and we will assist you with the best we can.

All the best & have a nice day!

Your Fashion Chingu

Great necklace

I love this necklace! It’s easy to put on. I was a little surprised when I first got it since it wasn’t purple ( it was almost black), but it seemed to change to a purple/blue overtime. It changes colors, and most of the time it is more blue for me. However, I still think it’s very pretty and wear it often.


Really cute necklace. Looked great with the Sparkling Lilac Shirt.


This necklace is just perfect and I really love it! Since I received it, I have been wearing it almost every day. I am SO fan of the changing colors


Fast delivery and nice products would 100% shop here again !

Beautiful Mood Necklace

I am in love with this necklace. I love that fact that the heart is sandwiched between two beads so it does not go all over my neck. I live looking down at the cool different colors. I am allergic to anything but silver, gold, titanium and brass so this is perfect for me.