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Customer Reviews

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I got another color than the one I ordered. I ordered grey and got blue. The pants are also kinda short and the crotch is low. the frayed part looks also cooler on the picture. And some parts like the button aren't really good sewed

Hi Dina,

We apologize for not meeting your full expectations. Please know that this is not what we wanted you to experience. To prevent this from happening, our team conducts thorough quality checks before shipping out any order. Thank you for providing pictures and a detailed description of your concerns.

Our support will get in touch with you soon so we can address the issues. We look forward to your cooperation and response.

All the best and have a nice day!

Your Fashion Chingu Team

Very disappointing

Not only were there delays in our order (1 month and a half instead of the two weeks announced), but when we received the jeans, they did not look like the picture and there is no hole where to close the button in the front!!!
Won’t be ordering from fashion chingu again…

Hi Victoria,

We are so sorry for failing to reach your expectations. We thank you for leaving us feedback. Please know that during the month of January, our processing was affected by the delay caused by the Chinese New Year holidays. At that time, our suppliers, warehouse team, and logistics that ship our stocks from our suppliers to our warehouse are not working according to their traditions. We sincerely hope for your understanding. Once they got back, your order was processed quite fast and was shipped out. The transit of the package was also within our 7-15 days estimate.

As for the button issue, please know some of our pants and jeans do not have an already cut buttonhole. A couple of our suppliers do this to show you that no one has worn or has tried it on yet. Your jeans are not defective or similar. You can easily cut the hole in the designated place with a nail scissor.

Our support team will reach out to you shortly to assist you with your concern. We look forward to helping you clear the situation or get a well-suited solution.

All the best & have a nice day!

Your Fashion Chingu Team

Luv em!!

Very comfortable and go with everything tyyy


Arrived after 2 weeks yet the button hole had not been sewed open. Other than that, all good

Update on „doesn‘t fit at all“ - thank you to a great support

Since I cannot update my initial feedback, I decided to post an update: After I received my order I was quite disappointed that the jeans absolutely didn’t fit. However, the support immediately responded to my complaint and was very helpful. The solution that was offered to me was perfect and very customer friendly. Thank you very much for the effort!

Not like the picture

I was really excited for this pair of pants because I really like I.N. and Skz in general. The material was as expected but the shape and size were bad. We measured everything before buying and the real product is nothing like this. The crotch is really low and the legs are pretty short so I was kinda sad. The other product I bought was good tho. I have not returned it yet but I'm sad to say I'm going to.

Hi Ana,

We apologize for failing to reach your expectations. It should not have happened that you received an inferior quality item. As much as we know we have sent you the items of the best quality because our team does quality checking on every item included in the order. We understand this is quite unfortunate to happen. If indeed there is something wrong with our size guide measurements, we are so sorry for this incident.

There's no record of you reaching out to our team about this yet. To clear this up with you one time, our support team will contact you shortly. We look forward to hearing back from you. We will help you in getting a suitable solution to your concern.

All the best & have a nice day!

Your Fashion Chingu Team