Korean Spring Fashion Trends 2022

21. March 2022

Korean Spring Fashion Trends 2022

With spring just around the corner, we’re beginning to shed some layers and incorporate color and fun silhouettes into our looks. The Korean spring fashion trends for 2022 give us plenty of opportunities to experiment with new elements while also showcasing some long-time staples that serve as a great base for the blooming season.

These days, the quintessential Korean wardrobe remains fairly conservative and elegant. But many new trends borrow from edgy streetwear fads while keeping a nice feminine touch. From clothing to shoes and accessories, here are 10 Korean spring fashion trends you won’t want to miss out on!

(If you’re in the Southern hemisphere and thus transitioning into Autumn, take a look at the latest Korean fashion trends for that season here.)

Table of Contents:

  1. Matching Sets
  2. Babydoll Dresses
  3. Warm Neutrals
  4. Fleece Jackets
  5. Denim Shorts
  6. Shirt Dresses
  7. Suits
  8. Slacks
  9. Patterned Tights
  10. Military Boots

1 – Matching Sets

Matching sets have long been a beloved staple for the big fashion houses. It’s no wonder that Kpop stylists have taken to trend – and surely enough, so did the Korean public. Coordinating tops and bottoms is a failproof way to look stylishly put together.

This concept has long been used by mothers everywhere on their children. But nowadays, it’s been equally popular among adults. Matching cardigan and skirt combos, button-up shirts and straight pants, comfy jumpers, and warm shorts. These sets are everywhere, and in all types of styles you can think of: chic, sporty, edgy, funky, and so on. And the best part is that you can mismatch the pieces and use them alone to create a multitude of different looks.

2 – Babydoll Dresses

The babydoll dress is a design that originated in the late 50s, coming into full-blown mainstream popularity in the 60s. This type of dress is quite fitted on the bust and features a loose, flowy skirt. Historically, these were made in light fabrics such as silk or chiffon. Now, babydoll dresses come in a variety of materials and styles inspired by the original silhouette.

This is a perfect Spring staple, as you can typically find long-sleeve versions that would provide some warmth on brisker days. They pair equally well with nice strappy sandals or high-heeled boots. Besides, they’re the best version of a mini dress, and flattering for all body types!

3 – Warm Neutrals

Neutral colors never went out of fashion. But typically, when one thinks of spring fashion they would think of bright colors, reminiscent of the blooming flowers everywhere. This trend in Korea is a big favorite due to its effortlessly classy appeal and styling ease.

Warm neutrals like beige, soft oranges, faded brows, and even olive greens are typically shades that most wear in the colder months. This trend offers an opportunity to transition your winter wardrobe to the new season. Try incorporating the monochrome or minimalistic trends when styling warm neutrals. You can also come up with an otherwise “muted” look and go all out with accessorizing. Whoever said khakis were boring was simply unimaginative!

4 – Fleece Jackets

Now here’s another trend that transcends seasonal conventions. Sure, when we think of fleece, we wouldn’t normally think of a spring outfit. But this season can also bring about plenty of chilly days, and it’s always good to have a warm layer on standby.

For many years now, fleece jackets have become a staple of mainstream Korean fashion. Both men and women have taken a liking to these lightweight layers. Although these work best on standard jeans and t-shirt casual look, we’ve seen plenty of creative fashionistas rocking it with flowy dresses too.

5 – Denim Shorts

When it comes to the Korean spring fashion trends for 2022, this one may seem like the least novelty one of all. But denim shorts have been reinvented so many times over the last century. We can now say there are plenty of styles, colors, lengths, and fits to suit anyone’s preference.

In Korea, stylists have managed to incorporate denim shorts into formal wardrobes. They are the perfect spring base piece, and you can create so many looks with this one item. From breezy blouses to fitted crop tops, large sweaters, and a good old graphic tee, find a way to mix and match these with as many pieces as you can.

6 – Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are the creme de la creme of Korean spring fashion. What started out as a conservative feminine staple for women in Korea has now taken our social media feeds by storm. There is no shortage of fun variations, some that work great for the working girl and others that would be better suited for a nice picnic date.

A fun way to spice things up is to expand your color palette and experiment with new patterns. Florals are good too, as they rarely go out of fashion – especially on this season. Dress them up with a cardigan for warmth or pair them with your favorite heels for a fun nightly outing.

7 – Suits

I know what you’re thinking – suits are dull and designed for boring men who sit at their desks all day. But if our favorite celebrities have taught us something in the last few years, it’s that a good pantsuit can make you feel (and look) like the most confident and powerful woman in existence.

The trick is to find a silhouette that hugs you just right. Experiment with bright colors and even patterns. If you prefer a more neutral, chic approach, you can always wear a frilly blouse or fun shirt underneath. And now you can also find skirt and short suits, so feel free to let your legs breathe on a nice sunny spring day.

8 – Slacks

A cross-season, ever-trending piece in Korean fashion. Slacks are chic, casual, and super easy to style. So,it’s not surprising at all that these are a big go-to for the off-duty idol look. Whether you’re going to school, the office, hanging out with friends, or attending a family get-together, slack pants are one of the most underrated versatile pieces.

Wear them with a t-shirt and lightweight jacket for a comfortable look. If you don’t mind showing some skin, tube and strappy tops are other great options. And if you would rather keep it more conservative, you could go with a light jumper or loose shirt.

9 – Patterned Tights

Tights have also been a layering staple, but they’ve quickly become the most fun and inventive accessory in any girl’s closet. Patterned tights offer you the chance to spice up a simple outfit. They add an extra-oomph without necessarily looking too edgy. Plus, it’s very easy to incorporate them into an elegant look for a more formal outing.

The best way to avoid them clashing with other texturized or bold elements in your outfit is to simply match the color to your shoes. This trick doesn’t just help you look like you put a lot more effort into your look but also elongates and highlights your legs. What a nifty hack!

10 – Military Boots

And because no seasonal trend list is complete without a footwear tip, here’s ours: military boots! We’re sure by now you’ve seen your fair share of these on Kpop stages and styling videos, but that’s not coincidental. Not only are these fairly comfortable and super easy to style, but they can also add a few inches to your height without the pain of a lifted heel.

Although these tend to be paired with edgy and streetwear styles, you can use them to tone down a hyper-feminine look too. Black may be the default, but nowadays we can see military boots of nearly any color. If you’d prefer a softer look, try wearing a tan or white pair.


This year’s Korean spring fashion trends cater to every single style in the book. Will you be trying any of these this season? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

If you are looking to learn more about Korean fashion and current trends, we recommend you read our Korean fashion style guide. And if you’re as big of a Kpop stan as we are, you might like to take a look at our recent post on popular Kpop concepts.

Happy shopping and until next time!


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