Kpop Elegant Concept + Outfit Inspo


Kpop Elegant Concept + Outfit Inspo

Classy, sophisticated, and even regal. Kpop’s elegant concept has always been a timeless style for idols to show an extra level of allure. We often think that expensive features like sparkly jewels, detailed beadwork, and exotic fabrics are the essence of this concept. However, you can deliver the same mature and serious vibe of the Kpop elegant concept for less. Over time, classy looks have become more attainable that they don’t have to break the bank.

As you will see, a wide range of stage looks define “elegant” as a Kpop concept. In a broad sense, stylists use this concept for idols to convey superiority, professionalism, or even intimidation. Even fantasy-themed comebacks and red carpet looks also rely on elegance for an aristocratic feel.

Either way, from laces and diamonds to leathers and prints, wardrobes in the Kpop industry consist of statement pieces that turn idols into royalties. But unlike what many would think, the key to looking elegant is wearing the right pieces within your closet’s reach.

Interested in drawing inspiration from elegant Kpop fashion? We’ll now cover multiple versions of this stylish concept that we’ve seen amaze both fans and fashion experts. 


Monochromatic Black

Elegance exudes from black, a versatile and timeless color. Even idols count on this staple hue even for monochromatic looks to make them stand out among the rest. Blend into the night with this color for a formal and prestigious appearance. Black is a staple to any wardrobe so it will be your easiest way to channel a deep yet attractive look. You can also add some subtle and contrasting accessories to accentuate your all-black outfit.

BTS – “Black Swan”

Here, the seven-member boy group perfectly resembled a black swan with their sleek monochromatic look in black. Although the black carpet might’ve not brought justice to their outfits, some angles showed how exquisite the boys appeared with understated details. Their blazer and pants ensemble featured embellishments like black studs and glitter, and luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet. Needless to say, a simple suit or dress in black can also give you the same fancy look with subtle features like silver accessories.

Dreamcatcher – “BOCA”

The all-black teaser outfits of Dreamcatcher for “BOCA” also complemented their dark concept. Here, crystals and intricate floral appliqués embroidered on tulle-like fabric were the star elements beyond black. Their gloves also added a note of mystery while their long dresses suited a dark-themed evening party. Moreover, the girls’ bold lipsticks made them appear intimidatingly bewitching. If you’re into gothic or medieval vampire-like fashion, this is the best look you can mirror with a lace dress in black.

Two-Tone Chic

Combining two matching colors like the classic black and white creates balance while serving a sophisticated look. Even with vibrant palettes at their disposal, idols heavily rely on the two distinct hues especially on the red carpet to keep their looks minimal yet fabulous. If in doubt, you can always pair black with any color to safely diversify your clothes’ tones.

Red Velvet – “Psycho” (Day Ver.)

Just like the meaning of their song “Psycho,” Red Velvet appeared “creepily adorable” with their borderline gothic and two-tone wardrobe. The girl group even rocked eccentric elements like ruffles with crocodile leather and a dark sorceress cape. Fancy pearl accessories paired perfectly with bustiers while black ankle boots added a statement. This simply shows that you can still get adventurous with various textiles and ornaments like leather and lace in your wardrobe even with a classic B&W outfit.

LOONA 1/3 – “Love&Live”

For a softer two-tone look, LOONA 1/3’s coordinating blue and white outfits channel a youthful vibe. Like black, white is a versatile color you can pair with livelier tones such as blue. Their tweed outfits with fringes on top of their white collared long sleeves mirror a private high school’s uniform. If you want to sport a similar getup, a coordinating blazer and skirt can appear custom-tailored and make you look exquisite.

Royal Fashion

What’s more popularly known as elegant other than royal? Indeed, royal fashion is always worth-copying when you want to dress like you’ve inherited a noble status. From classic royal costumes to the modern looks straight from the palace, this style is an opulent head-turner.

Dreamcatcher – “Deja Vu”

Another example of elegant fashion served by Dreamcatcher is their regal outfits for “Deja Vu.” The girls displayed the same white kimono sleeves adorned with striking gold appliqués and trimmings, similar to a king’s costume. With the clean white and gold scheme, they looked like they have descended straight from the heavens. You can also rock this royal look by opting for clothes with gold embellishments. Wearing gold accessories on top of a white dress or button down shirt is also a modern and minimal way to stand out like a royalty.

TWICE – “Once Halloween 2” Fan Meeting

While this softer and more casual look steered from the previous ensemble, TWICE exhibited the sophisticated fashion of modern European royalties. With feminine gloves, Parisian berets, and tight-waisted dresses, the girls were able to channel their inner princesses or queens even without a tiara. This wardrobe also resonates well with Tzuyu’s Holly Golightly-inspired outfit in “Cheer Up.”

Like TWICE, you can also look like you walked straight out of a palace with a fancy beret and pair of gloves. Choose free-flowing and knee-length dresses for a fresh and conservative look.

Suit & Tie

None other than the suit-and-tie combination makes an effortlessly elegant look for work—or stage performances in terms of idols. Blazers, pants, and neck ties not only suit men nowadays but also women channeling a unique look. For a function, an ordinary office work, or a job interview, you can appear professional with this pairing.

SF9 – “First Collection” Album

These old-school shots don’t mask the class of SF9’s suit-and-tie fashion. The boys’ professional wardrobe styled with a corset, turtleneck sweater, double-breasted blazer, and pinstripe sleeves exhibited a creatively alluring aura. Similar to SF9, you can pair a professional blazer with casual elements like a plain shirt or a turtleneck. If you want to skip the blazer, you can keep the classic with a white button down shirt and a black necktie.

MAMAMOO – “Décalcomanie”

A feminine example rocking the suit-and-tie outfits is MAMAMOO with pinstripe tuxedos styled with black fedoras for a retro throwback. Here, the girls looked like old-school detectives with a chic twist and masculine feel. Silk lapels, bow ties, and pinstripe vests perfectly emphasized the suit ensemble. You can also try this formal look by styling a plain black suit with a statement hat. For a more feminine vibe, you can swap pants with a black pencil skirt and pair it with black or nude pumps or heels.

Statement Prints

Undeniably, only a few get to pull off statement prints for a formal appearance. If you’d observe further, elegant looks tend to play safe by leaning on flat colors like black and white or solid neutrals like beige or powder pink. However, you’ll see that this variation of the Kpop elegant concept can inspire you to experiment with new artistic patterns.

BTS – “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”

BTS has most likely pioneered the arrival of bold prints in the realm of elegance with their “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” outfits. Their canvas-like blazers painted with natural elements like florals and leaves became unexpectedly sophisticated. The gold embroideries, silver patterns, and studs also guaranteed a rich-looking wardrobe. Artistic prints can also be your friend by pairing them with a solid color like BTS did. However, avoid combining two or more largely different patterns or your look may become an outdated collection.

Party Glamour

You can make an unforgettable impression with elegance by going all-out with long gowns for your next party. With Swarovski crystals, sequins, studs, or glitter, a tailored gown is sure to sparkle and amaze for events like prom. As fashion enthusiasts would say, there’s no such thing as “overdressed.” Just be sure to dress according to the evening standards and discern what’s amazingly elegant and what’s ostentatiously tacky.

TWICE – “Feel Special”

With that, the final getup on our list is the eye-turning and glamorous dresses of TWICE for “Feel Special.” This comeback definitely wowed fans with cocktail or even red carpet-worthy dresses in chic, vibrant colors. The floor-length gownslayers and free-flowing quality added structure while the crystals and ruffles made them more elegantly feminine. Even you can “feel special” like TWICE with layered and ruffled dresses in feminine hues like pink and peach. As much as possible, let the ornaments or lattice make the statement instead of opting for a printed dress for a guaranteed elegance.

And that’s a wrap for the amazing variations of the Kpop elegant concept. We hope you enjoyed feasting your eyes on these classy looks and were able to get some outfit inspiration, whether for work, a European trip, or your next evening party.

As a general rule, don’t be afraid to try out a range of elegant styles from classic to bold. While you can’t exactly copy Kpop idols’ wardrobes, you can channel the same mature and sophisticated feel with staple colors like black and white, a professional suit-and-tie, and embellished long dresses.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can opt for natural or abstract prints and combine various fabrics and designs. You don’t need to overdo it, though, as you can always add statement pieces like gold and silver to accentuate your outfit.

If you want more specific outfits from other Korean concepts, check out our take on the techwear and nightlife looks! Also, let us know if we missed any elegant ensembles from idols by commenting below.


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