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PayPal Currency Limitations for Korean Won and Indian Rupee

Please be aware that PayPal does not directly support Indian Rupees (INR) and Korean Won (KRW) currencies. However, on our website, we provide the option for customers to select a different supported currency, such as USD or EUR, for their transactions, regardless of the destination address (India or Korea).

When you choose this alternative currency on our website and proceed to PayPal checkout, PayPal will handle the currency conversion for you, ensuring a seamless payment experience. This allows you to use PayPal as your preferred payment method while conducting transactions in a supported currency, even if the shipping address is in India or Korea. To change the currency, please use the designated currency selector in the footer.

If you prefer to pay in INR or KRW, you also have the option to complete your purchase using a credit card directly. PayPal is not required for transactions in these currencies, providing you with the flexibility to select your preferred payment method based on your currency preference.

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