Best Gifts for Kpop Fans: Fashion Edition

15. November 2022

Best Gifts for Kpop Fans: Fashion Edition

The season of gift-giving might be a little more than a month away, but it surely helps to start ticking off some Korean-inspired items on your Christmas shopping checklist as early as possible. If you are in the middle of planning special presents for your loved ones, especially the ones that truly love Kpop, you’ve come to the right place! Who knows? These fashionable and symbolic gifts for Kpop fans may fulfill their wishes of channeling the style of their favorite idols!

There’s no need to worry if you have no background in Kpop fashion trends! You’re all set as long as you’ve heard of your partner, friend, or family member’s favorite Korean act/s. These Kpop-inspired fashion pieces, ranging from universal accessories to perfect-fit clothing, are here to “present” you with some gift ideas for your treasured Kpop fans that will make them say “Kamsahamnida!”

Read on as we dive into these stylish Christmas gifts for Kpop fans from the most popular idol groups! Also, don’t forget to have fun with your K-inspired Christmas gift shopping this Black Friday!

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As the most popular Kpop group in the world, it makes sense that BTS is at the forefront of this gift ideas list. Check out some members’ iconic pieces below that ARMYs would certainly love!

1. ARMY Necklace

What’s a better way to take pride in one’s fandom? For your diehard ARMY loved one, grab Jimin’s silver ARMY necklace for a versatile everyday accessory. This piece is a sweet reminder of BTS’ unique fandom name, which stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.” Fans would surely feel nostalgic wearing this necklace!

2. Blue Whale Sweater

For Jin stans, you might want to give them this snuggly whale sweater that’s perfect for the festive season. ARMYs know that this blue whale is Jin’s original character Kore, other than his BT21 persona named RJ. “Lonely Whale” no more if you score this oversized piece from Jin!

3. Silver Chain Earrings

These silver chain earring from J-Hope is a perfect gift for those with edgier fashion styles. Despite his love for earrings, even J-Hope doesn’t have his ears pierced so this earring is also designed to be clip-on for ease of use. Give this to a Hoseok stan for Christmas to emulate his cool street style!

Further gift suggestions for ARMYs

4. Gray Crossbody Bag

5. Black Long-Sleeved Shirt

6. “Lucky Me I See Ghosts” Hoodie

7. Black Harness Belt


If you have a loved one who is extremely obsessed with BLACKPINK and their impeccable fashion sense, these gift ideas for BLINKS are perfect! Browse some of their memorable fits below!

1. Brown Bear Scarf

Jennie often appears on stage to be cool and swaggy due to their group’s distinct hip-hop genre. However, there are many instances that Jennie showed her extremely cute side off the stage, one of which is when she was wearing her brown bear scarf at Incheon Airport. Get this warm piece for your favorite BLINK to keep them comfortable during the winter holidays!

2. White Cherry Dress

If your BLINK loved one’s fashion sense resonates with Rosé’s dainty and feminine style, it might be a good idea to gift them this white and yellow cherry dress! BLINKs know best that the group’s main vocalist loves romantic flowy dresses with ditsy patterns as seen on her Instagram posts. Roses are “rosie” for a reason, so make someone bloom like Rosé for the holidays in this lovely dress!

3. Black Bows

A simple yet adorable gift for a Jisoo stan would most likely be this pair of black velvet bows! From “How You Like That” teaser photos to more recent stage looks, we’ve seen BLACKPINK’s visual sport this cute hair accessory a couple of times! Gift this to someone special who loves styling their hair as much as Jisoo!

Further gift suggestions for BLINKs

4. Black Cut-Out Pants

5. Yellow Gradient Glasses

6. Blue Plaid Two-Piece Top

7. Blue Knitted Top and Cardigan Set

Stray Kids

Know someone who happens to be a big fan of Stray Kids? View our “godly menu” of recommended gifts for a devoted STAY below!

1. Red Cap with Chain

Perhaps a striking red faux leather cap would be a stylish gift for an ultimate Felix stan! Just like how the Stray Kids’ dancer styled this accessory for a magazine shoot, a STAY can also use this to contrast a monotonous outfit! If you know they prefer a safer color, this cap is also available in black for a sleek look!

2. Silver Cross Earrings

Given Stray Kids’ recognizably edgy style and overall concept, Jisung’s punk-style silver earrings would be quintessential. If your STAY loved one loves dressing in black to achieve a grungy or dark style, this accessory will complement their outfits. A perfect present for those who love piercings and studs!

3. White Pearl Flower Bracelet

Another addition to Stray Kids’ signature set of accessories is this silver pearl and flower bracelet worn by Seungmin. If you want to tone down the edginess of Stray Kids’ vibe, perhaps the daisy element would do the work. You can gift this as a cute friendship bracelet for a pair of STAYs!

Further gift suggestions for STAYs

4. Black Cropped Blazer

5. Black Plaid Button-Down Shirt

6. Green Star Smiley Necklace

7. Black Fleece Jacket


Want to make an ultimate TWICE fan “feel special” this Christmas? “More and more” gift ideas for your favorite ONCEs await you!

1. Gold Butterfly Choker

Give a special someone some butterflies in their stomach with this gold layered necklace with a butterfly pendant from Dahyun! This necklace is a perfect accessorizing statement that totally radiates the youthful femininity of Twice. Have your favorite ONCE pair this with a sleeveless mini dress that bares their collarbones!

2. Black Embellished Romper

Make someone feel the full spirit of Christmas like Jihyo in this elegantly studded romper! This one-piece outfit emanates a classic and regal vibe with diamond embellishments and a clean lapel. For Jihyo stans who want to look posh for Christmas dinner, this one’s for you!

3. Black Bow Stockings

Why don’t you give a pair of black tights a spin? These tiny bow stockings are a fabulous gift for a ONCE who wants to “pop” like Nayeon! Just like Nayeon’s extra style for her “Happy Birthday To You” photoshoot that symbolized all Twice members through the bows’ colors, these tights may serve as a reminder of OT9 for ONCEs!

Further gift suggestions for ONCEs

4. Black Moon Headband

5. Pink Plaid Top and Skirt Set

6. White Graphic Tee


For the certified MIDZYs you know best, these fashion pieces from ITZY might just be what you need. Be in love with these ITZY-inspired gift ideas below!

1. Pink Floral Top and Cardigan Set

As the proclaimed best casual dresser in the group, Lia certainly has the most cop-worthy wardrobe. In fact, one of the cutest pieces we’ve seen her rock is this pink knitted crop top and cardigan set! If you think your MIDZY loved one would also love this feminine pairing, this may be an ideal gift.

2. Red Cherry Hair Clips

Yeji takes a literal route on their song line “cherry on top” with these adorable cherry hair clips! You can gift this hair accessory to your favorite Yeji stan who loves dressing in fresh and charming outfits. We personally think that it’ll match popular cherry-print mini dresses for picnics!

3. Red Argyle Mini Dress

Nothing would emanate the holiday spirit more than this red argyle dress inspired by Chaeryeong’s Christmas outfit! Aside from the dress’ festive hue, the argyle pattern gives a scholastic and elegant touch for a college student vibe. Consider this as a present for a MIDZY who loves slim-fit outfits to accentuate their curves!

Further gift suggestions for MIDZYs

4. Blue Graphic Shirt


With the growing expanse of NCT, it’s essential to have a broad set of gift ideas to accommodate NCTzens! Check out the best gifts inspired by NCT members’ fashion below!

1. Black Chest Harness

Although our focus is on NCT, there’s definitely a need to recognize Mark’s take on techwear through this black chest harness for SuperM. As a classic concept among male groups, techwear might be something that your favorite NCTzen would also like to experiment on. Get this as a gift for a Mark stan who’s obsessed with streetstyle fits!

2. Gummy Bear Necklace

Undoubtedly, this gummy necklace worn by Chenle radiates the overall fun and youthful vibe of NCT Dream. If you know an NCTzen who loves gummy bears or at least cute novelties like this accessory, it’s a good idea to gift them Chenle’s necklace for a striking fashion statement. The charms are also detachable so they can arrange it according to their preference!

3. Orange Graphic Long-Sleeved Shirt

Do you know an NCTzen with a penchant for oversized sweaters? You can gift them this orange graphic sweater as worn by Haechan for their “Go” performance at M Countdown. This piece is a striking staple in any streetstyle-inspired wardrobe, much like the badass vibe of their song.

Further gift suggestions for NCTzens!

4. Silver Cross Necklace

5. Silver Butterfly Ring


Which of these Kpop-inspired fashion gift ideas did you find perfect for your loved one/s? We hope that you found the ideal present to make the holiday season extra special through gift-giving! If you’re looking for a specific piece to complete a Kpop fan’s Christmas wishlist, feel free to browse our Kpop Clothes category for a greater selection of K-fashion!

Thinking you’ll need some matching Korean couple outfits for the holiday? Check out our post on aesthetic Korean couple outfits for cute ideas! You can also visit our handy guide to Korean college fashion for student-friendly styling inspo!

Advanced Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

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