A Glimpse Behind the Scenes: KPOP Stylists


A Glimpse Behind the Scenes: KPOP Stylists

Whether it’s in music videos, live performances, or even during casual live broadcasts, KPOP idols always manage to captivate fans with their stylish and enviable looks. But have you ever wondered about the secrets behind their iconic outfits? Is it the idols who set the trends or the stylists behind them? In this article, we will answer that inquiry and get to know the brains behind the thought processes, hard work, and creativity that goes into creating iconic fashion statements in KPOP. 

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The Workload of a K-Pop Stylist: Countless Outfit Changes

When K-Pop idols make a comeback, they often perform on various music shows throughout the week, and with each performance comes a different outfit.A lot of effort and planning goes into curating the perfect looks for these promotions.

If it’s for a music show with the same concept, there should be many different outfits with different vibes. If they perform for four weeks, they need to go on four different shows, so they need 16 outfits in total. If they come out with an album, they have at least 20-30 outfits.

Kim Balko (KPOP Stylist)

The numbers alone illustrate the sheer volume of outfits required for a single promotion period. K-Pop stylists meticulously curate a variety of looks, ensuring that each one aligns with the concept and showcases the unique personality of the idol or group. From coordinating colors and patterns to selecting accessories and footwear, every detail is carefully considered to create a visually striking and cohesive ensemble not just for music related events but as well as of fashion’s.


Being the most famous boy group around the world at the moment, BTS has not only had their name plastered on every headline each day but they also had their faces plastered on every magazine possible. It’s safe to say that they are one of the biggest influencers not only on the youth right now but people of all ages. Their influence in fashion is as significant as their influence in music but such bangtan looks are not possible with the people behind each outfit.

Lee HJ (Ha-jung)

Being with BTS ever since their debut, Lee Hajung or also known as Lee HJ has been showcasing her talents in many of their music videos. This includes Butter, Dynamite, and Permission to Dance. Her artistry is not only limited there but she was also responsible for one of the boys’ biggest campaigns, the Louis Vuitton project back in 2021. 

Her style speaks so much about classics. According to her, designing what the members would wear requires long discussions and not just her artistry. And she also revealed that RM and V are the members who are the most interested in fashion.

Kim Youngjin

Some of us have been obsessed over something since we were only kids and have brought that obsession up until we’re grown-ups. One great example of this is Kim Youngjin who was already into fashion since he was a child. He’s been with BTS as well for so long already. In fact, he was even in charge of the boys’ looks on their recent solo comebacks. 

Aside from the big brands out there, you will often find him mixing and matching clothes from Japanese brands such as  Comme des Garçons and Yohji Yamamoto You can say he has a contemporary soul since he likes to mix classics and hot trends. Since he also styles various editorials for different fashion magazines, his vision and artistry are often well-received. 

He also designs for other huge artists like 2NE1’s CL, NCT 127, Super M, and Daniel Kang. And if you’ll dig deeper, you can say that he has designed already for like the majority of the KPOP industry.


Carrying huge brands under each member’s name, and leaving significant fashion statements for each appearance whether on fashion weeks, random strolls outside, or even on their concert stages, Blackpink has also indeed paved the way for the next generation of fashion to take place. Their personality almost reflects their outfits regardless of the venue and each look is always a crowd’s favorite; huge thanks to their stylists.

Park Minhee

Her name has been everywhere already, Park Minhee is one of the well-known stylists out there not only because she has been making Blackpink’s looks for years but her designs have always been notable. And by ‘notable’ you will often see them on front covers.

She was also responsible for Jennie’s Recent Calvin Klein ad campaign.

The most crucial aspect, according to her, is communicating with artists. “Regardless of how hip your style is, if it doesn’t work for you, it’s useless. Going strongly against the advise to not work with loved ones, Minhee got her husband on board to cooperate with BLACKPINK’s Lara Croft-inspired looks in the music video for “Kill This Love.” 

Choi Kyung-won

Though no longer working for the girls or the outlets says so, Choi Kyung-won was one of Park Minhee’s inspo when it comes to styling. She already built her name in the industry that she’s already busy with her own brand Avam at the moment.

Recently she’s worked with New Jeans Pop Up with Musinsa and is in charge of styling Enhypen as well. Her personal style ranges from Celine to Chanel which gives highlights to her charm.

Lee Yun-mi

Not every stylist designs for the whole group just like Lee Yun-mi who is responsible for Jisoo’s many looks including recent ones. She also designs for various actresses such as: on Ye-jin, Kim Go-eun, Bae Suzy, and Lee Hye-ri.

Fun fact? She’s also currently the Creative Director of a South Korean Jewelry brand Elle Peut. If you look at her feed, her styles are often paired with black and white ensembles.


The Impact of K-Pop Fashion on Global Trends

The influence of K-Pop fashion extends far beyond the borders of South Korea. With the rise in international popularity, K-Pop idols not only from BTS and Blackpink have become style icons, inspiring fans around the world to replicate their looks. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are flooded with fashion enthusiasts showcasing their K-Pop-inspired outfits, highlighting the significant impact these idols have on global fashion trends. If you want to dress up like a KPOP Idol on or even not on a runway, you can check out various collections from Fashion Chingu.

The world of K-Pop styling is a fascinating and multi-faceted realm, where creativity, meticulous planning, and attention to detail collide. Behind every iconic look, there is an army of stylists working tirelessly to create outfits that not only express the artists’ individuality but also resonate with fans worldwide. From the countless outfit changes during promotions to the repurposing of garments and the emergence of a new culture surrounding second-hand K-Pop fashion, the impact of K-Pop stylists extends far beyond the stage.

So the next time you’re captivated by a K-Pop idol’s fashion, remember the dedicated team of stylists who bring these enviable looks to life to ensure their creations are appreciated by fans around the globe.

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