The New Faces Of Luxury: All KPOP Idols who are Brand Ambassadors


The New Faces Of Luxury: All KPOP Idols who are Brand Ambassadors

When it comes to luxury brands, no one is stacking up brand ambassador deals quite like K-pop stars. While fashion influencers and supermodels are still pulling weight on the marketing front, more and more Korean faces lend their names and stardom to fashion houses’ campaigns.

But how can a still somewhat ‘niche’ market translate into social media engagement for iconic brands? Who was the blueprint for the phenomenon and how did the general public receive it?

Today, we aim to answer these questions and essentially catalog which Kpop idol is an ambassador for which brand.

As the Hallyu wave has continued to grow despite (or perhaps, as a consequence of) the pandemic, more names have been appointed global ambassadors. 

Now, let’s catch up on who is repping who!

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The Origin of Kpop Ambassador Deals

Like many innovations fashion-related in the Korean sphere, credit is due to the one and only G-Dragon. The rapper has had a reputation as a fashionista since early on in his career. Right from the get-go, there have been blogs and social media pages solely dedicated to what he would wear. And perhaps that is exactly what motivated Chanel to bring him on board first. This surely panned out well for them, as his attendance at the 2015 Paris fashion show caused a lot of buzz in the media – particularly because not only was he a pioneer among K-pop idols, but also one of the few Asian stars invited.

Since then, and as the Korean entertainment industry grew, many other Korean idols have gained recognition in the fashion world. Luxury houses seek out the biggest names in the scene, borrowing their image and notoriety to market globally. And it really is as simple as wearing or using the products in the public eye.

Besides, the numbers show promise. Sales have skyrocketed and the general public is becoming increasingly more aware of luxury brands.

The younger generation, especially, has become a reliable target, partly due to the ascension of the ‘flex’ culture. And much like the Korean wave has hit the Western world, Asians also have a luxurious taste (and the purchasing power to match it). And this is precisely how the effectiveness of the formula is proven.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the biggest Kpop names and the brands they’ve lent their faces to:

Idols as Luxury Global Ambassadors

No one can deny the pull social media has from a commercial standpoint. Most businesses, from the smallest shops to the biggest corporations, have gone online. And social networks have kept up with the times, updating their platforms to facilitate online trading.

Kpop stars have some of the biggest and most dedicated digital followings. Any interaction with the public and/or brands generates literal millions of comments and shares. So, if digital influencers are frequently contacted for partnerships with digital brands, it is not hard to understand how Korean celebrities’ engagement statistics can draw in the high-rollers of the fashion and beauty industries.

As of 2023, there is already a long list of KPOP Idols from the 1st generation up to the 4th generation who are carrying Luxury brands under their name, and in this article, we will see all of them.


Despite being on their individual projects this year and some membersattending their military duty, BTS never fails to supply the world with music and visuals. They were able to bag not only awards recently but as well as huge brands lining up to be represented.

RM: Bottega Veneta

Although Bottega Veneta has long ditched social media, they still made it on every headline back in March 2023, all thanks to BTS’ RM (Namjoon). Bangtan’s leader RM is the first-ever ambassador of this luxurious brand and it was a smart move for both sides since RM’s fashion personality really suits their campaign.

RM might’ve just recently joined the Bottega family but he has been seen wearing the brand as early as 2020 and multiple times after so it’s safe to say that he both earned and deserve the title. King behavior indeed.

Jimin: Dior and Tiffany & co.

We all can agree that 2023 is the year of pulling up on everything and everywhere. It’s also a remarkable year for different fashion brands to pull KPOP Idols as their additional icons. Jimin and Dior started this year with a loud bang by announcing their partnership. And news have spoken that ever since Jimin became the brand’s ambassador and after pulling up on Paris Fashion Week 2023, Dior’s stocks have skyrocketed. Talk bout being and idol and an influencer at the same time.

c. @dior

Just like RM, Jimin has been seen wearing this luxury brand numerous times before he became their ambassador. In fact, in BTS’ teasers for Dynamite & Butter, Jimin has been flexing Dior.

Jimin did not only bag Dior this year, but he also started a new chapter with the luxurious jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. The “Face” singer has been associated with the brand since last spring and is helping the venerable jewelry company launch its new Tiffany Lock campaign. The remaining pieces of the lineup also continue to honor the company’s history and heritage.

Suga: Valentino

Just a day after Jimin was chosen as the new face of Dior, Valentino selected BTS member, rapper, singer, and producer Suga as their newest brand ambassador. Suga (actual name Min Yoon-gi) is a multidimensional artist who uses his skills and his work to convey himself with vigor and authenticity, according to the brand’s creative director. In terms of diversity, inclusivity, originality, and passion, he exemplifies everything that DI.VA’s testimonials stand for. Valentino’s squad of brand ambassadors is known as “Different Values,” or simply “DIVAS” so it’s no brainer that Suga definitely deserves the title.

Not only multitalented but Suga is also well known for being vocal about a lot of awareness including the importance of diversity. Suga shared his feelings for the new collaboration by stating that “all individuals have different dreams and values.” The South Korean musician pointed out that Valentino and creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli had “been supportive of diversity which is something that I also believe in.”

J-Hope: Louis Vuitton

Last 2021, the Luxury brand Louis Vuitton, or LV as the crowd calls it made a huge announcement of making BTS their brand ambassador.

The BTS boys are unarguably the most popular K-pop act on the planet. Although they have had (and continue to have) a number of partnerships with several brands both domestically and globally, it was the most recent sign with Louis Vuitton that made headlines.

Interestingly enough, the brand’s most successful social media post (both in terms of engagement and monetization value) was precisely one that featured BTS promoting the Men’s Parish Fashion Week for Fall 2021. As Louis Vuitton is known to align itself with the most in-demand figures across all markets, the announcement was not so surprising.

And in 2023, the same luxury brand named one of the members as the face of the brand. Although J-Hope has been a member of the Louis Vuitton family for a while, this campaign is his first endeavor as the famed company’s sole ambassador. He and the other BTS members, RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, all served as Louis Vuitton’s worldwide ambassadors beginning in 2021. Then, in February 2023, it was revealed that J-Hope would assume the illustrious position of official house ambassador, further cementing his relationship with the prominent fashion brand.

J-Hope pre-shot his Keepall campaign because he is presently completing his mandatory military service in the South Korean army. A few months after BTS’s oldest member Jin joined in December 2022, the superstar enlisted back in April. The absence of Jin and J-Hope hasn’t stopped the group from consistently dominating the world, both through music and fashion.

V: Celine & Cartier

Aside from the soothing voice that V also known as Taehyung has, his unquestionable charisma has also been the talk of the town for years now. After months of rumors, BTS member V is been officially named the brand ambassador for Hedi Slimane’s CELINE. In April, the K-pop icon was referred as the newest “CELINE boy.” Three different magazine covers were created by the musician to mark the launch of his partnership with the clothing business. As the newest brand ambassador for CELINE, the 27-year-old joined BLACKPINK’s Lisa and South Korean actor Park Bo-gum.

c. @thv
c. @thv

V has also been named Cartier’s newest brand ambassador. A campaign for Cartier’s Panthère de Cartier collection, a line of jewelry, watches, and accessories inspired by the grace of the (you guessed it) panther, features the musician and heartthrob to launch his new gig. It appears as though his new collaboration with Cartier is a match made in heaven. According to Cartier’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer D’Arnaud Carrez, “V was a logical option to capture the fascination and mystique of the panther. He exudes moral strength and has the appearance. As a dancer, musician, or art enthusiast, a personality whose decisions are driven by creativity, with this style and grace that are uniquely his”.

c. @thv

Jungkook: Calvin Klein

A lot manifested it, many speculated it, and no one regrets it. Jungkook being CK’s ambassador this year might be the greatest collab in fashion we got this year (even broke the internet on their first release). In a new ad campaign, the well-known golden maknae debuts for the company while sporting Spring 2023 collections. “I have always been a fan of Calvin Klein, and I’m honored to serve as their newest worldwide ambassador. According to a press release, Jungkook remarked, “Calvin Klein’s heritage and brand values resonate with me, making this cooperation incredibly special. “My music is how I interact with my fans all across the world, and I see this cooperation as a chance to do so in a fresh way. In our debut commercial for the brand, I can’t wait for people to get to know a new side of me” Jungkook added.

Just when everybody thought it was over, a quarter into 2023, the brand again released another set of promotions with their genderless campaign and once again, Jungkook made it to the headlines and worldwide trends. Jungkook despite having no Instagram and rarely coming to the group’s Twitter is still one of the most sought internet personalities. “Slay” is an understatement at this point.


It is fair to say that the female match to BTS in terms of global success is Blackpink. Again, each of the girls’ individuality shines, which is probably why each is a brand ambassador for a distinct brand – which is not entirely unheard of in Kpop. We all can agree that blackpink are all full time singers and full time fashionistas. Even on break before, they are busy modeling for brands while preparing for their comeback. And even now on tour, their schedule for fashion shows are still booked. Queens.

Jennie – Chanel & Calvin Klein

Jennie is giving Calvin Klein an original touch. The fashion company collaborated with the singer of BLACKPINK, a worldwide brand ambassador for Calvin Klein, to create a limited-edition capsule collection last May of this year.

The line comprises a variety of underwear sets, jeans, tees, fleece, and knits infused with her unique style and inventiveness, taking inspiration from JENNIE’s casual wardrobe necessities. With a pastel color scheme chosen by JENNIE and individual details like unique branding that redraws the iconic Calvin Klein insignia in her own handwriting, the capsule refashions these vital designs. Calvin Klein even gave Jennie her own event (as they should) wherein many K-celebrities and influencers were seen attending.

Everyone agrees as well that Jennie is G-Dragon’s successor. She has also been appointed as a brand ambassador for Chanel back in 2018 and has since gained the affectionate nickname of ‘human Chanel’. In fact, her personal style is so well aligned with the brand’s that the partnership is a very natural fit.

Ever since then, Jennie has been Chanel’s baby and their relationship keeps on getting stronger.

Lisa – Celine & Bvlgari

As for Lisa, she has been named Celine’s Hedi Slimane’s very own muse. The Thai-born idol has fronted several campaigns so far. She has even been invited to take a seat at several other brands’ fashion shows. Most recently, she’s been showing up in campaigns for Bvlgari. Yet another luxury brand has decided to sign with Blackpink’s main dancer.

Rosé – Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co.

Next on the list is Rosé who was appointed ambassador for Saint Laurent in the summer of 2020. If you follow her on social media, you have undoubtedly seen the multiple editorial spreads and campaign shoots she has done on their behalf.

And as if that didn’t keep her busy enough, Tiffany & Co. has now also snatched her for the 2021 Tiffany Hardwear collection, of which she was named frontwoman.

Jisoo – Dior

The eldest – Jisoo – has been tapped for Dior, with whom she has been working closely over the past few years. It is likely that the decision was motivated by the idol’s graceful and elegant fashion, again matching the house’s classic concept.


Deemed as the KPOP’s Powerhouse of Performances, Seventeen or SVT are also famous for representing numerous skin care brands until recently that some of their members finally engaged in Fashion Powerhouses.

Vernon – Kenzo

Vernon, Seventeen’s Maknae and rapper, (also known as Chwe Hansol) is stepping into the role of Kenzo’s new worldwide ambassador. His appointment was announced by the French high-end fashion house last June of this year, updating its list of House Ambassadors. According to the official brand website, “KENZO is delighted to announce Vernon, a member of K-pop boyband SEVENTEEN, as its global ambassador.” The 25-year-old rapper is entering the KENZO universe and collaborating with a House that has close ties to the global entertainment industry, all under the direction of artistic director Nigo. Carats and even non-carats agree that Kenzo choosing Vernon as one of their ambassadors is the right choice because not only does his face fit their brand but Vernon’s overall personality and aura suit the brand’s agenda.

Jeonghan – Yves Saint Laurent

Yoon Jeonghan might be famous for his naughty tactics whether in his group’s games or just being chronically online. In KPOP, he’s known for being a free spirit and for random trends he set in and out of the internet that even idols from other groups find hilarious yet follow the trend. But outside of KPOP, he also has proven to steal the hearts of many and still even gave off a main character energy and this happened when he attended Yves Saint Laurent’s Men’s Summer’24 show in Berlin earlier this year.

The androgynous couture of Saint Laurent is renowned for shattering gender norms in the industry. Jeonghan being the brand’s ambassador dressed appropriately definitely made YSL proud. (Plus, everyone thought he was going to be late but he arrived just in time and became everyone’s apple of the eye and you know where did he prepare? At a restroom in a parking lot). Iconic.


Here’s an example of another Kpop group that has secured brand ambassador deals for individual members. EXO is and has been one of the most well-established groups in Korea. Their international following might not be as widespread as more recent acts. Nevertheless, much like boy groups that succeeded them, they have millions of fans in Asia alone. Being in the industry for more than a decade already, it’s no wonder that EXO has been a representatives of many major brands as well.

Kai – Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent

Kai has established himself since making his debut as a member of the boy band EXO with his affable stage persona, dance prowess, and sense of fashion. He was also known for his impeccable airport attire, which featured blazers, turtleneck sweaters, and well-tailored pants that complemented his lean frame. Soon after, Gucci saw him and appointed him as a brand ambassador for the year 2019 fact, he was the first Korean to achieve so). Not only was he named ambassador for the luxury house, but he also managed to produce an exclusive collection with them. Understandably, the collection was sold out within less than a day, despite the very hefty price marks. Kai was the first Korean celebrity to achieve this, but something tells us he will not be the last.

c. @gucci

This French haute-couture brand has some recognizable names endorsing its products including Kai. Kai has long been a cosmetics model for YSL Beauty, the luxury brand’s cosmetics division and even before his enlistment, he was still able to pull off some looks.

c. zkdlin

Baekhyun – Burberry

EXO member and main vocal Baekhyun takes center stage as a Burberry ambassador for an exquisite photoshoot and Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover in Korea last 2020. He modeled some of Burberry’s iconic plaids as well as some of their elegant coats which displayed his opulent autumnal attire from the British label.

Sehun – Dior

Oh Sehun has consistently garnered media attention for his relationships with fashion brands, as those who have followed his career know. Sehun has established himself as one of the most fashionable K-pop idols, whether he is making headlines at Paris Fashion Week or gracing magazine covers. The EXO member was named the official ambassador of Dior Men in Korea last year, living up to this designation.

c. @dior

Chanyeol – Prada

Last 2020, the luxury brand announced EXO’s Chanyeol and Red Velvet’s Irene simultaneously as the new faces of Prada. The brand’s innovative and futuristic Men’s Collection combines traditional textiles with new recycled materials to produce vibrant and graphic prints as well as timeless designs on clothing including jackets, coats, and shirts which all suits Chanyeol’s aura.


Red Velvet has been around for quite a while, too. And like any other SM act, these girls have been offered their fair share of campaigns and sponsorships over the years. Some of the brands that have benefited from their stardom include Burberry, Chanel, and Converse, among others.

Irene: Prada

As for luxury brand ambassador deals, Red Velvet’s leader Irene was tapped by Prada last 2020. Despite the controversy surrounding the idol during that time the Italian house did not withdraw their partnership.

Joy: Tod’s

Joy has also been very active in recent Tod’s campaigns. She has advertised both accessories and shoes on her personal social media channels. Furthermore, she starred in the recent ‘In Our Shoes’ feature, wearing the new season’s ready-to-wear collection.

Seulgi: Ferragamo

And just this summer, Seulgi was announced as the new global ambassador for Ferragamo. The Italian designer brand had been working with her for a while. But it seems like her giant following (and her dancing skills) has earned her the title of frontwoman for the new Let’s Dance shoe capsule collection.

AESPA – Givenchy

SM’s aespa have proven since they 1 of their debut that they deserve to have bragging rights when it comes to music. Besides that, they have been picked up by Givenchy to be global ambassadors for the fashion house. The creative director himself, Mathew Williams, made the executive call. And he tapped all four members of the group for the role.

Within the first year of the Kpop group’s existence, they’ve already bagged a major brand ambassador deal. Who knows what the future has in store for them…


The popular K-pop group known for their numerous units, many members, catchy music and electrifying performances, NCT has not only taken the music industry by their recent releases but also made their way on the fashion runway. With their personal style and trendsetting looks, it’s no wonder that several luxury brands have chosen NCT members as their ambassadors.

Jaehyun – Prada

One member who stands out in the fashion world is Jaehyun. With his striking looks and undeniable charisma, it’s no surprise that he has become the ambassador for PRADA. Jaehyun’s endorsements with luxury and casual fashion brands have made him a favorite among fashion enthusiasts. His latest Instagram post reveals yet another gift from PRADA, showcasing his strong connection with the brand. As we eagerly wait for the spring collection showcase, it’s clear that Jaehyun is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Mark – Ralph Lauren

Mark, the talented rapper of NCT, has made waves as the ambassador for POLO Ralph Lauren. In a powerful display of style and substance, Mark joined the call for donations for breast cancer awareness while wearing a pink logo shirt. His fashion choices reflect his dedication to making a difference, as his donation aided the drive’s cause run by the renowned designer brand. Mark continues to set the standard higher and showcase his style through his partnership with POLO Ralph Lauren.

Yuta – Louis Vuitton

Yuta, with his undeniable charm and captivating presence, has caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Being titled as Louis Vuitton’s friendship contract ambassador, Yuta has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with. Attending shows for the brand and going on trips amid his busy schedule, Yuta showcases his dedication to the world of fashion. Despite minimal support from the official account, Yuta continues to gain trust and spread his wings as a fashion icon.

Taeyong – Loewe

Adding to the list of NCT members making waves in the fashion industry, Taeyong recently announced his partnership with the luxury brand Loewe. As Loewe’s global brand ambassador, Taeyong expressed his honor and admiration for the brand’s designs and unique way of communicating. His attendance at Loewe’s upcoming spring/summer menswear show in Paris marks the official beginning of this exciting collaboration.

Jeno – Ferragamo

Breaking barriers and making history, Jeno became the first-ever male celebrity to represent the luxury Italian brand, Ferragamo. The announcement of Jeno as Ferragamo’s new global ambassador created a buzz among fashion enthusiasts. Jeno’s captivating personality and ability to connect with young audiences through his music, style, and persona made him the perfect fit for the brand. This collaboration is expected to bring forth exciting projects and showcase Jeno’s creativity.


Debuting from a survival show, Enhypen also dubbed as “enha” by their fans, has also been seeing not just records but as well as achievements in various areas. They are one of the 4th gen groups that gas not only sold out concert venues but as well as products from brands the represent.


According to creative director Alexandre Mattiussi, the up-and-coming K-pop group was picked for their enthusiasm, sincerity, and message of inclusivity. Ami, a French fashion label, chose the septet—Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki—as its first house ambassadors. Ami, a new luxury brand, is quickly gaining popularity in South Korea, with monthly sales increasing by about 30%. Their distinctive emblem is a heart with the letter A in it.


Following the publication of their fourth mini album, Dark Blood. For lovers of their music, this collaboration isn’t wholly new because the group’s seven members have long worn clothing from the Italian brand and even attended the AW23 runway show in Milan earlier this year. According to a press release from the boy band, “The synergy Prada and Enhyphen will create is something we’re very excited to witness and greatly looking forward to.” With their extraordinary talent and distinctive sense of style, Enhyphen is poised to have a significant influence on the brand’s upcoming projects and international events.


New Jeans, the sensational K-pop group, has taken the music industry by storm since their debut in July 2022. Comprising of talented members – Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein – New Jeans has not only captivated audiences with their catchy music but has also become highly sought-after brand ambassadors. Actually, upon reading this now, they are already called the “blue chip” of KPOP in 2023 because of so many brands lining up for their faces.


Kinda cliche for New Jeans to represent a brand of jeans but this collaboration was actually more meaningful. In a major milestone for New Jeans, popular denim brand Levi’s announced on 6th March of this year,  their official partnership with the group as their newest global brand ambassador. This collaboration is in celebration of Levi’s iconic 501 Originals’ 150th anniversary.

c. @levis

Chris Jackman, vice president of Global Brand Marketing at Levi’s, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “New Jeans is a talented group that has looked to the past for inspiration while boldly blazing their own unique future in culture.”

Hanni – Armani & Gucci

Recognizing Hanni’s interest in makeup since her debut, the Italian luxury brand, Armani Beauty, appointed her as their new makeup ambassador. The brand made the announcement on 8th February 2023, introducing Hanni as the face of Armani Global Makeup. Her captivating individuality and expressive power caught the attention of Giorgio Armani himself, who praised her personality.

c. @gucci

In October 2022, Hanni was chosen as the newest brand ambassador for the luxury fashion house, Gucci. Since then, she has represented the brand at various events in Seoul and even caught attention at the Incheon International Airport, donning a stunning outfit from Gucci’s Spring 2023 collection. Hanni’s collaboration with Gucci has solidified her status as a fashion icon, and she attended the Gucci show during Milan Fashion Week last February 2023.

Danielle – Yves Saint Laurent & Burberry

ADOR officially announced just days after New Year’s that Danielle had become a global ambassador for Burberry, the luxury British fashion house known for their impressive plaids and a lot more. Danielle has not only showcased her beautiful vocals since her group’s debut but her stunning personality must have caught the brand’s attention too. 

Vogue Korea announced earlier this year as well that Danielle is the new ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. The announcement included a short clip revealing Danielle’s pictorial and advertisement video for the YSL Candy Glaze lipstick. Her association with YSL Beauty showcases her influence in the beauty industry.

Minji – Chanel

Minji, a member of New Jeans, has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the global ambassador for French luxury house, Chanel. In a first for the brand, Minji represents Chanel across three categories – beauty, fashion, and watches and jewelry. Her debut as Chanel’s ambassador was marked by her appearance on the cover of Elle Korea’s March 2023 issue, where she showcased Chanel’s signature tweed. This collaboration highlights Minji’s influence and her ability to embody the essence of Chanel.

Hyein – Louis Vuitton

The youngest member of New Jeans, Hyein, has made waves as the global ambassador for the luxury brand, Louis Vuitton. Just before 2022 ended, Louis Vuitton welcomed Hyein as their ambassador, citing her unique charm and style as defining qualities that align with New Jeans. Hyein’s appearance at the Louis Vuitton fashion show during Paris Fashion Week 2023 further solidified her role as a representative of the brand.

All other KPOP Idols who are Brand Ambassadors

Sana of Twice: Yves Saint Laurent

Sana of Twice: Prada

Dahyun of Twice: Michael Kors

Nayeon of Twice: Givenchy

Felix of Stray Kids: Louis Vuitton

Hyunjin of Straykids: Versace

TXT: Dior

IVE: Puma

Yujin of Ive: Fendi

Mi-yeon of G-Idle: Jimmy Choo

Minnie of G-Idle: Miu Miu

Kazuha of Le Sserafim: Calvin Klein

ITZY: Charles & Keith

MJ Of ASTRO: Calvin Klein

Eunwoo of ASTRO: Dior

Eunwoo of ASTRO: Chaumet

Eunwoo of ASTRO: Giordano

Lee Youngji: Coach

Kim Se-Jeong: Longchamp

Taeyang: Givenchy

Jackson Wang of GOT7: Cartier

Jackson Wang of GOT7: Fendi

Jackson Wang of GOT7: Louis Vuitton

IU: Gucci

Bae Suzy: Dior

Zico: Fendi


There are conflicting concerns about how luxury marketing might be pushing overconsumption among young people. Despite this, Kpop brand ambassador deals should continue to expand over the next few years.

If Kpop fans have developed an interest or the Korean language and culture along with the entertainment phenomenon, designer fashion houses can expect a big turnout in sales as a result of these campaigns.

Let us know which ambassadors are, in your opinion, better fitted for their respective brands. And if you are curious about where Kpop idols get their clothes or the Korean fashion trends for this summer, be sure to check out our blog.

We hope you learned something new today.

Until next time and happy shopping

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