How to dress like Jisoo


How to dress like Jisoo

Being almost every Korean men’s crush, we can’t help but also swoon over Jisoo’s overall looks. She’s also coined “Miss Korea” because of her visuals and still lives up to that title. Her unique face together with her amazing physique and whole appearance is something that has been on the media for years yet is still a hot topic these days.

One thing is for sure, she does not look pretty as a flower only on her recent comeback but she has always been an icon for Koreans when it comes to dolling up. Her Instagram and even stolen shots are a virtual treasure trove of style inspiration for not just women in Korea but also around the globe, which is why she is deemed as the standard of Korean looks both in personality and style.

Jisoo despite being the oldest ‘unnie’ in Blackpink still steals the hearts of fans and even non-fans. Is it only her face? her bubbly character? or her style and get up? Regardless, here’s a guide to Jisoo’s go-to fashion styles that you can infuse into your wardrobe and achieve her charm!

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Love for Vintage: Timeless Elegance Revived

Jisoo often channels vintage-inspired glamour with her looks. One can say her love for timeless pieces really suits her aura but regardless of events, Jisoo can often be seen slaying outfits that are greatly inspired by the past. Retro never left anyway, some of us learned to live with it, and some have yet to perfect it but in order to also achieve this, you can embrace retro silhouettes such as high-waisted skirts, wide-leg pants, and tailored blouses to create a nostalgic aesthetic. Incorporate classic patterns like polka dots, houndstooth, or checks for a timeless touch. Complete the look with vintage-inspired accessories such as cat-eye sunglasses, structured handbags, and bold red lipstick. Jisoo’s vintage-inspired glamour is perfect for special occasions or when you want to make a statement with refined elegance.

Simplicity is Beauty: Mastering Monochrome Magic

Don’t overthink it. Periodt. Lots of us tend to spend so much time picking an outfit for the day but sometimes, opting for something mono can go a long way! Monochromatic looks are hot in the 2023 fashion scene so might as well jump on the train. While Jisoo is known for her bold fashion choices, she also knows the power of simplicity. Sometimes, less is more, and Jisoo proves this with her minimalist outfits. To achieve this look, opt for clean lines and neutral colors, best bet? all black!

Jisoo effortlessly embraces monochromatic looks. Opt for head-to-toe ensembles in one color, such as timeless black, crisp white, or elegant beige, or the popping red. Pair a well-tailored blazer with matching trousers or slip into a sleek jumpsuit for a polished and sophisticated appearance. Spice the overall outfit with delicate jewelry and a structured handbag!

Street Style with an Edge: Denim Dreams Come True

Denim, the versatile fabric that has effortlessly made its way into every wardrobe, has a fascinating history and continues to dominate the fashion industry even Jisoo proves that denim looks are not just one of her faves but as well as her go-to-casual-look.

To make your denim dreams come true, here are some styling tips to consider: Experiment with different washes and cuts to find your perfect pair of jeans, pair denim with contrasting fabrics like silk, lace, or leather for a balanced look, dress up your denim jacket with a floral dress or dress it down with a plain white tee and sneakers, mix and match denim pieces of different shades for a trendy, layered effect, personalize your denim with patches, embroidery, or distressed details to create a unique statement piece.

Regal Glamour : Traditional Meets Modernity

Jisoo’s style is often described as regal and glamorous, and she knows how to make a statement on the red carpet. To follow such look, choose outfits with luxurious fabrics such as silk or velvet or something plain yet with texture. Opt for bold colors like deep red or emerald green to add a touch of drama. Look for dresses with intricate beading or embroidery to add an extra layer of elegance. Complete the regal look with statement jewelry and a pair of strappy heels.

Jisoo often combines traditional Korean clothing pieces with modern accessories, creating a look that is both elegant and trendy. One way to achieve this in 2023 is by pairing a traditional hanbok top with a pair of high-waisted jeans or a leather skirt. The contrast between the traditional and modern elements creates a visually striking outfit that is sure to turn heads. To complete the look, add a statement belt and a pair of chunky heels for a touch of contemporary flair.

Feminine and Sophisticated

Jisoo’s style also embodies femininity and sophistication. She often chooses outfits that accentuate her curves without being overly revealing. To achieve this look, opt for dresses or blouses with delicate lace details or ruffles. Midi skirts and high-waisted trousers can also help create a feminine and sophisticated silhouette. Choose soft, romantic colors like blush pink or lavender (or anything pastel) to enhance the overall aesthetic. Complete the look with dainty jewelry and a pair of elegant heels for a polished and refined appearance.

Conservatively Cute and Creative

Jisoo knows how to incorporate playful elements into her outfits without sacrificing elegance. To achieve this look, experiment with different textures and prints. Pair a cute floral skirt with a graphic tee or a printed blouse with wide-leg trousers. Mix and match patterns and colors to create a visually interesting ensemble. Add a pair of statement shoes or a quirky accessory to inject some personality into the outfit. Remember, Jisoo’s style is all about embracing your creativity and having fun with fashion.

Get Jisoo’s Looks

Now that you have a better understanding of Jisoo’s unique style, it’s time to embrace your inner fashionista and start incorporating her fashion choices into your own wardrobe. Take inspiration from Jisoo’s love for traditional-meets-modernity, vintage pieces, simplicity, regal glamour, and the latest Korean fashion trends. Experiment with different styles and have fun creating your own unique looks. Remember, confidence is key, so wear your outfits with pride and let your inner Jisoo shine through.

Biker Jackets

Jisoo often wears black leather biker jackets to give her outfits an edgy touch. This staple wardrobe piece can instantly add some attitude to any look. You can wear it with skinny jeans and a graphic tee for a cool, casual look or pair it with a dress to create a juxtaposition between feminine and edgy. Look for a cropped style jacket to match Jisoo’s signature look.

Oversized Sweaters + Skirts

Jisoo is often seen in cozy and oversized knit sweaters to balance out her edgier pieces. She rocks neutral tones, like gray, beige, and black, making her sweaters perfect for layering. She often goes for feminine and flowy pieces that compliment her petite frame. You can pair a pleated skirt with a knitted cardigan or sweater and boots to create a chic yet casual look or wear a dress with white sneakers for a more casual look.


Adding accessories to your outfit is an excellent way to elevate a look. Here are Jisoo’s most popular accessories:

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