KPop Concert Outfit Ideas – Get Inspired!


KPop Concert Outfit Ideas – Get Inspired!

So you’re looking to get ideas for your Kpop concert outfit? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Some people tend to replicate idol looks, or wear merch from head to toe – and that’s perfectly fine. After all, you should always feel confident and comfortable in your clothes. But sometimes it’s tricky coming up with the perfect outfit, especially if it’s your first time at a Kpop concert.

We’ll be giving you tips on what you should remember when putting together an outfit for this kind of event. We’ll also share a few looks so you can get inspired and adapt to your own personal style.

Let’s get started!

Tips for putting together a Kpop concert outfit

The section in which you’ll learn what actually matters when putting together a look. For example, if you’re in the standing pit, it’s probably better to wear light, breathable fabrics. This is so you won’t feel so smothered and ruin an otherwise fancier piece with pools of sweat. On the other hand, if you’re sitting, you’ll be able to dress more freely, so the following tips might not specifically apply to your case.

  • Go for simple pieces: most people seem to prefer wearing tank tops or short-sleeves. Partly because of what I said above and also because they require low or no attention. You can still wear a pretty dress or a skirt, but make sure to wear some security shorts with it. Although this may require you to check on it regularly, to ensure nothing’s out of place.
  • Skip the pretty but uncomfortable high heels: some girls in Korea choose to wear their tallest pair to get a better view. This obviously isn’t the best idea as it will become bothersome after a while (especially if you’re not used to them). Besides, you might even not be able to focus on the concert properly.
  • Pick your bag wisely: you don’t want to be holding on to a bag the entire time or worry that it takes up so much space someone behind you will press up against it. Some people choose to skip the bag altogether but if you absolutely need one, it’s best to go with a waist bag or a drawstring backpack.
  • Be mindful of those around you: skip the chains and pieces that might be caught on other people. Also, try not to wear hats or clothes ornated with spikes to not block anyone’s view or accidentally hurt them. You’re all there for the same reason, so try your best not to ruin anyone’s experience.
  • When it comes to makeup, I’d say you can pretty much go for whatever you like to and what matches your outfit best. But try to keep it waterproof as you might sweat (or cry) during the concert.

Kpop concert outfit ideas 

  1. Black & Denim Look inspired by IZ*ONE Wonyoung
  2. Be bold and edgy like the EVERGLOW girls
  3. Dress according to your favorite concept or music video
  4. A not-so-discreet shoutout to your bias, using merch
  5. Go all-in with colors, Pentagon-style!
  6. Keep it cute and feminine like OHMYGIRL’s Jiho
  7. Show off your everyDay style

1. Black & Denim Look inspired by IZ*ONE Wonyoung

Here’s a fun, easy-to-replicate look brought to you by IZ*ONE’s very own Wonyoung. This goes to show that everyday pieces like a nice black dress and a denim jacket go a long way. She accessorized with a black shoulder bag and matching knee-high socks, which give the outfit a schoolgirl feel. Lastly, a pair of comfortable sneakers, sure to help you endure a 2-hour-long show without tiring yourself too quickly.

2. Be bold and edgy like the EVERGLOW girls


This is a total departure from the first one. These stage looks definitely aren’t everyone’s go-to for an everyday look. And although it isn’t what the girls would wear off-stage either, I’ll bet you they have their fun with it. You too could adopt an alter stage persona! Put on a cool pair of thigh-strapped shorts, a vinyl set, or a cut-out top and you’ll surely feel like the star of the show.

3. Dress according to your favorite concept or music video


Although it’s been nearly four years, BTS Jimin’s Spring Day outfit is still often reproduced by fans and worn at their concerts! Doing your own spin on an idol’s music video look or concept might be a fun way to dress for the occasion. You can also cosplay as a member or going as the Xth member of a group. There are so many options to pick from: schoolboy/girl, girl crush, elegant, dark, sporty… Be creative and choose what relates to you best!

4. A not-so-discreet shoutout to your bias


Kpop merch is an undeniable fan-favorite. Not only are merch pieces easily to come by (you might even buy some at the concert venue), but they’re also quite easy to style and identify you as a stan. Wear something that represents your fav group or idol and you might turn a few heads!

5. Go all-in with colors, Pentagon-style!


One of the things that set Kpop apart from other genres is the incredible visuals (and no, I don’t mean the members). Kpop performances, music videos, and even teaser pictures are always so much more remarkable than their western counterparts for the way they play with light and colors. So why don’t you take a page from their book and wear the colors of the rainbow to a show?

6. Keep it cute and feminine like OHMYGIRL’s Jiho

So this might or might not fit your personal aesthetic… But concerts and other shows are a great excuse to try something new, something you wouldn’t normally go for. A pink, lacy, or floral outfit might bring out your feminine side and help you feel cuter for the show.

7. Do it like Joan Day and show off your everyDay style (get it?)

Korean-American vlogger Joan Day has attended quite a few Kpop concerts in her life. If you follow her on social media or watch her videos, you’ll realize that her Kpop concert outfits are never a big departure from her personal style. So like her, and if everything else doesn’t excite you, just wear what you normally do. You’ll save time and energy on coming up with the perfect look because perfect only depends on how good you feel.

We hope you were able to draw some inspiration from our Kpop concert outfit ideas. Remember to wear whatever makes you feel best and that although we’re not the ones on stage, it’s okay to dress like we were. Have fun coming up with your own looks and let us know if you used any of our ideas!

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