As the winter season rolls around, it’s time to bust out the coziest clothes out of the closet and begin bundling up. And while most people seem to favor the warmer seasons, one can definitely argue that winter fashion offers more leeway to get creative with outfits. The newest Korean winter fashion trends for this season are the perfect blueprint for cozying up in style.

This end-of-year patch (and rolling over to the first few months of the next one) is set out to be one of the most interesting periods for winter fashion we’ve seen in the last few years. There seems to be a flawless marriage between older trends making a comeback and items that were previously not so appreciated amongst fashionistas.

We’ve taken a page or two out of our favorite Korean stars style handbooks and compiled this directory full of the hottest Korean winter fashion trends that will help you look great and feel great.

(And should you happen to be in the Southern hemisphere, check out this year’s adorably stylish Korean summer trends.)

1 – Knit Vests



This winter is all about grandpa fashion. Knit vests, in particular, never quite got the appreciation they deserved. But as we see our favorite Kpop idols and Korean actors incorporate this snug piece into their outfits, we can’t help but want to try one ourselves. Whether they be plain, plaid or argyle, a good knit vest is always an excellent choice for layering.


Pair it with turtlenecks or collared blouses, depending on how warm you need your outfit to be. Using atop a midi dress or as a standalone top are two other ways to get inventive with this piece.

2 – Knit Cardigans



Another comfy item Korean celebs seem to be loving this winter is a nice knit cardigan. Intricate patterns, muted and bold colors, part of a set, or a good old oversized one. Knit cardigans are yet another preppy piece of clothing that has been adopted by mainstream fashion. And we absolutely love to see it!

3 – Collared Blouses



You might be confused as to why a blouse, a typical summery piece, has made its way onto this list. But don’t be too quick to dismiss it! Like knit vests, a nice collared blouse works great for layering up. Especially, to give your outfit that little something that can help you stand out. Besides, they’re just about the cutest top you can own.

4 – Cotton Denim



Did you know that authentic denim is made with cotton? It’s no wonder that pieces of this fabric tend to endure particularly well over the years. They can also be a surprising source of warmth for the colder months. Besides the standard denim jean, consider copping yourself a nice fleece-lined denim jacket, or even a fun jumpsuit or overalls.

5 – Wide-legged Pants



Gone are the days of skinny bottoms that seem to cut circulation to our toes. If you’re not such a big fan of the popular mom jean either, wide-legged pants might just be the perfect bottom for you. This relaxed fit comes in a variety of styles – some more elegant, others more casual. Out of all the Korean winter fashion trends we will discuss today, wide-legged pants have definitely become a staple that will unlikely lose its charm anytime soon.

6 – Fleece Jackets


Fleece jackets or coats (also often called ‘teddy coats’) aren’t exactly a new trend. Although their winter reign has been going for years, it’s hard to predict a day in which they won’t be loved. Fleece is incredibly warm and comfortable. And because of its popularity, there are so many styles to pick from, so you don’t have to worry about matching it with stuff you already have in your wardrobe.


7 – Tracksuits



Here’s a trend from the 90s and 2000s that somehow managed to become fashionable again. Tracksuit and sweater sets in general are really big right now. So much so that many luxury designer brands that don’t typically dabble in streetwear decided to try their hand with it. One thing worth pointing out is that a tracksuit can actually be quite cute and isn’t always synonymous with sloppy fashion. In fact, nowadays people seem to gravitate towards comfy wear, as demonstrated by our favorite Korean celebs.

8 – Quilted Jackets


The cottagecore aesthetic that is so popular these days managed to unearth simple yet functional trends that have long been staples in rural communities. Quilted jackets are especially prevalent in Korea right now. But along with cardigans and denimwear, these have completely taken over the world and can be easily found in your nearest department store or favorite online shop.

9 – Faux Fur



Yet another incredibly warm outerwear example that never quite goes out of style. Fur pieces have been gaining popularity among the mainstream public, compared to how previously they were mostly worn by the most extravagant starlets. But as Korea (along with many other countries) advances with a more environmentally-conscious mentality, vegan fashion has been at the forefront of the movement. Besides, faux fur is way lighter and easier to look after.

10 – Beanies & Scarves


Our Korean winter fashion trends list would not be complete without some seasonal accessories. And more than anything else, we’ve been seeing a lot of beanies and cozy scarves shielding our beloved idols from the cold. And if beanies aren’t really your thing, you could always replace them with a nice paperboy hat or even a beret.


And there you have it! We hope you’re able to draw some inspiration from this post and get one step closer to dressing as fashionably as your favorite K-star.

Let us know what trend you love the most in the comments. And if you’d like to learn more about fashion trends like these, we suggest you read our Korean fashion style guide.

Happy holidays and have fun shopping!