Tzuyu’s Fashion Style: from SIXTEEN until now


Tzuyu’s Fashion Style: from SIXTEEN until now

Chou Tzuyu captured our hearts ever since we first saw her in SIXTEEN. The Taiwan-born was only 16 years old at the time, making her one of the youngest contestants on the survival reality show. But her soft features and perfect proportions made her stand out, which eventually lead to her inclusion in the debut line-up for TWICE. Since then, Tzuyu’s fashion style has evolved tremendously, all the while still maintaining a smidge of her original essence.

And this is precisely what we will be delving into today: how stylists style Tzuyu of TWICE over the years. We will also touch upon what seems to be her go-to picks on her personal time. Also, stay tuned for the end to get inspiration from the current nation’s girl group maknae herself.

1. Tzuyu’s fashion style: pre-debut in TWICE
2. Debuting as TWICE’s visual
3. Being in the Korean nation’s girl group
4. Tzuyu’s Fashion Legacy

Tzuyu’s fashion style: pre-debut in TWICE

Before landing in South Korea back in 2013 to become an idol trainee, there aren’t many pictures depicting Tzuyu’s personal style. She can be briefly seen in Got7’s ‘Stop Stop It’ M/V in 2014 and miss A’s ‘Only You’ M/V in 2015.

She first caught public attention when announced as one of the 16 contestants for the JYP-run survival show SIXTEEN. The young batch of female trainees endured weekly challenges and assessments for their singing and dancing abilities. The contestants who would make it to the final line-up would guarantee their spot in JYP’s new girl group: TWICE.

At that time, we saw Tzuyu wear mostly sporty clothing. Not only was this the trend among teenagers of the time but it also fit the concept for the trainee seamlessly. Her enviable body proportions became a topic of discussion quite earlier on, which perhaps motivated the stylists to don her up in crop tops and tight-fitting pants and leggings. This way, her most prominent features would be accentuated while still maintaining an age-appropriate image.

But she was so much more than a pretty face. Tzuyu managed to improve tremendously during her time on the show. She was so beloved among fans that it was that same popularity that guaranteed her spot on the final line-up of TWICE. Along with fellow group member Momo, she was brought back after being eliminated. Hence becoming the maknae and visual for the group.

Debuting as TWICE’s visual

TWICE has one of the most successful girl group debuts to date. So much so that they were the fastest to have a debut music video reach 100 million views on YouTube with ‘Like Ooh-Ahh‘.

As Tzuyu was mostly praised for her athletic figure, the stylists decided to maintain the sporty image. Her debut look consisted of a mesh black and white crop top and printed tight-fitting pants. During promotion following the debut, she was only seen wearing this exact same outfit or variations of it, never straying too far from the original concept.

Following the success of the debut which granted them a ‘Best New Female Artist’ award at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, TWICE began preparing for their comeback. They released their second EP in the first of 2016, which included the track ‘Cheer Up‘. Many still argue that this was the single that secured their spot as the new nation’s girl group. With multiple record sales and the viral success of the ‘shy shy shy’ meme, TWICE solidified their spot in the Kpop industry and began to reach international fame.

At this time, Tzuyu regressed to her original raven hair color. The performative fashion of the era still maintained young and active themes. Despite this, Tzuyu was given a slightly more mature look in the music video. She wore an elegant black dress with white pearl accessories. This one look showed a never-before-seen side of the idol, contributing to the growth of the already-established fanbase.

Being in the Korean nation’s girl group

A little after TWICE’s first anniversary, the Halloween-themed video for ‘TT‘ was released. The track broke previous personal and national records, with the EP becoming the bestselling K-pop girl group album of 2016. More notably, it debuted at number 2 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart, making international interest grow. 

But TWICE’s achievements did not slow down at all. After yet another successful EP and first solo tour, they decided to tap into the Japanese market. New versions of their first few singles and even music videos were released. As expected, the group also broke records with their Japanese debut. So by the time, they released their first full-length Korean album, Tzuyu and her bandmates had already established a name for themselves as a group and individually.

Brand endorsements and other opportunities were quick to roll in. Tzuyu’s fashion style became a big source of inspiration for the Korean general public. As airport fashion pictures began to be pinned and repinned on visual boards, TWICE’s maknae became a common go-to. Her style perfectly combined effortlessness and teen elegance. Besides, most of her looks consisted of statement pieces like denim bottoms and white t-shirts or blouses.

Although she indeed has a charming face and a unique figure, that is no longer what tugs at fans’ heartstrings. Despite being the youngest of the bunch, Tzuyu is perhaps the most level-headed and one of the humblest. To this day, she continues to work hard to improve her skills and demonstrate her merit. She has grown into a very mature young lady who impresses with easy class and does not let her beauty define her.

Tzuyu’s Fashion Legacy

Tzuyu’s fashion style remains to this day synonymous with elegance and simplicity. Although most commonly praised for her looks, Tzuyu’s impeccable looks still cause commotion online and are a source of inspiration to many. The main reason behind that may just be that, unlike many Kpop idols, her personal style is quite relaxed and easy to replicate.

If TWICE is named after their promise to make us fall in love with their visuals first and again with their charms and skills, Tzuyu is the perfect example for the concept. Photographers have even said that her true beauty cannot be captured on camera.

One thing is for sure, we here at Fashion Chingu will never not be excited to see what Tzuyu will gift us with next. Whether it be enchanting vocals, re-energizing dance moves, bewitching visuals, or sophisticated fashion moments. She and her fellow members of TWICE have only just begun this new era and we are already completely enamored.


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