How to pay with Google Pay (GPay)?

We are now offering Google Pay (GPay) as another payment method in our shop. Please note that GPay only works on mobile. A Google account is required to use Google Pay.

After choosing all the items you want to order, click the checkout button from the shopping bag icon or by going to your cart and clicking on “Proceed to checkout”.

You will find the GPay button next to the Express PayPal checkout button at the top.


A popup will appear below after choosing to pay with GPay. Click the order summary or edit button to fully open the checkout page. The next thing to do is choose your address. If you have a lot of saved addresses in your google account, you will need to choose the correct and complete billing and shipping address where you want us to send your order.

Make sure that all the information is filled up and correct. The shipping address must contain the most important details like the apartment, unit, house, and street number. The contact information should also be the one where the local courier can reach out to give you updates on your package. Click continue once you are done checking the order details to complete the transaction.



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