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Will my shipment come with a tracking number?

Every order and shipment will come with a tracking number. The time, until your order is marked completed, varies between 3-7 business days. During this period your order is under processing. You will receive the tracking number via Email once your order is marked as completed.

Please do not mistake your order number with your tracking number. Your order number is provided right after you place an order. A separate email will be sent to you with the tracking number once it has been processed completely and shipped (normally within 3-7 business days).

Please monitor the progress of your shipment, so that you won’t miss out on the delivery of your package. To help you stay up to date with your package status, we’re providing Email-tracking-notifications.

To access the current tracking status of your package, please fill in the tracking number that you have received in your email on our tracking page. You are also able to access your tracking information in the Order tab of your My Account page.

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