Cheese in the Trap Fashion


Cheese in the Trap Fashion

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Cheese in the Trap is a KDrama from 2016 and evolves around Hong Seols university life. Despite an anyway stressful schedule and being short on money Hong Seol has to cope with this really deceitful sunbea of hers. I watched the drama a couple of times and I have to say I really like Hong Seols fashion. She has a unique and refreshing style. In general Cheese in the Traps fashion is spot on and harmonized with the character traits. From all the KDramas I watched Hong Seol character is one that really stuck to my head. Her personality is really strong confident and not boring at all. While most characters in Dramaland accept to get bullied or don’t talk back Hong Seol is one character that you shouldn’t underestimate.
The Kdrama has a really different set of characters in general. The main male lead Yoo Jung is also heavily different from most Dramaland characters. His character is not perfect at all, no he is even a really weird and confusing guy letting you always doubt his sincerity. In terms of character setting Cheese in the Trap has one of the best evolving and learning characters seen so far in KDramas.

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While first Hong Seols hairstyle looked just messy and not cared for shortly after getting to know her character I saw the style and statement behind it. Same goes for Hong Seols fashion. Hong Seols fashion sense is not your typical Kdrama fashion sense with girly and cute fashion.

Hong Seols most iconic outfit which can also be seen on the Cheese in the Trap promotion poster is the mustard yellow knit Pullover.  Combined with a white Shirt underneath and a brown bucket bag Hong Seol looks like she came out of a vintage Vogue magazine. The most important piece for her outfit is the brownish loafers.  The loafers add the important vintage feeling to the outfit. Think about it, would Hong Seols outfit still look the same with Nikes?

Hong Seol wore the outfit in the first couple of days after semester start. Jung was bothering her immensely to have a meal with him while she was trying to avoid him all the time. Then she gave up and they had a cute little convenience store meal.

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Hong Seols fashion contains usually a lot of layering.  Especially jumpsuits and dresses with suspenders are one of Hong Seols favourite fashion pieces.  She likes keeping her outfit casual and chic by wearing a monochrome blouse or turtleneck underneath.

Hong Seols outfit is from episode 3 when she is forced to eat dinner with In-ho to get her phone back that she lost the days before. After that dinner, In-ho and Hong Seol get closer.

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The next outfit is from the scene were Hong Seol got a bad grade for the group Presentation that she had to do alone because the other group members solely relied on her. After staying up all night and preparing everything the next morning she hands each individual part to the team members but everything in vain. The professor figures out quickly that the didn’t work together on the project. Hong Seols fashion in that scene is really cute. She is wearing an apricot blouse with white stripes and a matching white skirt. Seols outfit looks different compared to her usual style. She looks more girly and feminine. Maybe she dressed up for the presentation..or for Jung?

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Hong Seol and Yoo Jung end up in a convenience store again. This time she is wearing a blue plaid Blazer, a white T-Shirt and a long blue denim skirt. Hong Seols outfit gives away her unique character again. Not only her style is different from other characters also her personality slowly shines more and more through.  While she seemed most of the time more timid and shy now she gets more proactive with  Yoo Jung and her university life in general. Yoo Jung asks her to date him and the usually every kdrama character would turn the guy at this point down. But Hong Seol seems to like the idea to date Yoo Jung why she quite quickly agrees to date him. Hong Seols fashion seems really mature in this scene. She looks elegant and fashionable and super adorable while agreeing to date Yoo Jung.


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Next day, Hong Seol still can’t believe that Yoo Jung and her are dating now! Still suspicious about his motives she goes to university. Hong Seol is wearing a denim dress with a striped sweater underneath. When she sees Yoo Jung she gets flustered and happy, she looks adorable in her outfit smiling with her whole heart and awkwardness. Shortly after saying hi to him she comes back to reality fast. He just said “Hi” and went? What a disappointment.


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Trying to forget all the disappointment with Yoo Jung she works diligently the next couple of days. She didn’t see Yoo Jung and also didn’t hear of him. While working Hong Seol wears a cute knit Top above a black shirt. She is comfortable, accordingly and cute dressed for her part-time job.  She is really disappointed about Yoo Jung not contacting her after asking her out.  But at least Hong Seols fashion is on point. 😀


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Jumping two episodes further In-Ho and Hong Seol are walking home together as he stops in front of a screen. In-hos old piano teacher is on the TV he talks about a student who just won the piano competition. In-Ho is crying about losing the ability to play. He is devastated. A heart-wrenching scene. Hong Seols outfit is similar to the outfit before. This time she is wearing a white blouse with a grey knit crop top. She looks cute and professional while trying to encourage In-ho.

Cheese in the trap fashion is really admirable. Each character has his own style portraying his character. In-ha and In-ho have the perfect image of a spoiled crazy brat and a rebellious guy.  Yoo Jung looks like a rich and “perfect” guy what he portrays perfectly to the outside. The costume designer of cheese in the trap fashion did an awesome job bringing life to the characters.


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  1. Seol was wearing a dark blue long arm dress/sweater. I really wish to see that dress in this website. But I don’t remember in which episode was that.

    1. Hi Aleyna,
      Thank you for the request. For future requests, you can send us a picture through an Instagram direct message and we will look into it! ????

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