2024 KPOP Predictions


2024 KPOP Predictions

As we look ahead to 2024, there are many exciting predictions and expectations for the future of KPOP. In this article, we will explore the various forecasts made by KPOP enthusiasts and fans online, from potential disbandments and scandals to new hit songs and international success. So, let’s dive into the world of KPOP and discover what the future holds!

It’s essential to note that these predictions are speculative and based on fan discussions and industry insights. While some predictions may come true, others may not materialize.

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KPOP Disbandments and Member Departures

One of the most common predictions in the KPOP community every year is the possibility of disbandments and member departures. As groups evolve and members pursue individual careers, it is natural for changes to occur within such industries. Speculation has arisen regarding the future of several prominent groups, including WINNER and Blackpink. Fans have expressed concerns about Jinu’s departure from WINNER, which has led to speculation about the group’s disbandment. Similarly, there have been rumors about a member leaving Blackpink despite their recent contract renewal. On the other hand, a lot of fans are also quite sure that Kep1er will no longer be a group this year though it makes sense since they are a temporary group in the first place which a lot of fans are not aware of. While these predictions may cause some anxiety among fans, it’s important to remember that such changes are a natural part of being in the KPOP landscape, and sometimes, endings are new beginnings. 

KPOP New Groups and Ranking

KPOP in 2023 has been a series of 2nd gens to 5th gens alternately going to spotlight and though every year, new stars emerge in the KPOP scene, captivating audiences with their talent and charisma, only a few make it through and through. In 2024, several groups are anticipated to rise to prominence and challenge the reigning champions.

One such group is Le Sserafim, predicted to become the second biggest girl group of their generation, competing for the crown with New Jeans. With their potential world tour announcement, Le Sserafim is expected to solidify their popularity even further. Another group to watch out for is Riize, despite being just a new group, the last quarter of 2023 skyrocketed them into gaining more fans and getting more recognition. Fans hope to see them gain more attention. Actually, at this point, 4th and 5th gen rising stars have the potential to shake up the industry this 2024 especially since most 3rd gen groups will be having their enlistments.

KPOP Charts

KPOP has been dominating billboard charts across the globe in the past 5 years and this year, fans eagerly anticipate the release of new songs that will captivate listeners and climb the music charts again and again. Predictions include another EXO song going viral, which has become somewhat of a regular occurrence due to the group’s immense popularity. Many also are predicting that Twice will go back to their original roots and sounds and release hit songs again. Additionally, another intriguing prediction is the rise of a nugu group scoring a massive hit, highlighting the industry’s ability to surprise and delight fans with unexpected successes. Who do you think it might be?

Here are some iconic pieces worn by idols during award shows:

KPOP Competitions and Comebacks

Competition within the KPOP industry is always fierce and never scarce. With groups vying for the top spot on music shows and in the hearts of fans. In 2024, we can expect intense competition and comeback battles as groups strive to outdo one another.

Bold predictions by fans include IVE being surpassed by Le Sserafim in terms of popularity by the end of the year. This forecast is based on various factors, including Le Sserafim’s growing fanbase and their potential world tour announcement. Additionally, predictions suggest that Stray Kids will release another hit song, that fans think will allow member Bang Chan to showcase his natural curls and possibly grow out his hair. Since Twice already announced that they are having a comeback in February, it is just right to anticipate whether they will This playful forecast adds a touch of excitement to the anticipation surrounding comebacks in 2024.

KPOP Solo Debuts

In addition to group activities, 2024 is expected to be a year of solo debuts and concept changes within the KPOP industry. Fans eagerly await the solo debuts of beloved artists, such as Jeongyeon from TWICE, who is anticipated to release a heartfelt ballad.

Another exciting prediction is Irene from Red Velvet debuting as a solo artist with an RnB song, showcasing her individual talent and musical style. Concept changes are also on the horizon, as groups like Babymonster and Zerobaseone are expected to switch up their image to keep fans engaged and interested. These solo endeavors and concept changes are already promising to bring fresh perspectives and diversity to the K-scene. 

Here are some iconic products from recent solo comebacks:

KPOP Scandals and Shocking Revelations

Yes, we should never skip this part. KPOP is no stranger to scandals and shocking revelations that rock the industry and capture headlines worldwide. 2024 is predicted to be no different, with forecasts of major scandals involving prominent 4th generation girl groups. Just before 2023 ended, a lot of rumors surrounding a 2nd gen artist and a 4th gen idol to be dating but upon entering 2024, it has already been debunked. One of the biggest revelations last year that shook KPOP fans was the dating rumor of BTS’ V and Blackpink’s Jennie (which was never denied nor admitted til today). 

This year, these scandals are expected to be more than just dating rumors, impacting the popularity and reputation of the groups involved as fans talk online. While scandals can create turmoil and uncertainty, they also provide an opportunity for growth and reflection within the industry. It is important to remember that behind the glitz and glamour, KPOP artists are human beings with their own stories and vulnerabilities.

KPOP International Success and World Tours

With K-artists gaining recognition and fans across the world, sometimes, there’s no more room for groups to wait for the perfect time to go on tour. Most of them go into small shows across countries. In 2024, international success and world tours are on the horizon for many KPOP acts. Le Sserafim, in particular, is expected to have a huge year both internationally and in South Korea, solidifying their position as a rising global girl group.

Other groups, such as ATEEZ, are anticipated to embark on world tours, captivating audiences in various countries. Seventeen might *finally have a US and EU Tour this first quarter of the year. While the COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges for international travel and live performances back then, the resilience and determination of KPOP artists and their dedicated fanbases ensured that 2022-2023 will make up for it which it really did. Now 2024 according to fans is going to be a year full of crossing borders and barriers to see and hear their faves live.

KPOP Collaborations and Unexpected Partnerships

Unexpected collaborations and partnerships often lead to unique and exciting musical experiences. Just when V of BTS suddenly released a collab with umi to end 2023 sweetly, and just this early 2024, IU featured him on her music video “Love Wins. As we look ahead to 2024, fans can anticipate creative collaborations that transcend boundaries and genres (both within and outside of KPOP). Fans nowadays are eager to witness the synergy between K-singers and Western artists. 

Here are some pieces from IU and V’:

Evolving Concepts and Musical Styles

KPOP is constantly evolving, with artists and groups exploring new concepts and musical styles. This 2024, we can expect a shift in the creative direction of many KPOP acts. Predictions indicate that groups like Le Sserafim and Boynextdoor will experiment with fresh concepts and showcase diverse musical styles in their comebacks.

The emphasis may shift towards dance challenges, with more energetic and catchy choreography reminiscent of hits like Bouncy and Crazy Form. Additionally, fans anticipate the inclusion of Spanish-inspired elements in future releases, following the success of songs like ONEUS’ “Baila Conmigo” and NMIXX’s “Soñar”. These innovations and evolutions ensure that KPOP remains dynamic and relevant.

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