Festive Fashion: Find the Perfect Korean Christmas Outfit


Festive Fashion: Find the Perfect Korean Christmas Outfit

Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing? If so, then it is a sign to get in the Christmas spirit by blasting “The Carol” by LOONA and dressing up for the season! Of course, your Korean Christmas outfit must capture the festive spirit of the season perfectly, and the best way to get started is by taking inspiration from our favorite Korean style icons. 

When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas outfit, we must keep in mind the hues and vibes associated with the holiday, particularly the typical red and green color palette and the cozy atmosphere evoked by loose-fitting clothing pieces. With that, there is no denying that Korean idols have been dominating this Christmas season with their voguish yet comfy looks.

As you rock around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop, be in your best attire by reading through this article to discover the latest Korean Christmas trends that would surely raise up your holiday game!

Table of Contents

  1. Santa Claus Mini Dresses
  2. Santa Cloak
  3. Matching Red Skirt and Jacket
  4. Classic Christmas Sweater
  5. Red Argyle Sweater Vest
  6. Red Plaid Ensembles
  7. Elf Costume
  8. Red Cardigan & White Top
  9. Flowy Red Dress
  10. Knitted Tops & Christmas Headbands

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Santa Claus Mini Dresses

c. allkpop

Start the holiday season strong with the most iconic Christmas outfit used by most K-idols: the Santa Claus mini dress. This red velvet dress has a white fur trim to mimic the typical Santa Claus or better yet, Mrs. Claus outfit. It even includes a black belt at times to further accentuate one’s figure. It is undoubtedly one of the most inclusive and diverse Christmas outfits out there that’s fit for classic costume parties.

c. Soompi

As seen on TWICE, Santa Claus mini dresses can be tailored to one’s figure. For instance, it can be customized into a tube dress (layer with a plain white shirt underneath), a wide neck dress (tug for an off-shoulder look), or a hoodie dress (invert to serve as a cloak). The possibilities are endless when it comes to Santa Claus mini dresses.

Santa Cloak

Speaking of cloaks, if you already have an outfit in mind but need something to spice it up, simply throw on the Santa Claus cloak and you are good to go! The Santa Claus cloak is the perfect statement piece to layer on top of any outfit as it adds instant volume and versatility. It also maintains a sophisticated silhouette that emphasizes your shoulders for an elegant look.

For a simple and elegant look, the cloak can be layered on top of a white mini-dress paired with red heels like IU. However, if you are going for a fun and preppy look, layer the cloak on top of a green knitted sweater and a red plaid skirt to emulate the Christmas colors like Yoona. Do not forget to finish it off with complementary and versatile cream boots.

Matching Red Skirt and Jacket

An outfit that never gets old (literally and figuratively) is the matching red skirt and jacket inspired by the old money aesthetic! Typically paired with a large bow tie, this outfit emanates a dignified and classy vibe which is perfect for attending formal events without the restricting feeling of trousers. We also find that the most popular and elegant fabric used in these coordinating pieces is tweed.

Take LOONA’s Gowon as an example as she dominates the stage with her tweed jacket and skirt. Pay attention to how her cropped jacket provides a sharp and sexy silhouette to create a flattering waistline. On the other hand, Red Velvet’s Irene performs in a nylon blazer and skirt with a generous amount of buttons for a polished look. Moreover, her bow tie is embroidered to contribute to the overall red outfit.

Classic Christmas Sweater

What is the Christmas season without the classic Christmas sweater? If you want to dress down this holiday season, then this piece is perfect! Not all Christmas sweaters have to be ugly as they can be cute too. Patterned sweaters are a staple in holidays since the festive patterns can switch up your day-to-day looks. Such sweaters are commonly made of knitted material which makes them appropriate for the chilly Holiday weather.

Styling sweaters can be easy with turtlenecks and collars for a snuggly fit. For instance, Monsta X’s Shownu wore a red turtleneck sweater with white snowflake patterns. As for Monsta X’s Kihyun, he also wore a two-tone sweater with a collared top underneath. For those who reside in warmer countries, we recommend layering your classic Christmas sweaters on top of detachable turtlenecks and collars

Red Argyle Sweater Vest

One of the most beloved holiday trends is the red argyle sweater vest. This sleeveless knitwear that usually has a low-cut neckline is a must-have item as it can be layered on top of button-down shirts or plain white tops. Given that argyle remains a beloved motif in the fashion world, it can surely enliven your look.

Steal ITZY’s Chaeryeong’s look by wearing an argyle sweater vest or a whole sleeveless dress on top of a long-sleeve top and topping it all off with a white furry beret. If you want to play with styles and textures, you can pull off an argyle sweater vest on top of a shirt with ruffle collars and bell sleeves.

Red Plaid Ensembles

The world of patterns also extends to larger clothing ensembles. With plaid being one of the classic holiday patterns that never go out of style, the pattern’s crisscrossing stripes can be seen on dresses, coats, and even hats! You can never go wrong with incorporating plaid in your Christmas outfits as it serves as a symbol of coziness and comfort.

TWICE’s Jihyo stole the spotlight by pairing her plaid patterned dress with a black chest-cut longsleeve top and black chain suspenders. For a more academia-inspired look, you steal ITZY’s Yeji’s look by pairing a plaid patterned jacket with a skirt and beret of the same pattern. The crest or emblem patch also adds a scholarly touch, doesn’t it?

Elf Costume

Who can forget about EXO’s winter special Miracles In December from 2013? It is about time that we switch things up from being Santa Claus to being one (or many) of his elves. If you and your friends plan on matching outfits at Christmas parties, why not pull off the simple yet iconic elf costume

Although the traditional elf outfit consists of long floppy pointed hats and shoes with a bell on the end, you can look like a modern style elf like EXO by simply wearing a dark green buttoned top paired with a regular set of trousers. Accessorize your outfit by throwing on a bow, a hat, and some suspenders.

Red Cardigan & White Top

Next on the list is the red cardigan and white top outfit. Along with pullovers, cardigans are one of the most widely used winter wardrobe staples. They are a type of sweater that has buttons on the front that can be closed or left open. It also has a V-shaped neckline which can accentuate bone structure. For the holidays, though, it definitely looks more elegant and refined when paired with a white collared top.

Throw on a red cardigan on top of a white button-down top as well as a black beanie and dainty jewelry similar to AKMU’s Suhyun. This way, you can add some extra elegant spice to your overall outfit. For those who wish to make a bolder statement, pair a red cardigan with a white chiffon bow blouse and a red plaid skirt like 2NE1’s Dara.

Flowy Red Dress

The flowy red dress has made it onto the list as it is such an eye-catcher for its straightforwardness. This Christmas season, bright red flowy dresses are in high demand as they are usually worn at family functions and holiday events for an elegant feel. Regardless of neckline and sleeves, flowy dresses are very stylish and feminine

IVE’s Wonyoung has definitely caught our eyes with her red turtleneck long-sleeved dress, which she paired with white knee-high socks. As for BLACKPINK’s Jennie, she wore a flowy puff-sleeved midi dress with red floral patterns to serve as a symbol of holiday flowers like poinsettias this Christmas season.

Knitted Tops & Christmas Headbands

Any knitted top and a Christmas headband may just be the comfiest and easiest Christmas pairing. If you want to attend a Christmas party in a lightweight yet warm top, let your accessory do the talking. This clothing piece made of wool can keep you warm and toasty on any occasion. As a statement piece, put on any Christmas headband of various designs.

Take a look at each of Aespa’s members as they pair their simple tops with a specific Christmas headband. Essentially, all of them donned knitted tops of various styles together with signature Christmas headbands with features like reindeer, gifts, baubles, and trees. You can wear any knit top of your choice for an event as long as you add a Christmas-themed headband!


Which of these Korean Christmas outfits has caught your eye? Let us know which outfit you will be rocking this Christmas season in the comment section below!

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Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

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