Hotel del Luna Fashion: Jang Man-Wol’s Luxurious Closet


Hotel del Luna Fashion: Jang Man-Wol’s Luxurious Closet

The most critically-acclaimed and viewed Korean drama of 2019 continues to fascinate and tug at our heartstrings even years later. If having a star-studded cast and brilliantly written plot wasn’t enough, Hotel Del Luna fashion has left us even more enamored with this production. From period scenes to days in the big city, our protagonist’s luxurious wardrobe had no shortage of truly enchanting looks.

Set in a supernatural hotel invisible to the living, its staff and clients are made up of souls bound by unfinished business. But its elusive owner, Jang Man-Wol, has much more than skeletons hanging in her closet. From fabulous nightgowns to couture dresses. IU’s character never failed to amaze us with her extravagant but nevertheless exquisite sense of fashion.

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This is why today we’re dedicating this post to Hotel Del Luna fashion, more particularly to that of the captivating Jang Man-Wol. As her story unfolds, so does her style. Yet through every step of her journey, we’re served looks that are not only enviable but unique and creatively styled. And that is why she’s earned this special highlight in our Kdrama fashion series.

  1. Bold Colors & Intimidating Stances
  2. Elegant Comfort & Refined Simplicity
  3. Soft Pastels & Delicate Blouses

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Bold Colors & Intimidating Stances

One could argue that part of Jang Man-Wol’s job description is looking intimidating and unattainable at all times. After all, dead hotel guests must be significantly more stress-inducing than live ones. So, it is no wonder that when we first meet her, her style is quite emboldened by bright colorsclashing textures, and inventive patterns.

Structured blouses and dresses that accent the shoulders and neckline are quite prominent. Besides the patterns and colors, black or white lace details also tend to show up quite a lot, if not as part of a garment, then as an added layer or accessory. 

Speaking of, accessories are an integral part of Hotel del Luna fashion throughout. In the case of Jang Man-Wol in these earlier scenes, we see her rely on large sunglasses often outside the hotel. Expensive jewelry is a recurrent excuse for splurging, with the protagonist often stacking gold and pearls with pendant necklaces, and ever having her ears bare. Other elements that make her style that much more intriguing include her collection of dainty lace gloves and belts that accent her small waist.

Elegant Comfort & Refined Simplicity

Shortly after the entrance of the new hotel manager Gu Chan-sung in Jang Man-Wol’s life, she begins abandoning her splurging ways. By abandoning her shopping spree hobby, she becomes more homebound. And as a result, we get to see more simplistic looks – without ever compromising her divine fashion sense.

From silky-soft nightgowns sinched at the waist to pale pink blouse and pencil skirt combos. It’s safe to say that Jang Man-Wol always knows how to dress for the occasion. Be that staying in her quarters downing the rest of her premium champagne or longingly staring out her balcony into the Seoul landscape.

Soft Pastels & Delicate Blouses

Towards the end of Hotel del Luna, as Jang Man-Wol’s personality begins to soften, so does her fashion. We see her favor more typically feminine pieces and trends, as well as lighter colors. A few elements of her original style remain, such as lace details and tasteful jewelry, but applied to this new era.

Collared and embroidered blouses are perfect examples of this softer appearance. Even with layered outfits, we can still observe delicate fabrics such as satinlace, and chiffon. Accessories are now kept to a minimum, and her hair is always worn down, seldom decorated with a pin or brimmed hat.


It’s a delight to see how Hotel del Luna fashion progressed along with the story while managing to maintain a unique and recognizable style throughout. We’d love to know which of Jang Man-Wol’s looks were your favorites! And while you’re at it, make sure to comment down below with which Kdrama fashion we should look into next.

In the meantime, make sure to snag the most beautiful pieces in Jang Man-Wol’s closet at our dedicated shop. And if you haven’t yet, read our list of Korean dramas with the best outfits, including reviews of Crash Landing On You and Penthouse fashion.

Until next time!

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