How to Dress Up Like Hyunjin of Stray Kids


How to Dress Up Like Hyunjin of Stray Kids

Invited by huge brands like Versace, admired by Western celebrities such as Troye Sivan, and almost everybody’s crush, Hyunjin doesn’t need to step up his game because, at this point, he’s not just an idol. He’s also one of the 4th gen’s most treasured icons. 

If you think you can’t fall in love with him more, wait ‘til you find out that he loves to do art, knitting, poetry, photography, visit museums, burn scented candles, make beads and bracelets, pottery, and all things princely. Above all these, he’s also a fashionista (and great at it!). Although his face might be already carrying his whole look, let’s have a walkthrough on SKZ’s Hwang Hyunjin’s visuals and style.

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Accessories – Silvers & Snapbacks

For those who have been here since Day 1, we all know that before Hyunjin started treasuring his long hair, you would never see him without silver accessories or a snapback. These 2 have always been his signature look.

Hyunjin is fond of silver accessories. Ever since he debuted, you will always spot him wearing a silver necklace and earrings. Be it a cross or a random shape, Hyunjin will always accompany his outfits with silver accessories. 

Others may think that snapbacks are so early 2000s but Hyunjin might disagree with that. His love for snapbacks has been so consistent since he debuted. By ‘consistent’, even up until today, it is still evident that snapbacks bring him comfort regardless he’s out for a walk or somewhere inside.

If you’re looking for similar snapbacks and accessories like of Hyunjin’s, Fashion Chingu offers all of these.


If you ask all Stray Kids members to name who’s the most stylish member they have, they will either answer I.N or Hyunjin. When it comes to tops, Hyunjin’s choices are note-worthy. 

Black Tops

Whether it’s a hoodie or a shirt, you will find Hyunjin wearing them on practices, vacas, or even just casual days. We can’t blame him because black tops are always a go-to choice for a random day out, running an errand, or doing strenuous activities. Wearing black is not only a bold choice but can save you time and energy since as Hyunjin proved it to be stylish no matter the schedule is. 

You don’t have to have a face like Hyunjin’s to slay any black top, you just have to find your comfort! If you’re out for a random stroll with friends on a chilly day/night, a black hoodie or cardigan would be great. If you’re out in a broad daylight and unsure of what might happen next, throw on an oversized black shirt or a sleeveless tank top. Ps, don’t forget the silver accessories. 

Lightweight Tops 

If you’re not a fan of black tops or dark-colored tops, Hyunjin also often wears plain white shirts and pastel tops. These type of tops often brings out your skin color and not only it looks airy, but most of the time, it also feels weightless making you comfy despite a hectic schedule. If you would notice, Hyunjin’s features brighten up whenever he’s in a white top (some stays would know this). Have you seen him in a white shirt? He looks like he walked straight out of a Taylor Swift song with his long hair & slicked back. 

Layered Tops

Hyunjin’s fashion game is unquestionable. He knows how to layer pieces by piece. He and Felix are like the divas of KPOP when it comes to these. If Felix is fond of clothing that transcends and gives off a message, Hyunjin likes to put things together like a puzzle. You don’t have to overthink this, just like Hyunjin, you can put on a tie over a plain top and wear an outer piece like a denim jacket. You can also try wearing any sleeveless top over some long sleeves. You have a variety to choose from because a rule doesn’t exist! As some models may say, the more layers you have, the more runway-ish your outfit will look. 


These will never not be on an idol’s list and we all know why: hoodies make life more meaningful, it’s like a cherry on top, a full rainbow on a gloomy day, it offers comfort and style. Just like everyone else, Hyunjin enjoys wearing hoodies too! And you guessed it right, oversized hoodies are also his dependable choice. You can pair it with pedal shorts, baggy pants, or even skirts and the ‘cool kid’ vibe will always be there. To make your life easier, you don’t have to look somewhere else because you can find almost all idols’ hoodies here.

Denim Jackets

Hyunjin and denim jackets are almost inseparable as well. We all could relate that denim jackets are classics that should never be absent from one’s closet and Hyunjin owns a few. Styling a denim jacket is as easy as spotting your bias in the middle of a crowd because no matter what you pair it with, it will always look good and will complement your whole outfit. Whether you’re wearing a plain or textured top, a dress, or even patterned ones, denim jackets will always add that need


You’ll barely see Hyunjin wearing shorts except for an SKZ agenda. He prefers to always wear pants and best believe, the list isn’t that long so you don’t have to fret in looking for the same style that Hyunjin has.

Denim Pants

Just like denim jackets, denim pants also don’t go out of style, and Hyunjin finds delight in wearing them. He often wears denim pants on his casual days pairing them with plain tops but since denim pants are multifaceted, you are free to pair with with whatever top you decide on (though it really looks good with white or vibrant tops!). If you want to look classy, wear it with a silk top or a plain white long-sleeved shirt. If you want to give off a rock star vibe, wear it with a black top and a voguish belt. Oh and maybe avoid skinny denim ones because they’re kind of out of season already. That’s a life tip. 

Anything black and stylish slacks

When it comes to skinny jeans, by all means, black is his safest color. It is still trendy and stylish as the first time it went viral. Hyunjin can still be spotted wearing black skinny jeans together with his ‘rock’ star aura which is, by the way, the main reason why black skinny jeans are still a thing – to give off a cool goth energy. Stylish slacks are those patterned or colored slacks that you have in your wardrobe. Yes, it is actually whatever loose lightweight pants you have in your closet. These pants give off Y2K vibes or however, you style them to be. Want to look retro? Grab some slacks and pair them with a colorful top and a vest. Want to look like you own the runway? Grab the baggiest pants you have, do layered tops, and carry the look with confidence then you’re good to go.


Lastly, if you want to dress up like Hyunjin, make sure to own a pair of pairs. Some days he enjoys layering, and some days he enjoys basic ‘fits but on special days,  you’ll see Hyunjin wearing coordinated tops and bottoms. He’s done this numerous times not because he looks really good in overalls but because wearing a one-piece outfit is a life hack. You don’t have to think of what to wear on top or a bottom to match. Overalls or co-ords make you not worry about your outfit looking right! They’re also versatile in that you can wear them in so many different ways like tying the sleeves to reveal an inner top, tying them halfway, or wearing them as it is. It’s comfort, convenience, versatility, and sustainability ann in one. 


Whether you are just starting to explore your style or in the middle of trying something new, Hyunjin’s closet is a style guide you should never miss out on. Check out our other blogs if you want to explore further fashion trends and tips!

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  1. AHHHH Thank you so much for this! Thinking is my bias and I love his sense of style, so this article was really cool for me. Thanks again! 🫶

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