It shouldn’t come as a surprise that K-pop idols are giant trendsetters that help dictate what’s in not just in Korea, but around the world. The Hallyu phenomenon has undeniably taken the globe by storm over the last decade.

K-pop idols have time and time again proved their influence by scoring sponsoring deals with some of the biggest names in fashion. Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Celine, Burberry… All of these houses have picked a Korean face to represent them. The chosen stars are then invited to sit frontline in runways all over the world, to act as ambassadors, and even participate in advertisement campaigns.

But of course, not everyone can afford to cop a $2,000 jacket or handbag. And although the Korean people are no strangers to the art of dressing well, they will still grab a page or two from idols’ style books. There a few Korean fashion essentials that have become true samples in their wardrobes, and that’s exactly what we will be covering today.

Here are 8 items that every K-pop idol seems to have in their closet:

1. Checkered Shirts & Flannels




By far, one of the easiest items to layer for the colder seasons. Although somehow reminiscent of the lumberjack aesthetic, checkered shirts and flannels have become a somewhat classier piece. Boys will often layer it over a t-shirt and jeans for a simple yet put-together look, whilst girls will usually wear it for a more tomboyish, masculine feel.

2. Mini Skirts




Responsible for the comeback of the mini skirt, k-pop idols sure do rock the look on and off the stage. Denim, plaid, tennis, ruffled, puffy… There are plenty of options to choose from, more than enough to fit any person’s style. This is one of the Korean fashion essentials that’s used all-year-round, too.

3. Boxy Tees, Sweaters & Tops




Cozy, functional, and easy to style – it’s no wonder that boxy, oversized tops have become such a staple. It’s true that these pieces have around for a while now but Koreans have truly perfected the styling, balancing the proportions well with the other elements in the outfit. While some go for the relaxed, boyfriend look (like Dahyun in the picture above), others play around with its versatility, adapting it to a more chic ensemble (minimalist femme like Joy, or dark and modest like Jennie).

4. Baggy Jeans




Much like tops, baggy bottoms are also in! First rising to popularity in the 90s, the baggy jeans trend has come back around. Paired up with tight or loose-fitted shirts, with sneakers or fashionable heeled boots. Baggy jeans are one of the Korean fashion essentials that most of us already own. And if you don’t yet, we’ve got you covered!

5. Trench Coats




What magic does the trench coat have that everyone seems to look a thousand times more put-together with it on? First, they give the illusion of height. Second, they hike up the chicness of an outfit. Third, no one looks bad with one! This is a big winter staple piece that every K-pop idol seems to own and rock.

6. Ruffles




If you follow a fair share of K-pop idols on social media, it’s very likely that you’ve come across this trend. Ruffled dresses, blouses, and shirts add a dramatic flair to an otherwise boring outfit, and this is exactly why they’re so sought-after. They’re also quite feminine and cute, so you could use them in an everyday situation or even on a romantic date.

7. Sunglasses




Sunglasses are a must for any fashionable Korean idol. And the motto seems to be: the bigger, the better! Whether they’ll be trying to stay on the down-low and avoid Dispatch lenses, or just snapping a few Insta-worthy shots, Kpop stars definitely like to complete their ensemble with a stylish pair of sunnies.

8. Crossbody Bags




Crossbody bags are the absolute best. They fit all the essentials, go with any outfit, and can even help secure a jacket in the cold winter months. These are definitely favored by Kpop idols as seen when going in to shoot music shows, on social media, and just generally on a day-today-basis. So it’s only fair that crossbody bags have landed the final spot in this Korean fashion essentials list.

Now that you’ve reached the end, we hope you’re better enlightened on which staples you should consider adding to your own wardrobe. You might also want to read what the stars are wearing this winter… Just click here!