The summer has arrived in South Korea and the temperatures are set to break some seasonal records. And although monsoon season is nearing, everyone is making sure to follow this year’s trends of Korean summer fashion.

The pandemic had us adopt a more comfortable lifestyle. So, it is not entirely odd to see Koreans head outside donning loose-fitted pieces and clothes that shield from the heat.
But comfort is not always synonymous with slouchy. As far as 2021 Korean summer fashion trends go, it is not getting any less colorful and fun than in previous years.

Let’s take a look at what our favorite Hallyu stars are sporting in the heat. Naturally, the Korean population will draw inspiration for them, but you may too!
Below are the 10 Korean fashion trends for Summer 2021:

1. Crochet Tops
2. Linen Pants
3. Ruffled Dresses & Skirts
4. Baggy Denim Shorts
5. Loose Dresses
6. Boxy T-Shirts
7.  Buttoned Blouses
8. Chunky Sandals
9. Tote Bags
10. Headbands & Caps

1 – Crochet Tops


If you take a stroll through the main shopping hubs in Seoul, you will undoubtedly notice a trend that has made a comeback. When it comes to sustainable and handmade fashion, there is an undeniable fondness for crochet tops.


This boho fashion staple has been most recently featured in some of the styles worn by TWICE on their latest summer comeback for ‘Alcohol-Free‘. And although stage looks do not always scream wearability, this is a piece that we can definitely count on seeing all season long!

2 – Linen Pants


Not many garments can keep you cool in the scorching summer temperatures quite like linen. And although you can pretty much fashion it in any way, we have definitely noticed that most people prefer to go with linen pants.


Linen is effective in protecting the skin from the strong sun – and Koreans sure take that seriously. But it is also very lightweight, strong, and dries much faster than cotton. 

Besides, there are so many styles to choose from… Linen can adapt to any aesthetic and is an absolute must-have for the summer.

3 – Ruffled Dresses & Skirts


This is not the freshest of trends, we can acknowledge that much. But ruffles never really went out of style. This Korean summer fashion trend is very much alive and can be seen in many different pieces. And although we’ve all grown used to seeing adorable ruffled blouses and tops, dresses and bottoms now deserve a shoutout of their own.


Nothing says ‘feminine’ more than a cute ruffled piece. And our Kpop girl crushes keep proving it to us every time. But you don’t need to take our word for it! Simply check out your favorite summer hits and be on the lookout for the comebacks lined up for this season.

4 – Baggy Denim Shorts


It feels like a no-brainer that loose-fitted clothing can help us keep dry and well-ventilated. But even baggier clothes can accentuate silhouettes and create change in bodily proportions.

For instance, baggy denim shorts (especially high-waisted) can give the illusion of bigger hips and leaner legs. Besides, they offer much-needed relief to those with thicker thighs that would like to make it through the summer without the unpleasant chaffiness.


By now, we all know that denim comes in all colors and tones. Whether you prefer the classic blue hues, a nice tie-dye job, or lighter colors, there is sure to be a pair of baggy denim shorts out there for you.

And as you can see with WekiMeki’s Doyeon and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, they are super versatile in terms of styling!

5 – Loose Dresses


And while on the topic of loose clothing, dresses are equally (if not more) popular. You will find plenty of young and older women going about their day in loose dresses. Especially in southern metropolises like Daegu and Busan, where temperatures tend to be higher than in Seoul.


It is a great solution to stay fresh while keeping modest. And even if the material is not so breathable, the easy ventilation will make up for it.

6 – Boxy T-Shirts

Remember when we said that pandemic got us too used to ease and convenience when it comes to style? Well, nothing is more easily styled than a good old boxy t-shirt. Whether it be striped, colored, graphic, or part of a pajama set, everyone has a few laying around their closet ready to bust out for the summer.


Take Red Velvet’s Seulgi as an example. A quick scroll through her Instagram will have you verify just how extensive her t-shirt collection is and how she manages to build so many different looks around that one single piece.

7 – Buttoned Blouses


If I had to describe the style of the Korean population as a whole, I’d definitely go with ‘polished’. Perhaps that is not what comes to mind when one thinks of Seoul Fashion Week or how Korean designers are pushing boundaries in the industry. But Koreans mostly dress modestly – which doesn’t necessarily mean boring!


Button-ups come in all shapes and fabrics. They are a great transitional piece that you can way all year round, either by layering onto it or just on its own. And the best part is that even if you add a denim skirt or some fun shorts, you will still look very put together.

8 – Chunky Sandals


Chunky platform sandals are one of the most fun Korean summer fashion staples recycled from the 2000s. They’re super fun, comfortable and give you that little extra height that short girls always appreciate.

9 – Tote Bags


Tote bags are arguably the best option for those who favor style but are not willing to abdicate storage space. And although more affordable, you don’t necessarily need to rely only on the canvas variety. Nowadays, there are so many forms of tote bags, some with a more hefty price than others.

This summer, we will be seeing a lot of interesting variations on the piece. Woven totes, leather with chains, color block, and denim patched are only a few of the popular candidates.

10 – Headbands & Caps


While updos may be the most obvious way to keep our hair from being a huge inconvenience in the summer, head accessories are waaay cuter! Headbands and caps are particularly popular this season. And depending on how feminine or masculine your personal style is, you will have an option to keep your hair away from your face.


But even those gender conventions can be easily bent. IU proves that you don’t need to wear jeans and a flannel to rock a trucker hat. As for Jennie, she finished off her button-up over a t-shirt boyish look with a perfectly cute headband. 


Whether you will be hitting the beach, going for hikes in nature, or just styling through the city, we sure hope you have found something new to add to your wishlist.
If you would like to utilize some of your spring wardrobe to achieve these looks, we recommend take a look at our Korean spring trends post to see what’s en vogue this year. And if you ever wondered how Kpop girl idols manage to keep their chest in place while wearing strapless dresses and asymmetric tops, we’ve also previously covered all about bras that Kpop idols wear.

As always, enjoy your shopping!