Korean Swimwear Fashion Trends


Korean Swimwear Fashion Trends

We often anticipate summer getaways as a way to have fun with friends, unwind after a month or even a year’s worth of stress, or simply beat the blazing summer heat. However, it’s also one of the best opportunities to go all-out and flaunt your own version of ‘summer bod’ together with your refreshing style. And if you fall short of seasonal outfit ideas, then Korean swimwear fashion is here to fill your suitcase for the holidays!

From donning cozy yet fashionable winter attire, Koreans also give a traditional and functional spin to their swimwear fashion that isn’t short of stylish. From the most straightforward and protective swimsuits to classic one-piece wetsuits, South Korea’s fashion offers an array of summer looks for every type of dresser!

For an island getaway, pool party, or a beach trip, we’ll now cover the best of Korean swimwear fashion as we prepare for the summer season!

(If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and currently in Spring, take a look at the latest Korean Spring fashion trends. However, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, here’s our previous take on Korean Autumn or Fall fashion trends.)

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TWICE’s Long-Sleeved Rash Guards

Donning long-sleeved rash guards is a guaranteed way to pull off an equally stylish and functional look under the sun, especially if you incorporate fun colors as TWICE did. Besides the swim shorts that featured their slender legs, soft hues such as pink, peach, and light blue amplified their style’s femininity. With these looks, there is no better way to swim on the beach with style while protecting your precious skin.

You can opt for this type of Korean swimwear fashion if you prefer more casual and conservative looks, or simply want to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and other hazards. We all know that most Koreans treat their skin as their crowning glory, so there’s no doubt that these long sleeves are still on trend!

Rosé’s Patterned Two-Piece Swimwear

BLACKPINK’s Rosé served fans with a poolside look in a patterned two-piece outfit that would double as fashionable swimwear and a casual summer getup. Her cropped, half-sleeved top and high-waisted shorts in black-and-white plaid make up for a matching set that’s perfect even when you’re not on a holiday trip. We’d even mistake the outfit’s material as tweed if it weren’t for the pool behind her.

Channeling this pair would encourage you to take bolder patterns to the pool just as Rosé did, aside from the classic polka dot and stripes in most swimsuits. You can also go for other neutral colors like gray and beige that would appear stylish whether or not it is summertime. This will create a mature and elegant vibe that is perfect for an evening pool party or a peaceful night swim.

Jennie’s Surfer-Style Floral Wetsuit

Feel like a professional (and fabulous) surfer like BLACKPINK’s Jennie in a zip-front bodysuit with floral elements. Eye-soothing colors like blue and green will let your look resonate with nature as you ride your surfboard. Moreover, a short-sleeved and bikini-cut wetsuit would make a youthful and refreshing ensemble.

If you love a classic summer look like this one, we recommend going for a swimsuit with floral or natural elements. Skin-tight one-piece wetsuits will also complement your natural silhouette as well as your skin while appearing both fun and daring.  You can also pair it with a nice bucket hat like Jennie’s for an edgier vibe.

TWICE’s One-Piece Swimwear With Denim Shorts

One staple of prominent summer looks is a pair of high-rise denim shorts over a bikini or one-piece swimsuit. Here, TWICE paired their one-piece swimwear in quintessential summer hues and patterns with denim bottoms. Strappy tops with floral, stripes, and polka dot patterns, as well as contrasting colors, set each member apart from the rest. For instance, Dahyun donned a vertically-striped swimsuit in blue and white for a western vintage theme. Jihyo, on the other hand, displayed a lined black-and-white swimsuit for a more athletic vibe.

With those said, feel free to go for fun colors to spice up your beachside appearance or go for infallible hues. If you like to keep your outfit casual without making it too revealing, you can always pair it with versatile plain shorts in black, white, or denim. You’ll find these staple designs beneficial if you’re aiming for a cute, girlish, sporty, or sexy aura with your swimsuit.

Girls’ Generation’s Classic Summer Bikinis

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) definitely raised the bar in terms of Korean bikini fashion in their music video for ‘Party.’ These all-out bikini outfits in prominent colors and patterns made them stand out against the sky’s reflection. For example, Sunny’s matching bikini in hot red was a major head-turner for its bold and sexy vibe. On the other hand, Yuri sported a ruffled bikini in cream for a softer look.

You can show more skin and feel confident with bikinis that feature iconic summer designs. Sipping your margarita in an unforgettable two-piece swimsuit, whether plain or bold, would definitely make your presence known on your next getaway. Again, you can wear it under denim shorts if you find the ensemble too daring.

A Peek Into Korean Bikini Fashion Culture

As earlier said, Koreans treat their skin as the foundation of beauty. This is why they are home to a number of globally known skincare and makeup products that highlight their soft and youthful looks. Along with that, most Koreans are also not spared from having the popular Asian obsession with pearly white skin.

Hence, bikinis that expose most of their bodies are a rare sight in South Korea. Again, while the country has a developed skincare industry, no amount of sunscreen can shield them better from harmful sun rays than wearing protective clothing. Instead of revealing swimsuits that showcase their silhouettes, Koreans resort to long sleeves and even full-body wetsuits to protect their fair skin.

With that said, sunbathing is a much less common practice in the country, so bikinis are only often worn for photoshoots, music videos, and other forms of entertainment. Of course, that isn’t to say that Koreans can’t rock a classic daring bikini, just like Girls’ Generation did. This is also seen in other female Kpop acts with a sexy concept like SISTAR.


With all these classic Korean swimwear fashion trends, have you finally had your pick for your next pool or beach ensemble? Let us know in the comments below which outfit you would most likely wear!

In the meantime, check out our style guides for Korean spring and autumn fashion trends for outfit inspiration all year round! You can also take a look at our post about the most popular concepts in Kpop for more stylish pieces!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


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