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Return To Sender (RTS) package status

If your package got tagged as Return to Sender (RTS), we recommend reaching out to our support team immediately so that we can assist you with the return to sender (RTS) situation.

While we check the status of your package, you can check your local tracking number and try to contact the local courier handling your package to confirm with them the reason for the return and ask if redelivery can be requested.

In our experience to date, packages are getting marked as Return to Sender (RTS) when the courier determines that the delivery address is undeliverable because either way the information is incomplete or the customer cannot be reached at the phone number they provided, or they do not have access to the delivery location.

In the case where the local courier says that they cannot intercept the transit of the package back to the warehouse, don’t worry our support team will assist you with the next steps in getting a solution to your problem.

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