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Do you remember the first Episode of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”? We got to see how Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi Soo fit together and conquer the world and then in the middle of the episode, Kim Mi Soo announced that she wanted to quit.

She was like screw this guy he is an ass and I don’t want to work for him anymore and Lee Young Joons world was totally crashed. He didn’t anticipate her change of mind and gave us to understand that he thought they would work like this forever together. What a cute guy, he liked her since the beginning but didn’t know it himself.

For this Drama Haul, I am presenting you Kim Mi Soos Fashion from “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”.

Kim Mi Soos Fashion is most of the time really classy and feminine. At least at workdays, she is like that, in the later episodes, you see that Mi Soos casual style is more cute and comfy. 🙂  I am going to show you both of her fashion sides, in this blog post.

First of all, I got you the blue blouse with buttons that Kim Mi Soo wore in the first episode, when they interviewed Kim Ji Ah for the secretary position. Secretary Kim Mi Soo blue blouse

Next, I got one of Kim Mi Soos more casual style from episode 3 where she and Young Joon went to their first date at the amusement park and she totally hated the rides. 😀

She wore a white pretty blouse and a beige unique cardigan. I totally love that outfit. It’s something  I would wear for a lecture or studying at the library.


Look at those two beeing all cute and making us jealous. Or is it just me? 😀

The next blouse I chose is a business outfit. It is from the hilarious scene where Lee Young Joon has his first attempt to kiss Mi Soo on the revolving chair but pushes her away instead because of his fear. Gosh, this was so unexpected that I had to repeat the scene over and over again. 😀

Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim - Mi Soos Lilac Blouse Fashion

I love the lilac colour of the blouse, you can’t find a lot of blouses in such a sweet colour. Also, the arms are so pretty and the ribbon on the chest. 🙂

Next, I have one of the fanciest pieces for you. The iconic Kim Mi Soo yellow flower dress! A lot of you mailed me about it and that’s why I am really happy today to be possible to present it today. 🙂

Secretary Kim KDrama Yellow flower dress

I really like how jealous Lee Young Joon got in this scene it was really cute. But I think I would be as angry as Kim Mi Soo. Most of the time such aggressive jealousy scenes are really not cute in real life but at least we can enjoy them in KDramas. 😀

The next outfit is one of my favourites Kim Mi Soo outfits! 🙂

Korean Drama Fashion Secretary Kim Black asymmetrical Dress

I love how comfortable and chic this outfit looks. It is soo cute 🙂 I love the ruffled T-Shirt underneath and I love the asymmetrical black dress. This outfit just looks perfect for a pizza and chill date. 😀

Next blouse is really popular with the viewers and I get why. It has so many lovely details like the collar and the puffy arms and the buttons. The blouse is from one of that really cheese scenes where they send hearts to each other. Hahaha 😀 Secretary Kim  Fashion Pink blouse with buttons

The next blouse is from the scene where Mi Soo finds out that she really was trapped with Lee Young Joon and not his brother. I know the story was really sad and she got unconscious but..but! That blouse is so pretty and those ruffles and the colour is so sweet. *.*

What's Wrong with secretary Kim Pink ruffled blouse Kdrama outfit

My Suggestion for the “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” Drama Haul

Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim Fashion Ideas

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