Chungha ‘Love U’ MV Haul


Chungha ‘Love U’ MV Haul

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Welcome to the first MV Haul! Yaaaay!” font_container=”tag:p|font_size:25|text_align:left|color:%23000000″ use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]Today I am doing an Outfit haul based on Chung Ha’s MV for ‘Love U’.  I am going to present some similar pieces to Chung Ha’s fashion in the whole MV. For the first Haul, I chose some pieces that caught my eye. I especially chose pieces that can make our summer a lot sweeter than it already is. 🙂 I am a huge summer fan and think we should celebrate the summer time with everything we can like trying new ice cream flavors and new smoothies and cold coffees and especially buying a bunch of stuff for your soul. Enyoing life is priority number one. 🙂

So the first piece I want to share with you is the orange bikini Chung Ha wears. The bikini gives great summer vibes with that vibrant color. I didn’t add jeans shorts since I thought this outfit would look pretty with every short in your wardrobe. Tie a sporty jacket on your hips and you are ready to go to the beach 🙂

For the next piece, I chose the visor hat! By the way this summer the visor hats are so popular in Korea in every Kpop MV I see the Idols wear a visor hat. Like Gugudan’s ‘Semina’ or Hyolyns ‘See Sea’. I didn’t think it would be so difficult to find a similar one but was. Chung Has visor hat is white and transparent, it has a thick white part what for most of the visor hats don’t have. Furthermore, her’s is flat and doesn’t have an additional visor on the top. I added a pink one to the outfit because the white one was not visible on white background. But for those who want a white one no worries you can find it in the shop or below.

Next piece Is the Sunglass Chung Ha wears in the ‘Love U’ MV. The glasses are round and have a rosy reflection and the frame has a golden colour. I really like those glasses they are so trendy and chic I think they would go with every outfit 🙂

The next pieces are from a different Outfit. I really liked those lace pants from Chung Ha that’s why I needed to add these to the haul. She also wears them on a live performance and that’s where they really got my attention. Here you can watch the live performance, her outfit looks so good. *-* Those are the fanciest pants I saw for a long time. The pants come with the pink belt which looks really cute. I would put the belt on my left side since that would look more fashionable and wouldn’t disturb while walking. 🙂

And for the last piece, I chose Chung Has striped blouse from the same outfit. I like how she took those casual jeans and threw over a very feminine and chic blouse, that gave the outfit more dimension meaning it looks a lot more fashionable. The blouse I chose can be worn as a normal blouse or as a cutout blouse. I like how functional the blouse is. Perfect if you go out after work or school. I recommend trying the blouse like she did to create a similar outfit.  Therefore you just have to let the bottom buttons open and use the open ends to tie a knot 🙂


My Outfit Suggestion for Chung Ha ‘Love U’ MV


I truly liked this kind of haul post and had a lot of fun while doing it. Let me know if you liked the Chung Ha outfit haul. I would love to do more for you guys.

As always you can purchase each piece below. It supports us here at Fashion Chingu. That’s the only way we can do this blog without ads. 🙂

Happy K-DAYS

Fashion Chingu 🙂

Get ChungHa’s Clothes From The Love U MV

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