Howdy Chingu! 🙂

Twice is back with an awesome summer hit and gives us the perfect vacation vibes. The MV is really pretty they did a really good Job there. Today I got 2 outfits in one blog post for you since they were both really simple.

I Choose you Nayeon! 😀

Nayeon looks so pretty and innocent in this outfit. The red color looks so good on her.

Nayeon wears a sweet red dress with yellow flowers on it and ruffles. This dress is awesome for the summer and the ruffles make it so different from other summer dresses *-*. It would look so good with high heels but even with sandals or barefoot, it looks special. This dress gives me a perfect vacation Hawaii vibes. And the red flower hair clip looks so good with the dress. 🙂 I would totally buy it!

The dress has a really flattering cut. On the top it is tight and gets a little loose at the bottom it’s perfect if you have a food baby like me. 😀

I choose you Chaeyoung!

Furthermore, I chose Chaeyoungs outfit. I searched for a really long time to find the dresses for you and got them in the end. Nothings impossible guys 😀

So Chaeyoung wars a simple blue dress which has cherries on it. The dress looks really cute on her. She has those two hair buns which round her outfit perfectly up. She also wears a yellow flower hairclip. Her outfit gives me a 90’s vibe.

My Outfit Suggestion For Twice ‘Dance The Night Away  ‘ Nayeon and Chaeyong


No worries guys I found the dresses a lot cheaper than the original pieces, but they look so identical, right? 🙂

I hope you liked this post. Let me know which dress do you like more? As always you can purchase each piece below.

Happy K-Days 🙂

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Get Nayeons Red Dress And Chaeyoungs Cherry Dress