Korean Jewelry and Earrings Trends 2023


Korean Jewelry and Earrings Trends 2023

Truly, diamonds and jewelry are every girl’s best friend! Given their various sizes, cuts, carats, and colors, they have been utilized as subtle accentuating pieces throughout the years. If you wish to elevate your look effortlessly, put on the perfect article of jewelry as they can instantly provide interest and personality to your overall outfit. Whether they are minimalist in nature or loud statement pieces, accessories are often an overlooked yet integral part of every fashion look. And the Korean jewelry trends of today can attest to that.

Although not many think of jewelry and earrings when faced with the concept of Korean fashion, it is undeniable that such accessories can emanate charm and elegance as well. Not only do they complete your overall outfit but they also draw attention to the best features of your body. Incorporating such classic pieces are also an easy way to dress up even the most casual ensembles, even a sweatshirt and sweatpants set.

We have rounded up some of the top jewelry and earrings trends this year hailing from South Korea to shed light on this underrated aspect of the Korean fashion industry. From rings to earrings to bracelets to even necklaces! Keep scrolling down to discover the hottest Korean jewelry trends to provide sparkle to your outfits!

Table of Contents

  1. Classy Wrist Bracelets
  2. Dainty Pendant Necklaces
  3. Double-Layered Necklaces
  4. Chunky Pearl Necklaces
  5. Heart-Shaped Earrings
  6. Dangling Chain Earrings
  7. Small Hoop Earrings
  8. Simple Band Rings
  9. Diamond Stud Earrings
  10. Link Chain Necklaces

Classy Wrist Bracelets

Starting with the classy ornamental band, wrist bracelets are one of the most timeless jewelry pieces popular in gold and silver. Not only do they make hands look more attractive but they are also an effortless addition to any type of outfit. There are various types of bracelets but the most popular ones are bangles, tennis bracelets, and beaded or studded ones. Such styles have universal appeal and versatility which make them an excellent choice even for K-pop idols.

If you can’t choose between a warm or a cool color, go for both! BLACKPINK’s Rose, the very own ambassador of a renowned jewelry house, is rocking gold and diamond-studded bangles by layering them on her wrist to complete her laid-back outfit. For those aiming for a more formal ensemble, take Red Velvet’s Yeri as an example, who also wears tennis bracelets in two tones to complement her professional blazer.

Dainty Pendant Necklaces

As stated in its name, necklaces are one of the earliest forms of jewelry suspended from the neck to adorn it. They have evolved from merely being made out of natural shells to precious stones and artificial beads. Dainty pendant ones feature a thin and elegant chain with a delicate pendant, which can be a locket, crystal, medallion, amulet, teardrop, or cross. These simple charm necklaces are worn quite often, with the pendant commonly having a sentimental value, a deep symbolism, or at least a creative fashion statement.

Adding to our ongoing list of luxury jewelry brand ambassadors, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa shows off her gold necklace with a triangle-shaped pendant that blends well with her skin’s warm tone. There’s also Red Velvet’s Yeri who wears a silver oval-shaped pendant necklace to contrast her dark sweater and black boots.

Double-Layered Necklaces


Double the trouble by layering two necklaces together. Over the past months, there has been an increased interest in wearing multiple necklaces together, whether chunky or fine chains. The possibilities are endless since you can mix and match small dainty designs with big elaborate embellishments.


Take a look at the solo singer Hyuna as she styles her short silver link necklace together with a long cross pendant necklace. She pairs this along with mismatched silver earrings and rings to go with her beige fur collared top. For more fur fun, BLACKPINK’s Lisa matches the gold buttons of her white fur buttoned-up cardigan with a short gold heart-charmed necklace and a long gemstone pendant necklace. Pro tip: Base your jewelry’s material on the details of your outfit to maintain cohesion.

Chunky Pearl Necklaces


The classic coquette trend is back to dominate the stage as many Korean idols have been incorporating iridescent pearls in their overall outfits through accessories. In stage performances, awarding ceremonies, ambassador photoshoots, or casual outings, chunky pearl necklaces have proven to be versatile despite decades of evolving styles. The “Holly Golightly” pearl necklace trend is still iconic up to this day for K-idols.


Similar to Aespa’s Winter, you can doll up by wearing a pearl choker necklace together with a beret and knee-high ribbon socks to emanate the baby doll look. On the other hand, you can pull off a more mature look in line with the old money aesthetic by finishing off a velvet blazer and tweed inner top set with an elegant pearl necklace.

Heart-Shaped Earrings


For a more fun and romantic look, put on a pair of heart-shaped earrings. Without a doubt, the heart symbol is an incredibly popular design for jewelry as they have feminine connotations and symbolize the concept of love. This endearing shape can make your outfit look more upbeat, youthful, and lovely.


IU goes for a soft and innocent look by wearing silver heart-shaped earrings with ear cuffs to match the Y2K vibe of her purple halter top. To travel back to the roaring 20s, draw some inspiration from (G)I-DLE’s Minnie who pairs her heart-shaped earrings with a black and white striped dress with lace ruffles.

Dangling Chain Earrings


Get loud and make a statement by putting on dangling chain earrings. This iconic grunge jewelry piece can frame your face since they extend beyond the earlobe. A pair of these long earrings can instantly add a touch of glamour to your outfit due to their typical ornate patterns and designs.


Emulate Aespa’s Ningning’s look by matching silver dangling chain earrings with a diamond-studded necklace for a sparkly vibe. For an edgier look, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo paired her dangling chain earrings with a large black choker that has silver abstract patterns. This ensemble is perfect for a badass girl-boss stage performance that the group manifests.

Small Hoop Earrings


In the spirit of infinity and wholeness, hoop earrings have come a long way as a symbol of strength and individuality. The beauty of small hoop earrings lies in the simplicity of their design and elegance. Although they are subtle in nature, they are actually statement pieces that can be worn every day and can boost a simple ensemble. Perfect for those who prefer straightforward earrings over flashy or bolder jewelry!


Evidently, the silver version of these earrings goes perfectly well with black outfits and our favorite Korean idols can prove it. Red Velvet’s Joy pairs her small hoop earrings with a long large pendant necklace to contrast her dark outfit. As for MAMAMOO’s Solar, she keeps it simple by putting on simple band rings to complement her silver earrings.

Simple Band Rings


Speaking of simple band rings, you can never go wrong with investing in some to accentuate your dainty fingers and even your painted nails. Although rings have started historically as a symbol of marriage, they have grown popular for casual and party wear. Rather than using signet or solitaire rings, Korean idols have been gravitating towards plain band rings in silver studs.

Steal TWICE’s Nayeon’s look as she layers band rings with beaded and chain ones to complement the sparkle of her sequined top and glittery makeup look. For those who prefer dressing down, you can stack several silver or platinum band rings to still look voguish just like Red Velvet’s Wendy and Joy in their plain white outfits.

Diamond Stud Earrings


It is irresistible to go back to the basic diamond stud earrings since they are small enough to stay fixed on your ear without dropping or looping backward. However, do not let its size fool you since it is still a striking piece given its signature elegant and dainty look. If anything, these are the most low-maintenance type of earrings, making them the perfect everyday article of jewelry.


IVE’s Wonyoung stole the spotlight with her diamond stud earrings to go with her collared top and necktie. Indeed, her earrings exude innocence and classiness at the very same time. When it comes to red-carpet events that require cocktail dresses, diamond stud earrings can be paired with cuff earrings too as seen on IU.


One can never have too many link chain necklaces, especially now that they have risen in popularity. This type of accessory is made from a series of interconnected uniform flat or bar links. In fact, there are various types of link chain necklaces such as anchor, bead, and box link chains. Both sturdy and thin curb chains are hot in South Korea today, particularly due to their durability, versatility, and industrial hip-hop touch. They are also perfect for most edgy streetwear looks!


Recreate BLACKPINK’s Rose’s laid-back look by layering a gold link chain necklace with a black one. To add another pop of color, you can wear a silver band ring too! For special occasions, take Aespa’s Ningning as an example as she wears her silver link chain necklace together with a pair of dangling chain earrings.


Have you assembled an OOTD with jewelry in mind already? Go on and start throwing on these Korean jewelry trends to further accentuate your amazing outfits! Do not forget to comment down below which among these ten sparkling pieces has caught your eye.

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Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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