Red Velvet Fashion ‘Power Up’ MV | Wendy and Irene


Red Velvet Fashion ‘Power Up’ MV | Wendy and Irene

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Hey Guys!

Today I got two outfits from Red Velvets fashion in their new MV ‘Power UP‘. I like the song but I prefer Red Velvets bad side more than the sweet side like in ‘Bad Boy‘. But they can definitely pull off both. 😀

First I fell in love with Wendys super cute casual outfit. I really love the t-shirt with tulle arms.  It looks so casual and classy at the same time. I bet this shirt works for every occasion. I like how its combined with the shorts, it looks so cute :D. By the way, these heart shorts seem to be really popular in Korea right now, I just found the last remains of them.

Wendy looks so good in that outfit I have the feeling it brings up her bright personality. Most important, this outfit look heellaa comfy I would love to wear this on my comfy days and look super chic at the same time. 😀 I found a really similar shirt to Wendys and shorts that look exactly the same. I will add below some really similar earrings to Wendys as well. 🙂

From Red Velvets fashion I also really like Irene’s Amour-Can dress. It remembers me of Pop-Art from the 90s. It has a pretty comic flair going on and I think the dress would look awesome with some white sneakers. I am addicted to stylistic incongruity if that’s just me, I am really sorry. I have the feeling that they add a little spice to an outfit. That’s the key to success guys. 😀

In the first picture, you can see her wearing that dress like a queen. The dress comes off really strong so I would recommend simple makeup and accessories. Red Velvet is one of my favorite girl groups I really like their music style and dances. So I hope that all the ReVeluvs never stop to stan Red Velvet since they really deserve it.  I found exactly the same dress that Irene wears in the ‘Power Up’ MV and shooting. 🙂

My Suggestion for Red Velvets Fashion from Wendy and Irene


As an addition, I added Seulgis shoulder less yellow blouse which you can see in the main picture below. 🙂

Let me know what you think. Which Outfit do you like more? As always you can view and purchase each piece below. Your Purchase helps to support us here at FashionChingu, but no worries we appreciate your presence anyway. Follow us on Instagram for updates (@fashionchingu), we do at least 2 outfits a week.  🙂

Kamsahamnida for your support. 

Fashion Chingu 🙂

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