Top 10 Best Female Kpop Stage Outfits


Top 10 Best Female Kpop Stage Outfits

Beyond the catchy music and emotional performances, the greatest Kpop stage outfits live rent-free in our minds. It’s a given that nowadays music is so much more than sentimental lyricism and mind-blowing stage presentations. The modern world of music has inevitably become synonymous with great fashion. Especially in the Kpop landscape…

But what makes a great stage outfit? In this article, we’re going to look at ten of the most mentioned female Kpop stage outfits of recent years on social media and talk about what made them so special. Whether they were worn by an idol group or soloist, these outfits will forever be remembered as the best of the best!

1. Red Velvet Joy’s rainbow dress

For Red Velvet’s ‘Peek-A-Boo’ comeback, Joy showed up with a stunning figure-fitting sequined rainbow dress. And whether you’re a Reveluv or not, you’ve got to admit that this was an iconic stage look.

The dress made a brief appearance in the music video. But it was their Inkigayo stage performance that catapulted Joy into a viral hit. A netizen who wasn’t familiar with the singer or the group referred to her as the “Kpop girl in the rainbow dress” online. The nickname took off, and from then on many used the expression to refer to Joy.

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2. Jennie’s ‘Solo’ gray dress

Jennie was the first out of the four BLACKPINK members to make a solo debut. Needless to say, she made headlines with not only her performance but also her fashion. One of Jennie’s most iconic looks (still to this day) was a sleeveless embroidered gray mini dress with black bows. Her sparkly hair clips also became quite popular, with her reprising the hair accessory for the next few performances.

The dress caused such an impact that Jennie brought it back out of the closet for BLACKPINK’s 2019 World Tour – sans collared shirt, this time. It is a classy, feminine piece that definitely warrants its spot in this line-up of the most recognizable Kpop idol stage outfits.

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3. Yeji’s ‘Dalla Dalla’ fishnet top

If you’re a true-blue ITZY fan, then you know that Yeji has been slaying the stage way before the group’s stellar debut. The rookie supergroup of the Kpop 4th generation blew up with their first single ‘Dalla Dalla’. Their debut stage was highly acclaimed for these girls’ talent and charms. But Yeji made an extra great impression with her fashion.

The fishnet top over the white sports bra set the tone for the group’s edgy but nice personality. Complete with playful ponytails and loose-fitted joggers, this iconic outfit is perfect for busting a move on and off the stage.

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4. Hwasa’s red latex bodysuit

One of MAMAMOO’s most iconic stage outfits is Hwasa’s red latex bodysuit. Although the whole group wore coordinated red outfits at the 2018 MAMAs, Hwasa took many fans by surprise. As a result, this became one of the most iconic looks to ever grace the awards stage, as well as one of the star’s most memorable ones.

The skin-tight number divided many spectators, with some deeming it ‘inappropriate while others praised her sexy charisma. This was not the first time she caused controversy online – and definitely not the last. But in true MAMAMOO fashion, Hwasa continues to defy conservative social conventions, and we LOVE to see it.

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5. Momo’s ‘Ooh Ahh’ dance break look

When TWICE first debuted with ‘Ooh Ahh’ back in 2016, many already theorized girl crush concepts in their future. And this was all based solely on the fashion. One particular look defined this era, one that merges completely different elements and somehow manages to work. I’m of course referring to Momo’s cargo pants and mesh bodysuit combo.

In the music video, when we first saw Momo runway walk down that bus aisle, we were all holding our breaths. This iconic outfit was the absolute star of one of the most iconic debuts in the 3rd generation. Who knew military, sporty, and edgy fashion could work so well together?

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6. (G)I-DLE’s ‘Lion’ outfits

During their participation on the show Queendom, (G)I-DLE prepared and performed their song ‘Lion’ for the first time. Although they were the youngest group in the competition, they were runner-ups. And there is no doubt that this particular song helped them achieve that feat.

The outfits for ‘Lion’ are quite simply regal. This fierce demonstration of female power and perseverance would not be complete without these iconic velvet looks. So ultimately, these girls earned the title of ‘queens‘ in their own right.

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7. LOONA’s ‘Butterfly’ stage looks

Loona, one of Korea’s newest girl groups, have had a whirlwind of success since their debut in 2017. Although they are not widely known for being particularly talented dancers, many fans have praised them for having visually appealing performances. And one of their most successful comebacks to date is ‘Butterfly‘.

Known for their eye-catching visuals and extravagant concept music videos, Loona is often seen on stage wearing impeccably coordinated outfits. The ‘Butterfly‘ outfits are particularly simple yet elegant, but one of the (if not THE) most recognizable of theirs.

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8. TWICE’s ‘Feel Special’ comeback outfits

TWICE are no strangers to iconic stage looks. What’s most impressive about this particular instance is that although the outfits weren’t coordinated, more than one member shared the spotlight. 

I’m of course referring to the Feel Special‘ comeback stage, with Nayeon’s satin set and Dahyun’s so-called ‘modern Elsa’. This is yet another instance in which TWICE members went viral online for their breathtaking visuals and style.

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9. Red Velvet’s ‘Bad Boy’ edgy fashion

Once again, the Red Velvet girls delivered that edgy, badass style that we all obsess over. For their ‘Bad Boy’ comeback, they showed off leather pants, fishnet stockings, and designer tees. 

Red Velvet has proven time and time again that girl groups don’t have to stick to one style. Instead, they can show off their versatility, musical and otherwise, with every new comeback.

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10. BLACKPINK Coachella stage outfits

BLACKPINK made history as one of the few Kpop acts to ever grace the Coachella festival’s stage. For their two weekend performances, the girl group wore stunning stage outfits that had them trending worldwide for days.

Black, white, silver, and gold garments helped them shine on stage. Their looks included intricate embroidery, studded crystals, sequins, chains, and so much more. As if their presence at the festival wasn’t legendary enough, their style surely made it one of the most memorable moments in Kpop fashion history.

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Other Memorable Kpop Stage Outfits

Here are some Kpop idol stage outfits that didn’t make it into our top 10, but are definitely worth remembering:

Red Velvet Joy’s red sequin dress at the 2017 MAMAs

TWICE Chaeyoung’s neon green and black set for the ‘Fancy‘ comeback

BLACKPINK Lisa’s iconic green gloves for ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

MAMAMOO’s Solar neon green and black two-toned set at the 2019 MAMAs

Chungha’s viral embroidered outfit for her 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun performance


This is it for our list of the top 10 best female Kpop stage outfits. Let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites and if we missed any important ones!
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Happy reads and happy shopping!


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  4. What a fantastic compilation of iconic female K-pop stage outfits! Each outfit showcases the unique style and personality of the artists, and it’s wonderful to see the creativity and artistry that goes into their performances. Thank you for putting together such an inspiring collection!

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