Best Korean Date Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion


Best Korean Date Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion

Picture this: your long-time crush asks you out for date and you feel nervous and excited at the same time. You spend a while thinking what type of date you’ll go to until you realize that you actually don’t have the perfect date outfit in mind yet! Luckily, your dream K-drama romance can finally materialize in these Korean date outfits we’ve prepared for you!

Such outfits are evident in social media feeds as they are frequently showcased by our favorite Korean idols. You may have even noticed some of these iconic clothing pieces while binge-watching your favorite Korean dramas. If anything, dates are the perfect opportunity to emulate your favorite Korean idols’ outfits.

Like every other getup, the perfect Korean date outfit depends on the location and activity of the dates. But do not worry because we have got it all covered for the five usual dates you will likely encounter. What are you waiting for? Keep reading to finally live out your romantic Korean drama fantasies! 

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In order to plan the perfect outfit that would surely blow your date’s mind away, it is important to know what kind of date you’ll be having. After all, it may be a little bit awkward to wear a sequined evening gown to an amusement park. You must factor in the overall ambiance of the place to ensure maximum comfort while looking fabulous.

Although fancy dinner dates are part of the list, it is not the only type of date you should doll up for. Suppose you and your beau are feeling adventurous and want to be entertained by extreme rides. In that case, the amusement park is the best place to add some spark of energy into your relationship! Speaking of which, stay tuned until the end of this article to find out what type of clothing piece is appropriate for such a date.

Cozy Movie Dates

c. Netflix
c. Viu

What else is better than starting a relationship by sitting close together in the dark and watching memorable movies? Similar to these scenes from Business Proposal and True Beauty, it is best to wear something comfortable yet stylish for this type of date. For dates like this, there is not much pressure to doll up. However, if it is your first date, you might as well dress up to make a great impression.

Given the accessibility of movie theaters in malls, almost anyone can just show up with their everyday wear. But if you are feeling a little extra, throw on a crop top and some black cotton joggers similar to TWICE’s Nayeon. Plus points if your shirt has a cute print on it! Top the monotone outfit off with a colorful cross-body sling bag.

For those with makeshift movie theaters in their own homes, you can enjoy a movie or two in the comfort of your sleepwear or any other house clothes. Like (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua, simply hop into a sweatshirt and sweatpants set of your favorite color. An alternative to this cozy loungewear outfit would be oversized hoodies and biker shorts.

Sunny Picnic Dates

c. Viu
c. Viki

During the daytime, the best way to start a wholesome romance is by going on a sunny picnic date. As seen on The K2 and Fated to Love You, picnic dates are incredibly romantic because they are isolated which allows for quality time and bonding. Simply gather all types of food that you and your significant other like. Go the extra mile by bringing Bluetooth speakers to blast some romantic Korean pop songs to set the mood.

Of course, it is not a picnic date outfit without the iconic midi floral dress. This type of dress is versatile because the sleeves can be tugged for an off-shoulder look. Just like Red Velvet’s Joy, you can rock this outfit by finishing it off with ribbon ankle strap heels. To put it simply, anything with a floral pattern is a staple for picnic dates.

If you do not feel like wearing dresses while sitting on the warm grass, you can put on a floral top and some jeans as an alternative. Just like the solo singer, SUNMI, invest in silk scarves because they can be styled in more ways than you can count. In addition, spice up your look by wearing straight-cut jeans with embedded designs like butterflies. To give some extra height, slip into some tall wedge sandals, preferably a pair that is the same color as your top.

Artsy Museum Dates

c. tvN

Museum dates are the perfect avenue to spark meaningful conversations about artwork pieces made decades and centuries ago. As a matter of fact, how one reacts to such artworks is a reflection of one’s own identity. Through this process, you can learn more about the history behind each painting as well as your date. Just like those museum scenes from Nevertheless and About Time, simply walking around cultural institutions is already romantic as it is.

Go all out and be one with the extravagant paintings surrounding you by wearing bold statement pieces. Steal BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s look by wearing a square-neck puff-sleeve dress along with sheer black stockings and tall chunky Mary Janes. To accessorize, you can opt for a pearl choker necklace similar to the ones in the picture. In every art museum, you’re sure to look like a piece of art yourself in this ensemble!

If you want to keep it lowkey but chic, go for black overall jumpsuits instead of mini dresses. This clothing piece is very versatile when it comes to layering because you can wear it with a collared linen top or a basic cotton shirt like the solo singer, IU. If you want to learn more about layering clothing pieces, head over to our previous article about the 10 Korean Fall Fashion Trends in 2022. However, if you still want to retain the fancy Parisian vibes in art museums, throw on a beret of the same color as your jumpsuit and a flap sling bag.

Candlelit Dinner Dates

c. tvN
c. @iQIYI

When you have finally reached the point when you and your beau are comfortable sharing food and drinks, dinner dates are the next step. Since the restaurant of choice usually sets the standard for the relationship, most would opt for fancy restaurants with candle-lit tables. The ultimate goal of dinner dates is to relax and have quality time with one another like in those scenes from Witch’s Love and Dinner Mate.

You can never go wrong with black cocktail dresses for candle-lit dinner dates. This clothing piece is timeless and elegant which is very much appropriate and fitting for the occasion. To enliven your outfit, wrap a black and white scarf like Red Velvet’s Seulgi. Unlike the previous types of dates, you do not have to bring a large bag. Keep it classy by bringing a small shoulder bag instead. 

If you prefer to go for earthy tones rather than the typical black color, go for a vogueish plain top and skirt set. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa has been playing around with styles by utilizing an asymmetric cold shoulder top and a longslitted skirt. Given the minimalist vibes of this outfit, accessorize it with dainty pieces such as a small chain necklace and some silver rings. Moreover, finish it off with low slip-on sandals for a clean and sleek look.

Fun Amusement Park Dates

c. MBC
c. Netflix

If you have made it this far into the article, here is the long-awaited type of date. Also known as the sweetest and most wholesome type of date, amusement parks will always keep a high-spirited mood in your relationship. Recreate those adorable scenes from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo and Business Proposal with your significant other by wearing matchy outfits and cute fluffy headbands.

BLACKPINK’s Rose has been caught enjoying amusement parks herself with a plain black crop top and black highwaisted trousers. To contrast this monochromatic outfit, layer it with a brown leather blazer or any other type of outerwear with a different type of fabric. This creates more texture and dimension to your overall outfit. Since you’re most likely bound to run between different amusement rides, the safest option is to put on white sneakers; thank us later.

All amusement parks have their own themed merchandise in their gift shops. For instance, if you go to Disneyland like (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, you can bag cardigans with mouse patterns that represent Mickey and Minnie Mouse (pun intended). It is ideal to pair patterned tops with versatile jeans. If you have a dark-colored top, go for light-colored bottoms and vice versa. As for the shoes, you can never go wrong with dual-toned boots for some funk and spice to your outfit.


As always, we hope that this list of Korean date outfit ideas for every occasion has inspired you to doll up the next time you go out with someone or if you are taking yourself out for a date. Let us know which type of date outfit is your favorite and suggest even more date ideas in the comment section below!

If you are looking for everyday outfits for that typical trip to the mall or park to hang out with your significant other, take a look at our list of Kpop Casual Outfit Ideas. Meanwhile, if you feel better when you are dancing with your group of friends that are also into Korean pop, go check out our article on Kpop Dance Practice Outfits.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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