Kpop Casual Outfit Ideas


Kpop Casual Outfit Ideas

Korean idols often capture fans in awe whenever they appear on stage clad in glitzy and edgy outfits from the biggest luxury fashion houses. From sequins, fishnets, latex, and other fancy embellishments, female idols never lacked statement and elegance from their iconic stage outfits. However, we tend to overlook the fact that these artists also normally dress like us behind the cameras as they live their ordinary lives. One thing stays true, though: even their casual Kpop outfits don’t fail to amaze us!

What makes Kpop idols’ casual wear irresistible is that they’re much more within our reach and easier to cop. If you ever wonder what it’s like to dress like a Kpop idol, there’s no need to shell out money for luxurious clothing pieces. Their relaxed everyday outfits, as seen in their airport and music show arrival photos, are something we can also apply to our wardrobe.

To discover the most cop-worthy casual fashion staples from Korean idols themselves, here are 10 Kpop casual outfit ideas that will transform your day-to-day ensembles.

Table of Contents

  1. Oversized Shirts & Pants
  2. Denim Pants & Shorts
  3. Flannel or Plaid Long Sleeves
  4. Printed Tees
  5. Large Blazers
  6. Cozy Loose Sweaters
  7. Short A-Line Skirts
  8. Cropped & Fitted Tees
  9. Baseball Caps
  10. Casual Sneakers

1 – Oversized Shirts & Pants

Baggy clothing pieces are the norm for the most casual Korean idols who still want to go out in style. Specifically, idols often don oversized t-shirts and pants so that they can move freely and comfortably. While the ensemble does take away their silhouette, even the most feminine artists resort to this getup for a casual fool-proof look. Somehow, it also gives a peek at South Korea’s streetwear game which often highlights loose-fitting pieces, from pants to hoodies.

As you would see from Red Velvet’s Seulgi, a large solid-color shirt and a pair of beige pants go well together for a cool yet casual vibe. If you don’t have cream-colored bottoms at your disposal, BLACKPINK’s Jennie shows that a plain black t-shirt can also be paired with dark denim pants. It’s a stylish ensemble that doesn’t take away your comfort.

2 – Denim Pants & Shorts

On the topic of denim pants, all denim bottoms are timeless pieces you can incorporate into your look for any season. From flared and skinny jeans to ripped high-rise denim shorts, there’s always a denim clothing piece to match with any top of your choice. It’s the most versatile staple that could never leave your wardrobe, the same way Korean idols always rely on it for both stage performances and casual days out.

For example, TWICE’s Dahyun rocked light denim shorts with an asymmetrical sweater for her stage look. On the other hand, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung had a fun time at the beach in a pair of mom jeans and a printed tee. Whether you want to keep your casual look simple or voguish, you can count on denim!

3 – Flannel or Plaid Long Sleeves

As a remnant of indie and grunge fashion eras, flannels are an essential garment that endured years of major style changes. For those who have been following Kpop fashion since then, we’ve all seen our favorites donning flannel or plaid long-sleeves at least once in their airport fashion stills. Whether male or female, idols created a nostalgic teenage vibe as they wore this statement clothing piece.

Until now, Kpop artists like BLACKPINK’s Lisa can be seen wearing flannel paired with jeans and a white shirt for a casual yet iconic look outdoors. Dara also rocks a recognizable plaid jacket to spice up her little black dress. Like these idols, you can also use flannel or plaid long-sleeves for layering simple clothes.

4 – Printed Tees

If you tend to find plain or minimalist shirts boring and want to be more expressive, then you can rely on printed tees just like Kpop idols. You can show your artsy side by featuring witty quotes, band logos, cartoons, artworks, and anything that makes a statement. Basically, printed tees are also a great way to get creative with your casual outfit, especially when paired with simpler wardrobe staples.

You can take Red Velvet’s Wendy’s outfit as an example. Here, the artsy print added a pop of color to her dark t-shirt and pants. The same goes for BLACKPINK’s Lisa with the cartoon print diversifying her casual look’s color and design. Overall, including printed tees in your wardrobe can help give you a more youthful and artistic vibe.

5 – Large Blazers

At first glance, we often associate blazers with corporate or professional attire. But who says they can’t add a flair to your casual style? Oversized blazers, to be specific, can add volume to your everyday outfit, especially when it is used to layer over tops with thinner material. Both plaid blazers made out of wool and crisp ones in solid colors like black or white are excellent additions to your collection.

For example, we’ve seen Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung sporting blazers paired with a pair of denim pants and a plain top. While blazers are much more suited for winter and spring ensembles, you can definitely use them for both formal and casual occasions, especially when the temperatures permit. Somehow, they also offer a touch of elegance to your relaxed looks.

6 – Cozy Loose Sweaters

Another garment that’s more suitable for lower temperatures is a loose sweater or sweatshirt. As a piece that can be worn alone or be used for layering, there are multiple stylistic possibilities that you can achieve with sweaters without compromising comfort. Kpop idols often use this clothing for relaxed fits that are borderline streetwear. However, sweaters can also look preppy when there’s a white collared top underneath. Match that with a pair of trousers or a pleated skirt and you’re good to go!

We saw BLACKPINK’s Jennie don a thick pink sweater over a white top for a casual yet cute and cozy appearance. As for TWICE’s Nayeon, the oversized gray sweatshirt paired with baggy jeans and some layered chain necklaces gave her an edgy streetwear look. Depending on how you use your sweaters, you can definitely channel a preppy, cozy, or cool clothing style.

7 – Short A-Line Skirts

Want to steer towards more feminine items for your casual outfits? A-line mini skirts can be your go-to for that slight skater girl vibe. On top of being cute, refreshing, and stylish, mini skirts are also a reliable way to show more skin without breaking conservative trends in South Korea. This is why girl groups with cute concepts are most often seen wearing pleated tennis skirts or plain A-line skirts for various events like fan meets and performances.

Red Velvet’s Joy showcased different ways to style short A-line skirts: one that features a softer and more youthful look and another that looks more mature, fancy, and slightly intimidating. On top of these styles, you can also go for a preppy look by wearing coordinating or high school uniform-like outfits. Since this skirt tends to be simple and easy to mix and match, you won’t feel overdressed for a casual event–just evidently stylish!

8 – Cropped & Fitted Tees

Another fresh and feminine garment that you can rely on is a cropped and fitted tee. Female Korean idols are often seen rocking crop tops both on and off the stage to feature their toned bodies and tiny silhouette. But there’s no need to have 11-line abs just to look cute and casual with a cropped and form-fitting tee! This clothing piece is just one of the many comfortable and refreshing garments to wear whilst being stylish, especially when you’re already over loose and plain shirts.

Take the ensembles of BLACKPINK’s Jennie as an example. Cropped and fitted tees in neutral colors like hers are staples that you can pair with loose bottoms like sweatpants, flared jeans, and culottes. If you’re concerned about how it fares in a conservative society, exposed midriffs are actually more welcomed than plunging necklines in South Korea.

9 – Baseball Caps

Casual looks can get cool and sporty when you make use of baseball caps. When you’re out in the sun or simply want to enliven your daily outfit, a baseball cap is the most ideal casual piece for that. For idols, it’s also an effective way to evade the paparazzi along with masks and sunglasses. As observed, most caps come in a variety of colors like black, navy blue, and red, and often serve as grounds for logomania. If you lean more towards minimalism, though, then plain baseball caps are just as equally tasteful!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa added an athletic factor into her ditsy feminine dress by incorporating a matching baseball cap, while Jisoo kept her relaxed look uniform with a hooded jacket and a ringer top to go with her hat. Almost any casual outfit can match a baseball cap, so there’s no need to fret about your wardrobe choices.

10 – Casual Sneakers

Last but not the least, sneakers are the most versatile and casual footwear that will last you ages. More often than not, they provide your feet protection and comfort for long walks compared to stilettos and other heeled footwear. For female idols who probably had enough chunky boots and heavy platforms for badass stage performances, sneakers are their best friend outside major public appearances. Plain white sneakers and black Chuck Taylors are the most common casual shoes worn by idols.

In the case of BLACKPINK’s Rose, she chose a neutral pair of rubber shoes that are fashionable for any shirt-and-pants outfit. For those who want to experiment with flashy footwear, you can cop Dara’s neon green sneakers that served as major eye candy on her neutral ensemble. All in all, we think that your wardrobe should at least have a pair of sneakers for fool-proof casual getups.


Now that you know how your favorite Kpop idols dress outside stage performances, we hope you got inspired by their impeccable fashion! Which of these Kpop casual outfit ideas are in your wardrobe already? Did we miss any fashionable staple? Let us know your thoughts by commenting down below!

For more outfit ideas from Kpop idols themselves, you can check out our post on Korean fashion essentials as well as our handy Korean fashion style guide. If you’re looking for an ensemble suited to a particular occasion, then head on to our Korean office fashion, club outfits, and concert getup ideas!

As always, thanks for reading and happy shopping!


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