Kpop Dance Practice Outfits


Kpop Dance Practice Outfits

As known by many, a much-awaited Kpop comeback often comes with us fans marveling at our idols’ newly conceptualized visuals, catchy music, and electrifying dance performances. To further emphasize the latter, what typically follows an official music video is a recorded dance practice or choreography. Truly, idols may look much more casual and relaxed there compared to dazzling stage performances. However, some Kpop dance practice outfits just prove to be cop- or even stage-worthy!

Today, we’ll define what these Kpop dance practice outfits are and explore some wardrobe staples and interesting variations. Chances are you might want to sport some ensembles here while you film your own version of the current Kpop dance trends! Read on to find out the quintessential dance practice outfits we’ve seen among idols as well as the most unexpected choreography versions!

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Classic Swaggy Ensembles

When it comes to the classics, Korean idols do not deviate much from the standard dance studio outfits in the West. Here, you’ll also find sweaters, baggy shirts, fitted crop tops, sports bras, sneakers, and of course, jogger pants. There’s no question that these are their dance staples given the intense choreographies that idols practice a lot before their final show. Compared to flamboyant stage performances, dance practice videos give idols much more freedom, comfort, and flexibility as they move in these outfits. Still, the following dance getups sported by idols themselves do not fall short of stylish!

Dress All Black for Stylish Monotony

In their dance practice video for their debut song “Fearless,” the now five-member girl group Le Sserafim exhibited both simplistic elegance and swag in their monotonous coordinated outfits. In particular, the members all sported black fitted cropped tops and jogger pants paired with white sneakers for a clean and sleek look. These outfits accentuated their toned figures while providing them enough comfort that’s fit for dancing.

Simple but appealing, their black uniform ensembles seem to be intentional to put more emphasis on their synchronous body movements instead of their equally amazing visuals. Nonetheless, the girls still stood out on their own with how they individually executed this choreography. If you want your audience to focus on your performance more or simply want to dress clean and casual, we recommend that you style with a similar getup using neutral colors and basic pieces.

Get a Comfortable Spotlight in Gray

We understand if you want to have the spotlight without needing to wear uncomfortable clothes for the sake of pizzazz. For some inspiration, take TWICE’s Nayeon’s outfit for her “Pop!” dance practice video. Given that this is Nayeon’s time to shine as a solo artist, she wore a set of gray top, sleeves, and sweatpants while her back-up dancers rocked white for uniformity. We appreciate that their outfits are all still coordinated at some aspect with loose pants and sneakers. However, Nayeon definitely owned the dance floor her comfy but cute getup!

You can cop our “Pop!” singer’s (pun intended) costume if you want to comfortably stand out from the crowd. In group performances where there is a leader, this set is ideal without deviating too much from the rest of the performers’ wardrobe. Emulate this by choosing clothes of a different color but a similar design.

Burn the Dance Floor with Fiery Red

Other than black, white, and gray, one color that exudes its passionate charm is red. In ITZY’s dance practice video for “Wannabe,” all five members rocked coordinated joggers and cropped tops in white, black, and red. While their costumes still looked stylish being clean, comfortable, and simple, incorporating red as the third pop of color added dimension to their neutral style. The uniform white sneakers also balanced each member’s outfit variations.

As red is an indubitably fiery and strong color on its own, you can appear hot as if you’re burning the stage or dance floor whilst sporting this hue. Of course, you can also add dimension to your outfits by employing a third nonneutral color, not necessarily red, to spice up your visuals. Remember, when you’re sporting a black and white outfit, anything in the color wheel would look stylish as an additional hue!

Stun with Chic Streetwear, Rapper-Style

The reign of hip-hop surely continues to live on in the Kpop industry as proven by BLACKPINK’s Lisa, not just in her cool solo tracks but also her street-style outfit for her “Money” choreography video. Steering a little away from comfort and putting more emphasis on swag, Lisa’s ensemble composed of a white corset top, denim skirt-pants, white sneakers, and a khaki beanie. The result? A cool exhibit of confidence and style in one!

As a solo artist herself, Lisa definitely needed the limelight focused on her with impeccably swaggy clothing. For those who want to follow how our dance machine brings her A-game through her fashion sense, look for minimalist sneakers, denim pieces, and beanies for a street look. You can also give them a feminine touch with a crop top!

Rock that Edgy Band Vibe with Denim and Fishnet

At this point, we’re definitely more about style than utility now to the extent that these outfits from BLACKPINK are unquestionably stage-worthy! As seen in the girl group’s choreography video for “Lovesick Girls,” music festival-style outfits dominated their visuals through denim shorts, combat boots, fishnet stockings, and cropped tees. Despite sporting similar pieces, the girls were dressed in a way that highlights each member’s individual style. BLACKPINK surely lived up to their girl band image with these edgy ensembles!

You can dress like BLACKPINK in this recorded dance practice if you want to have a coordinated outfit with your girlfriends while having your own spotlight. Feel free to choose the colors, textures, patterns, and details as long as you’re wearing the same type of garment such as boots, shorts, band tees, stockings, etc. This stylish guide proves that coordinated outfits do not have to be too restrictive and can still feel unique and individualistic.

Extraordinary Outfit Versions

Onto the bizarre or unexpected dance ensembles, we’re not new to the quirky dance practice versions that Korean idols drop randomly or for special occasions. When we say “quirky,” we mean idols dancing in onesies, futuristic attire, Hanbok, or as Frozen characters, Snow White and the seven dwarves, and even fruits! No matter how extraordinary, this is actually a common trend among Korean idols for their dance practices. Here are some interesting versions we’ve gotten so far!

Up Your Dance Game with “Squid Game”

Top-grossing South Korean drama series “Squid Game” has taken the world by storm that even SM Entertainment’s girl group Aespa pulled off their own version of the show’s iconic outfits! In their dance practice video for “Savage,” all four girls performed their choreography in matching red coveralls and black combat boots just like the guards in the series. Undeniably, Aespa still looked amazing as they danced in industrial jumpsuits!

Go Professional in Company Attire

Ever imagined yourself executing an intense choreography in stilettos? It’s apparently doable for Aespa as their dance practice for “Next Level” displays the girls performing in slacks, blazers, heels, and even with their own company IDs. Aespa donning professional or office wear in black was definitely a fresh sight, but we didn’t know it would look stylish for a badass dance practice video!

Look Fun with Youthful Colors

Indeed, dressing cute and colorful is not a rare sight. However, for a typically casual dance practice, we find that Momoland’s outfits for their “Pinky Love” choreography video are deserving of some limelight. Here, the girls all donned pretty, feminine, and youthful getups in colors like pink, green, blue, orange, and red. Their outfits were fitting for a casual day out or even a sunny date. We can’t resist how cute their style is, just like its matching song!

Play As Fictional Characters for Halloween

One of the most notable traditions in the Kpop industry is their cosplays every Halloween. For instance, Everglow dressed up as fictional characters from popular action franchises for their “La Di Da” dance practice video. You’ll see the members cosplaying as Harley Quinn, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Lara Croft, and many more. Despite being a yearly trend, Everglow surely left a mark with their chosen Halloween outfits here. And we can’t wait to see more cosplays for their dance practices in the coming years!

Move Your Way to the Future with Techwear

Another interesting outfit version from Aespa is their techwear from their “Black Mamba” dance practice. To be specific, we love the futuristic, industrial, and street-style tones emanated by their wardrobe through harnesses, buckles, straps, vests, and gloves. Their base black and red colors also created a cool and badass vibe that fits the song’s edgy rhythm.


Did you enjoy our list of Kpop dance practice outfits? Now that you’ve seen the classic and extraordinary dance clothes that idols have worn, we hope you got some solid inspiration! Let us know your favorites or if we missed any iconic Kpop dance practice outfit by commenting below!

For those looking for outfit ideas as fall comes around, be sure to check out our Korean fall fashion trends for 2022! And if you want some fashion inspiration from a feel-good drama, we also have a fashion review for Hometown Cha Cha Cha!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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