Best Trends of Korean Style Shoes 2023


Best Trends of Korean Style Shoes 2023

As the famous line from Min Seo-hyun in the Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers” goes, “good shoes take you to good places.” This has been especially true for our favorite Kpop idols who have graced and walked countless stages worldwide wearing iconic shoes ranging from casual to phenomenal. On- or off-stage, these stars have displayed the best of Korean-style shoes that we all definitely want to cop. After all, our K-style ensembles, no matter how voguish, would not be complete without a pair of complementing footwear to let us walk our makeshift runway!

We know that you want to be in these Kpop artists’ shoes somehow (literally and figuratively), so we have prepared 10 of the best trends of Korean-style shoes this 2023. Read on to find out the distinct vibe of each pair and how you can mix and match them with your favorite outfits!

Table of Contents

  1. Elegant Leather Loafers
  2. Dollish Mary Janes
  3. Casual White Sneakers
  4. Knee-High Boots
  5. Chunky Dad Shoes
  6. Classic Lace-Up Chucks
  7. Laidback Clogs
  8. Statement Neutral Stilettos
  9. Edgy Combat Boots
  10. Low-Heeled Sandals

Elegant Leather Loafers

c. @daraxxi

When it comes to looking preppy and professional, the elegant leather loafer pair unquestionably wins the game! If you’ve seen way too many girl groups rocking Japanese high school concepts, you would know that loafers are a prerequisite for a scholarly look, especially when paired with high socks. However, they can also be perfect additions to your casual outfits. Much like moccasins, loafers are easy to slip into when you’re running errands. Their provided heel height also adds a hint of sophistication to your ensemble without being uncomfortable for long walks.

c. @todayis_wendy

Dara enjoys pairing her white leather loafers with a black-and-white knit jacket for a cozy yet elegant vibe. We love how she paired the gold chain of her loafers with her dainty jewelry and skirt to keep an exquisitely cohesive getup. If you want a Parisian touch, Red Velvet’s Wendy pairs her black wide loafers with denim coordinates and a matching black beret.

Dollish Mary Janes

c. @for_everyoung10

Another staple to private high school uniforms in Kpop is a good old pair of Mary Jane shoes. While Mary Janes can be just as preppy as loafers, they emanate a more feminine and dollish vibe that’s perfect for short pleated skirts and dresses. They are also best paired with mid-calf socks for a youthful style. If you want to make these single-strap shoes look more sophisticated, though, swap the flat and low-block heels with stilettos and platforms.

c. @roses_are_rosie

Wish to keep it classic like a school girl? Pair a black flat Mary Jane pair with an all-black outfit just like IVE’s Wonyoung for a mix of cute and edgy! On the other hand, if you want to be bold and exhibit that festive spirit, cop BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s patent cherry red Mary Jane platform heels and pair them with a black mini dress for contrast!

Casual White Sneakers

c. @lalalalisa_m

Perhaps nothing is more global and iconic than a pair of casual white sneakers to complement any laidback outfit! Truly, white sneakers are one of the most versatile pieces out there that are best matched with denim trousers and plain tops, even in the adventurous realm of Kpop fashion. Artists in the Kpop scene swear by solid-colored lace-up shoes for their comfort and reliability. If casual or street style is your type, then this pair is definitely a staple!

c. @nayeonyny

BLACKPINK’s Lisa exhibits her signature laidback style as a rapper by matching her white sneakers with denim pants, hoodie, and baseball cap. Likewise, TWICE’s Nayeon opted for a comfortable getup in a gray pullover, washed-out jeans, and white lace-up sneakers.

Knee-High Boots

c. @for_everyoung10

So the fall season might have already come to a close, but that does not mean that our favorite K-artists would stop strutting and posing in exquisite knee-high boots! Aside from being a staple on phenomenal stage appearances, knee-high boots also serve as chic complements to short everyday outfits to further elongate or highlight long legs. They are also effortless statement pieces as they are more frequently used for bolder ensembles.

c. @miyayeah

Take IVE’s Wonyoung’s getup as an example of white knee-high boots styled with a fresh floral dress for a light and easy vibe! Although this type of boots tends to look bold, she managed to turn this footwear into a chic and romantic pair by playing with light colors. However, if you’d like to retain the edgy girl boss demeanor, it might be worth emulating Sunmi’s grungy OOTD comprised of patent black boots, fishnet stockings, and a black leather jacket.

Chunky Dad Shoes

c. @chaelincl

No matter your age, you can ride the now-revived wave of chunky dad shoes for a major retro throwback just like these Korean artists! While it may not be the easiest pair of shoes to experiment on, these large and loud lace-up shoes are always worth trying to show that street-style cool! Even the largest luxury houses that idols promote have grown an obsession with these chunky pairs for their unapologetic vibe. If you’re feeling extra and want to stray from minimalism, go for these!

c. @nayeonyny

Of course, you’d expect that “The Baddest Female” in Kpop who goes by the name CL will sport these dad sneakers. We are graced with another girl boss ensemble as she rocks the footwear with a high-low dress and jet-black sunglasses. Still, even TWICE’s Nayeon can put an elegant and romantic spin to the retro dad shoes with a free-flowing midi skirt and a floral sweater.

Classic Lace-Up Chucks

c. @todayis_wendy

Even Kpop pays homage to indie and grunge not just with the classic boy band concepts but also with the classic lace-up Chuck Taylors and the like! Just like white sneakers, they are best paired with denim pants and a plain t-shirt for a skater girl vibe or simply a street-style getup. They’re also a reliable pair to channel that teenage free-spirited fashion for some nostalgia!

c. @skuukzky

Red Velvet’s Wendy gives us a peek of how she styles her platform black-and-white sneakers for a laidback outfit, pairing these with dark pants, fitted tee, and a shoulder bag. Wishing for something even easier and more relaxed? Emulate Suzy’s simple and straightforward look with white shirt and jeans, finished with bright orange Chucks for a pop of color.

Laidback Clogs

c. @daraxxi

Laidback clogs are probably the most laidback footwear on this list of Korean-style shoes! Perfect when you’re just at home, running errands, or even on taping, these clogs are extremely comfortable and even K-idols can attest to this. They are also highly customizable if you want some little charms for more hues and can be paired with thick socks during cold weather.

c. @skuukzky

Dara shows us a snuggly look by pairing her customized white clogs with a light cardigan and kneehigh socks. On the other hand, Suzy gives us a safer contrast look with an all-black winter outfit against her white clogs with fur. Like them, you can basically style these clogs with any casual ensemble!

Statement Neutral Stilettos

c. @sooyaaa__

Having a formal event soon? Why don’t you take inspiration from our K-idols’ statement neutral stilettos while on an award show’s red carpet? Just as timeless as they are in the West, solid-colored pointed stilettos are also the reliable formal footwear in the Korean fashion scene to pair with a dress, pantsuit, or any professional or classy ensemble. Black, white, and nude are the popular variants for these heels.

c. @sooyoungchoi

Despite the occasion, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo channeled an elegant yet preppy vibe with a plaid dress and black necktie to match her classic black stilettos. Want a livelier getup fitting a fresh morning atmosphere? Then follow SNSD’s Sooyoung’s casual white shorts and cardigan with matching white heels.

Edgy Combat Boots

c. @renebaebae

Focusing on badass performances with hints of techwear and grunge, perhaps combat boots are the edgiest footwear you can add to your closet. These black chunky boots have been a common sight for Coachella-like or monochrome military-style outfits for their utilitarian features. While these may seem like a heavy pair, the coolness of combat boots when paired with short outfits greatly compensates.

c. @roses_are_rosie

Red Velvet’s Irene channels a monochromatic black ensemble with her chunky lace-up boots and a blazer-like dress for street-style or techwear vibes. If you desire the Coachella feel, though, BLACKPINK’s Rosé pairs her indie-style combat boots with shorts and a sleeveless crop top.

Low-Heeled Sandals

c. @tiffanyyoungofficial

Last on our list is a pair of low-heeled sandals for an easy yet elegant appearance. Despite the minimal height boost of low or kitten heels, their comfortability is worth recognizing especially for long formal functions. Moreover, V-cut ones can still create an illusion of longer legs by slimming your feet’s instep. The chicest K-idols in the industry swear by these when wearing skirts or dresses.

c. @roses_are_rosie

SNSD’s Tiffany levels up the elegance of her black bowed low heels with a lilac blazer and skirt set in tweed. And if you want an easier summer-y look, you might want to take inspiration from BLACKPINK’s Rosé who pairs her white kitten heels with a plain tube dress.


We hope that this post has helped you garner fashion inspo from the shoes that our favorite Kpop idols wear on both casual occasions and badass stage performances! It might be a good opportunity to score a new pair for yourself to walk in the shoes of your bias. If we missed any Korean-style footwear that is worth the hype, let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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