What Bras Do Kpop Idols Wear?


What Bras Do Kpop Idols Wear?

If you are a Kpop stan, you have surely watched your fair share of music videos, chart performances, and fancams. It is also very likely that you have stopped to wonder what kind of bras do Kpop idols wear – especially if you are a girl.

One of the main characteristics of Kpop performances, and a very important one, is the dancing. But how can girl groups perform so confidently and flawlessly without worrying about slips or other wardrobe malfunctions?
And although there are many things that can go wrong when you make big movements in such tight-fitting clothes, today we will be discussing what bras do Kpop idols wear, and what they wear beneath their stage outfits in general.

We will be going over the different types of bras worn under diverse garments, how Kpop idols keep from showing too much skin, and how their chest seems to be perfectly immobile even during the craziest dance routines.

If you are someone who enjoys wearing delicate pieces of clothing but is not too excited to show off their underwear, you might want to take some notes. The same goes for all of you dancers who would appreciate some extra support while still managing to rock an instagrammable outfit.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get right to it!

What bras do Kpop idols wear?

Former Kpop idols have previously helped shed some light on this question. What most people fail to understand is how the stars manage to perform so vigorously without there being so many malfunctions. But a good stylist will not just have the idols looks good, they will have them be able to perform without any hindrance.

Former Crayon Pop member Way has revealed that most stylists carry white, black, and nude-colored bras with them. Sometimes, they keep spare panties and safety shorts. Way also said that most often than not, she would wear a nude Calvin Klein bra that provided good support and was waterproof. The waterproof feature is especially important as girls will break a sweat on stage, regardless of how many layers they’re sporting. These types of bras are the best and they will keep the performers the most comfortable.

Some people speculate that bras and bra straps may also be sewn to clothes like some shorts are sewn to skirts to keep them from riding up or being lifted by a draft.

Ideally, underwear should fit the wearer perfectly, not too loosely or too tight. There are specific types of bras that Kpop idols seem to wear most often. Let’s see what those are:

Clear-strapped Bra

The clear-strapped bra seems to be a favorite, especially amongst JYP girl group members. It is not so obvious unless on pictures or close-up shots, which makes it an incredible option for concerts or other stage performances, in which the girls are rarely so zoomed in.

A great example of this bra’s efficiency is the viral fancam of TWICE’s Jihyo during the ‘Dance The Night Away’ era. Despite her being one of the Kpop girls that needs the most chest support, she was repeatedly seen performing with off-the-shoulder tops. Needlessly to say the clear-strapped bra kept her out of trouble.

Double Tape

Many professional dancers will tell you that one of the best ways to prevent a strapless bra from falling or making an appearance is by using double tape. You can even double up on the tape, taping the bra to your chest and your top to the bra. This should also keep the girls from jiggling too much.


Again, stylists are meant to think of all possible problems and find a way to keep unfortunate accidents from happening. 

The double tape also works great to keep the top in place in case you want to show a bit of cleavage. Just tape the hems on each side of the cleavage area to your skin and you can rest assured that you will not flash your bra to anyone.

Sports Bras

Sports bras might seem the most obvious choice to be able to move around without having the girls moving around. And more recently, we’ve seen taken to the stage on their own, with nothing but maybe a jacket or accessories over them.

If Kpop idols are okay with turning them into an outfit, it is safe to say that they will wear these under t-shirts, crop tops, and other pieces that will not have their shoulder or chest area so exposed.

T-shirt Bras

T-shirt bras are an essential in any girl’s closet. Just like sports bras, these are also very commonly worn by Kpop idols on stage. Sometimes, they’re not even carefully concealed but incorporated into the outfit instead.


Like Way had explained, it is very common for Kpop stylists to pack some neutral-colored bras with them, so it is not so far-fetched that they would get creative and utilize them to upgrade a look.

Other Stage Underwear Must-Haves 

What Kpop idols wear under their shirts? Their shorts? Skirts? While for most girls, one of the main concerns when performing is their chest area, they would not want to be showing too much further down either.

When wearing short dresses and short shorts, it is customary to see them also sporting safety shorts. These cover up parts of the body that they do not want to risk exposing. Nowadays, they are a very common practice, as it keeps stage photographers or any creepier fans from photographing their intimate parts.

As for boys, they tend to use nothing more than the bare essentials under their stage clothes. This is because it can get quite stuffy to layer up more than necessary, with all the dancing and whatnot. Sometimes they will have a waist belt to hold their mic packs but that is about it.

Kpop Idols & Bra Controversies

Over the last few years, many women have started to go braless. More than breaking a societal norm, the practice is about comfort and freedom. But of course, breasts are still highly sexualized, and that is not an exception for the very conservative South Korea.

The late idol Sulli was met with criticism for choosing to not always wear a bra and sharing braless pictures on social media. She spoke out publicly about how she thinks bras are ‘unnecessary’. She went on to add that ‘it is a matter of personal choice’.

Another Kpop star that was met with criticism for choosing to go braless was MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. She was photographed in 2017 in the airport and made headlines for it. Later, she addressed it by simply saying ‘I dress comfortably’.

More recently, Oh My Girl’s member Arin has met divided opinions for advertising underwear. She had previously advertised casual and nightwear for BYC, a Korean clothing brand. And unlike most underwear ads, Arin is not actually modeling the pieces herself, but rather showcasing them.

She, much like the other members of the group, is known for her pure and innocent image. Arin shows off her bright and cute side in the ads, and interestingly enough, that seems to be the problem. Instead of complaining that Arin is featured in an underwear ad, people are complaining because she is not wearing it. They claim that usually, other models will wear the pieces, not for personal exposure but to show how they look when worn.


Other idols who have previously advertised underwear but were not met with controversy were idol couple Hyunah and Dawn. They are ambassadors for Calvin Klein and have posted many pictures and videos in which they can be seen sporting underwear and not much else. Whether paired up or on their own, most of the comments on social media seem to praise them.

Their labelmate Jessi has also recently announced her new advertisements for underwear brand dorosiwa. The video ad has subtle feminist denotations, claiming that the advertised bra is for all types of women.

Being an artist that is known to have no trouble speaking out about her breast implants (or anything else, really), the public has not reacted poorly to her ad either.

Perhaps it all comes down to the perceived image of the artist, more than the topic of underwear itself. Regardless, we sure hope that we will get to hear about such banal subjects from idols themselves.


Being in the public eye means sacrificing a lot and getting used to being seen by everyone. Kpop idols, now more than ever, are being watched by people around the world. The best way to protect their reputation and their dignity is by leaving as little room for mistakes as possible.

We hope we have satisfied your curiosity and taught you how to safeguard yourself from wardrobe malfunctions too. If you want to know where Kpop idols are getting their clothes or which clothing items seem to be their favorites, take a look at our past blog postings. 

Get inspired and have fun shopping!

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