Jungkook Core: How to Dress Up Like the Golden Maknae


Jungkook Core: How to Dress Up Like the Golden Maknae

Ever stayed up late or woke up so early in the morning just to have such parasocial relationship with a fave? Armys these days are smiling and giggling staring at their screen because of one person. Jungkook, also known as the “Golden Maknae” of BTS, has not only captured hearts with his incredible talent and his honesty but also with his fashion sense. Being the member with probably the least number of ‘fit checks posted online, it’s kind of hard to decipher what JK’s outfits are composed of but it’s a no-brainer to tell that he has a very specific taste.

Even being the 2nd most followed male artist on Instagram, he still deleted his account because he could careless about this stuff. He has always been carefree and we love that for him! If you want to dress up like Jungkook and exude the same trendy and fashionable energy, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will explore some critical elements of Jungkook’s style and provide you with tips on how to incorporate them into your own wardrobe.

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‘E-Boy’ Aesthetic

JK, the beloved member of the iconic K-pop group BTS, has become a fashion icon with his trendy and unique sense of style. One of the popular aesthetics he often embraces is the ‘E-Boy’ look. This style is characterized by a combination of edgy, alternative, and streetwear elements. To dress up like Jungkook and achieve the ‘E-Boy’ aesthetic, there are a few key elements you should consider.

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Firstly, black is the go-to color for an ‘E-Boy’ outfit. Jungkook is often seen rocking black from head to toe, creating a sleek and mysterious vibe. Opt for black pants, a black t-shirt or hoodie, and a black leather jacket to achieve this monochromatic look. And no, the ‘e’ in e-boy is not emo. Second, dressing up in black is not enough, you must incorporate your overall outfit with accessories, be it on your neck, arms, or for JK, even his face. Lastly, pose and walk like an ‘E-boy’ which basically means be cool as possible. Pro Tip: Fashion Chingu has all these.

Black on Black

To truly capture Jungkook’s style, it’s important to master the art of wearing black on black. This technique adds depth and dimension to your outfit while maintaining a cohesive and trendy appearance. Start by choosing a black base, such as black jeans or joggers. Pair them with a black graphic t-shirt or a plain black top. Layer it with a black denim jacket or a black hoodie for added texture. Complete the look with black accessories like a beanie or a chain necklace. The black-on-black ensemble will give you an effortlessly cool and fashionable appearance just like the golden maknae.

Loose and Baggy is Comfy

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Jungkook often opts for loose and baggy clothing, which not only gives him a comfortable feel but also adds a touch of effortless style. To achieve this, choose oversized t-shirts or hoodies that hang loosely on your frame. Combine them with loose-fitting pants or wide-leg jeans for a relaxed yet trendy look. You can even experiment with layering by adding a flannel shirt or a longline cardigan to complete the ensemble. Remember, the key is to find the right balance between comfort and fashion, just like Jungkook does.

Touch of Flannels

Incorporating flannels into your outfit is another way to channel Jungkook’s fashion taste. Flannels add a touch of grunge and versatility to any look and he’s been doing this for years (tbh, since he debuted). To go after this look is quite simple, tie a flannel shirt around your waist for a casual and laid-back vibe. Alternatively, wear it as a layering piece over a t-shirt or hoodie. Opt for flannels in neutral colors like black, gray, or red to maintain the overall aesthetic. But for Jungkook, he’s not afraid to make use of colors. This small addition can make a big difference in achieving the plaid-flannel energy.

Utilitarian Outfits

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Jungkook often embraces utilitarian outfits, which are characterized by functional and practical clothing items. Cargo pants, utility vests, and military-inspired jackets are some key pieces of this style. Choose cargo pants with multiple pockets and pair them with a plain t-shirt or a utility vest. Layer it with a bomber jacket or a camo-printed shirt for an extra edge. This utilitarian-inspired outfit will not only make you look trendy but also showcase your fashion-forward taste.

Detailing with Accessories

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Accessories play a crucial role in completing any outfit, and Jungkook knows how to use them to elevate his looks. We’re not telling you to pierce your nose and eyebrows just like he did but to emulate his style, pay attention to the details and add accessories that complement your outfit. Chunky silver or gold chains, rings, and bracelets are some of his go-to accessories. Layering multiple necklaces or stacking bracelets can add depth and personality to your overall look. Experiment with different accessories to find what suits your personal style while staying within the trendy vibe of Jungkook’s fashion taste.

Chunky Shoes

No Jungkook-inspired outfit is complete without a pair of chunky shoes. Whether it’s high-top sneakers, combat boots, or platform boots, these statement shoes add an edgy touch to his looks. Look for shoes with thick soles and bold designs to capture his unique style. Pair them with your black on black ensemble or any of the other outfits mentioned above to complete the Jungkook-inspired look. Remember, confidence is key when rocking these bold shoes, so embrace your inner fashionista and step out with style.

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Dressing up like Jungkook of BTS requires a combination of being a carefree individual yet at the same time has attention to detail. Remember to add your own personal touch and confidence to truly make the style your own. So, go ahead and experiment with these fashion tips to rock the Jungkook-inspired look and embrace your inner K-pop vibes with flair!


  1. jungkook slays anything tbh. ngl id look like trash trying to dress like him bc a: i dont have anything like the stuff listed here and b: jks jst able to pull off any look. but i wanna try jst with a school uniform

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