Best True Beauty Outfits – Kdrama Review


Best True Beauty Outfits – Kdrama Review

Based on the webtoon of the same name, True Beauty was truly one of the most beautiful teen Kdramas of the last year. The ensemble includes ASTRO’s very own Cha Eunwoo, seasoned German-born actress Moon Gayoung, and model-turned-actor Hwang Inyoup. Needless to say that both the cast and the fashion live up to the drama’s name, which is why today we’ll be taking a closer look at our favorite True Beauty outfits.

From the double life of the protagonist Im Jukyung (and how her two styles are two sides of two completely different coins). To the classic preppy, slightly stripe-obsessed wardrobe of Lee Suho. And finally the bad boy, street-style-studded heartthrob Han Seojun. True Beauty might have just given us the most stylish love triangle we have seen in Kdrama in a while…

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For a high school romantic comedy that follows an ‘ugly duckling‘ storyline, it’s surprising to see Korean fashion take such massive space in the spotlight. Granted, makeup is the key factor in the main transformation, but what’s a makeover without an incredible, fresh wardrobe?

Today, we’ll look back at some of the best True Beauty outfits worn by our three main characters. But let this post be a reminder that real beauty comes from within – dressing the part to help you feel more like yourself is only a fabulous added bonus!

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Table of Contents

Im Jukyung: the best of both worlds

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When we are first introduced to 18-year-old high school student Im Jukyung, we are led to presume fashion isn’t exactly one of her priorities in life. But through the magic of Kdrama styling, even the most disheveled looks are made to look surprisingly put together. 

This is a teenage girl that lives with an inferiority complex, brought on by the discrimination within her family and the bullying propagated by her peers. Although her hobbies include reading horror comic books and listening to heavy metal, she displays a very casual and comfortable style, the epitome of loungewear if you will.

Baggy sweatshirts and hooded jacketsbasketball shortssweatpants, and oversized pullovers. These are the quintessential pieces that make up her out-of-school wardrobe. Complete with a pair or two of Birkenstock slippers. She does not get too adventurous with her school uniform either, sticking to the standard pieces and only layering a hooded jacket for warmth when needed.

It all changes as begins her “goddess” transformation, as a result of getting into makeup and learning how to alter her appearance to become more appealing to those around her. Jukyung’s new style is hyper-feminine, with collared blousesmini skirts, and heeled loafers becoming some of her go-tos. Even when at home, she ditches her signature sweat combo for skinny jeans and cable knit jumpers.

Although the show focuses more on the makeup aspect of the transformation, we cannot deny that some of the most memorable True Beauty outfits are hers.

Lee Suho: the school prefect

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The charismatic Lee Suho is the poster boy for the preppy trope we can never get enough of. An example student, with looks and charms to spare. He is a character that instantly screams “scholar” with his aesthetic without necessarily wearing a school uniform.

The most intriguing feature of Lee Suho’s wardrobe has got to be his neverending supply of stripy looks. Varsity-inspired jacketslong sleeve jumpersslim-fit pants, and elegant button-ups. If a piece isn’t stripped in pattern, it will still contain stripes as an accent, as seen in his uniform modifications.

It’s not so much the trope that his style serves, but Lee Suho’s outfits channel a classic, elegant style that is still boyish and age-appropriate. If you didn’t know how mysterious and moody he can get, you definitely wouldn’t guess it from his wardrobe.

Han Seojun: a bad boy with a heart of gold

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The second male lead in True Beauty is a perfect contrast to Lee Suho’s proper and composed style. In fact, Han Seojun would fit right in with the “bad boy” trope. Of course, the more we learn about him, the more we understand the complexity of his character and learn about his loving, soft nature.

Some of his wardrobe staples include bomber and leather jackets, which are often paired over collared shirts and sweatshirts. His somewhat edgy outfits are always perfectly accessorized with silver jewelry, be those bold earrings or chunky chains.

Out of all the True Beauty outfits, Seojun’s are by far the darkest, likely because his lack of bright-colored fashion draws the least amount of attention. But luckily for him, that dark disposition matches Jukyung’s personality and tastes to a T.


And there you have it, a fair characterization of our leading trio’s fashion and examples of the best and most memorable True Beauty outfits. There’s just enough variety to suit most people’s preferred styles, too. So if you’re borrowing from their fashion, make sure to let us know which style you like best and which outfits you’ll try to recreate.

Check out our True Beauty dedicated shop to cop yourself a couple of pieces that will undoubtedly help you feel like you’ve stepped into the drama. And if you like posts like these, we highly recommend you check out our list of Korean dramas with the best outfits, including previous fashion reviews for Hotel del Luna and It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Have fun dressing up!


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