A Guide to Kpop Halloween Outfits to Replicate


A Guide to Kpop Halloween Outfits to Replicate

Indeed, the Halloween season is the best excuse to go all out in playing dress-up, not just with spooky costumes but also with iconic ensembles. If you feel like dressing as a fairy princess, an enchantress summoned by the dark side, or anything more casual in between, perhaps our favorite Kpop idols can serve as inspiration. After all, their Kpop Halloween getups might be the best in serving the most artistic and diverse set of themed looks!

As we all know, the Kpop scene does not lag behind in terms of executing a distinctive theme with their fully customized outfits. All year round, we are met with more than enough wardrobe options from some Korean acts’ music videos to replicate for Halloween. And nope, this is still different from the Halloween dance practice videos and their funky cosplays! Says a lot about how creative they can get, right?

With that said, we handpicked some of the most popular K-pop concepts and outfits for your Kpop Halloween costume! Read on to know what makes these costumes superior and how you can easily replicate them.

Kpop Halloween Outfit Ideas for 2022

IVE in “Love Dive”

An interesting and unique version of “Girl Crush” is what makes Starship Entertainment’s newest girl group IVE stand out, especially in 2022. To be specific, their music video for “Love Dive” has given us a total school-girl vibe with posh uniforms, which is easily replicable on Halloween for a casual cosplay. Here, IVE has perfectly recreated the atmosphere of a private all-girls high school for the royals with navy blue skirts, knee-high socks, and pink high heels. They basically lived our girlish childhood dream, set in a Barbie-like world.

If you want to emulate this stylish teenage high school theme from IVE, you can opt for a short pleated tennis skirt and a white collared button-down shirt. Match them with a striking necktie and a pair of white socks for a full-on scholastic vibe. And to add a fashionably feminine touch, a fancy tiara and high heels can be your go-to!

Kep1er in “Up!”

On the topic of cute female uniforms, Kep1er is another girl group that can serve as your guide in dressing up as a vigorous girl scout. In their music video for “Up!,” the members are seen clad in neutral-colored uniforms and black Mary Jane shoes. Their sashes with multicolored patches and enamel pins made this ensemble look more authentic. This getup is definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for another cute yet casual option for your Halloween celebration!

You can also copy this youthful theme from Kep1er by choosing a coordinated collared shirt and pleated skirt (Think of typical golf or tennis outfit for girls!). Use a more traditional and neutral color like beige, white, or brown to emit a professional vibe. We promise that your look won’t appear dull as again, the colorful magic is on your sash! Proudly display your favorite pins, patches, and even stickers on a sash over your body. You can also use a matching beret, an adventurer’s backpack, and/or a flag to stay true to your girl scout endeavors!

PSY and Suga in “That That”

Let’s first take a break from these amazing girl groups and focus on the masterpiece made by this powerful duo: the hit “Gangnam Style” singer Psy and BTS’ talented rapper and record producer Suga. Truly, this pair was quite unexpected but we can say that we anticipated the success of “That That,” especially with its iconic Wild West theme. Both Psy and Suga displayed themselves in signature cowboy outfits, particularly in a set of jacket and flared pants. Even their backup dancers exude this classic Western vibe with cowboy hats, leather garments, and bandana neck scarves. Needless to say, this is a foolproof Halloween getup that you can copy as if you’ve traveled back in time!

If you have a penchant for iconic Western concepts like this one, browse for vintage finds like a fringe jacket and leather boots. If you want to maximize the contents of your wardrobe, though, staples like a leather belt, denim pants, and a wide-brimmed hat will fulfill your cowboy costume. And lastly, if you’re feeling extra, you might want to bring a lasso with you or even bite a wheat straw!

Seulgi in “Feel My Rhythm”

Leaning into the darker realm, Red Velvet’s Seulgi channeled her inner queen of the crows in this seemingly more toned-down cosplay of Disney’s Maleficent in “Feel My Rhythm.” The thorny crown, silver metallic chains, and the faux feather details of her coordinated black outfit made this look appear dark, cool, and edgy with a tone of regality. We also love the rapier she was wielding to excellently get into character! While this costume is not exactly terrifying for Halloween, it is at least much closer to the dark and enigmatic vibe you might want to channel during the season.

If you love this regal look from Seulgi, be sure to grab some dark staple pieces in your wardrobe such as a black long-sleeved turtleneck top and a pair of high-waisted shorts. Knee-high boots or glossy black stilettos will work in your favor to create a bold fashion statement. Finish it off with some chain accessories, a crown, and a faux fur scarf if you have one! You’re sure to look devilishly attractive in this Kpop Halloween getup!

Iconic & Timeless Kpop Halloween Outfits

TWICE Halloween Costume Ideas

Over the years, we’ve been privileged to watch as TWICE aced concepts and looks one after the other. And Halloween themes seem to be pretty prevalent in their music videos and performances. From their debut with “Like Ooh Ahh“, we learned about their love for dressing up and playing different characters. Not only is the music video zombie apocalypse-themed, we saw them take on scholastic roles, with student uniforms, cheerleader outfits, and a P.E. look we all wish we could rock.

Fast forward to the comeback that propelled them to international stardom – “Cheer Up“. This time around, the whole group fittingly dressed up as cheerleaders (such is the meaning of the song), creating what remains today one of the most iconic Kpop looks of all time. Not only that, but they got in costumes once again, with Nayeon playing a scary movie starJungyeon as a teen heartthrobMomo as an action starSana as an anime characterJihyo as a lead cheerleaderMina as a school romance heroineDahyun as a Joseon princessChaeyoung as a western baddie, and Tzuyu as a Golden Age actress.

In that same year, TWICE came back with an actual Halloween-themed concept for “TT“. The music video contains some of the best Kpop Halloween costume ideas, as you can take on famous characters just like the TWICE girls did. And if a dark look is what you like most, you can do Nayeon’s version of a she-devil or Tzuyu’s breathtakingly beautiful vampire.

And because these girls never seem to get tired of fun costumes and movie references, you can also draw inspiration from “What Is Love?“. In this one, the movie references include some of the biggest hits in both Korea and Hollywood. La La LandPulp FictionThe Princess Diaries, and Leon are only some of the hit blockbusters reimagined in this music video.

BTS Halloween Costume Ideas

The BTS boys are no strangers to costumes. In fact, most Halloweens they make it a rule to dress up and provide us with hilarious, gratuitous content. But there are plenty of Kpop Halloween costume ideas to be drawn from their music videos alone. For example, their early eras are heavily marked by their bad-boy personas. These tough-guy looks can be a pretty fun choice for the holiday, especially if normally you’re as bright and bubbly as the BTS boys tend to be.

Like TWICE, and many other Kpop groups, BTS got in costumes for one of their B-side music videos – “Dope“. In a song in which they advocate not giving up and working hard towards your dreams, they took up roles of professionals in different careers. A doctor, a police officer, a race car driver. It’s always nice to play someone very different from ourselves. And Halloween is the best excuse for that – if you really need one.

Most recently, we’ve been seeing BTS play with more retro-inspired music and style. Dressing up for a disco night or like sitcom characters of the ’80s and ’90s like in “Dynamite” might be a good way to go. And you don’t have to make it identical. Just pick the decade you like the most and transport yourself back in time through fashion!

Red Velvet Halloween Costume Ideas

The great thing about Red Velvet is that we never quite know what we’re gonna get. Except for excellence, of course. But these girls have got range, and that’s easily seen through their comebacks. There is a bubbly, colorful side to them. But there is also a darker, edgy undertone to at least half of their concepts. And they also had their own Halloween-themed music video, with “Really Bad Boy” making a swift nod to The Shining, including spooky themes and decoration, and of course, the big bad wolf.

Another chilling, Halloween-worthy story is the one they told us with the “Peek-A-Boo” music video. The fashion featured in it features strong, bold tones of red contrasting with black. And the red crown look in the teaser picture for the comeback also gives off an eery vibe that something is not as serene as it seems. After all, the whole plot of the video centers around a group of girl that hunt and slay pizza delivery boys. Can’t get much more eery than that…

Then we also have “Psycho“, which delivers gothic, witchy perfection. In the lyrics and through the video, we understand the portrayal of, well, mentally deranged girls. They’re seen plotting and scheming around, always in impeccable ensembles of black and white. And one of the simplest yet most ominous styles of the concept is the white gowns paired with black lipstick. Definitely a combination worth playing with this Halloween.

And if you’d rather go with something more campy or colorful, you could always dress as the dumb dolls from “Dumb Dumb” or tennis looks from “Russian Roulette“. Any Reveluv knows there’s enough darkness in those two music videos to be channeled for Halloween.

Other Kpop Halloween Costume Ideas

Many Kpop groups and soloists have played with very interesting concepts over the years. Some looks truly make for the best Kpop Halloween costume ideas, either because they’re easy to put together in a pinch or because they just suit the holiday so well. Below are a few of those:

BLACKPINK in combat gear

For their “Kill This Love” comeback, the girls decided to dress up in full combat gear. Jennie even featured an interesting take on a modern Lara Croft, with the signature long braid and garter belt holster.

Sunmi as the sexiest anti-hero

Sunmi gave us her take on the Catwoman origin story with “TAIL“. The video shows us a powerful woman with a tragic past, who manages to get her revenge on the man who wronged her.

TXT played the cutest cowboys

In one of the sets for the carnival in TXT’s “Blue Hour“, they perform wearing modern takes on western cowboy fashion. Just one look and their opponents would certainly lose in a Mexican standoff.

Hwasa becomes Maria

Hwasa’s alter-ego “Maria” is a way of portraying the tough criticism that comes with being in the public eye. In the music video, there is a particular scene in which she’s seen in a white straight jacket. These types of nods to vintage asylums are always a win in the spooky holiday.

ATEEZ lined up to salute

In their “Wonderland” music video, ATEEZ chose to wear a military uniform. These are always fun to wear as a group and versatile enough so you can DIY most of the outfit.


Will you try any of these Kpop Halloween outfit ideas to celebrate October 31st in style? Let us know your best ensemble picks for Halloween and any iconic Kpop costumes we’ve missed by commenting below!

In case you’re missing some dedicated Halloween outfits from dance practice videos, you might want to check out our post on Kpop dance practice outfits. And if you have any romantic date scheduled this October, our best Korean date outfit ideas for every occasion might give you some inspiration!

Happy shopping and of course, happy Halloween!


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