Aesthetic Korean Couple Outfits (+ Inspo)


Aesthetic Korean Couple Outfits (+ Inspo)

Truly, love is in the air whenever we see Korean drama partners and real ulzzang pairs appear dashing in coordinated couple outfits. Some may even stretch that South Koreans have their own take on couple fashion given the curated dual ensembles that give us some inspiration to fall in love, not just with people but also with clothing. And if you’re in a relationship, you’d probably appreciate these aesthetic Korean couple outfits to try with your significant other!

Here, we’ll take some imitable wardrobe ideas from iconic K-drama couples as well as real-life Korean lovers! No worries whether you’re feeling casual dresser or an adventurous one, as these diverse set of matching couple getups are sure to look romantic! Read on as we discuss these cop-worthy Korean couple fashion in detail!

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Classic Couple Shirts

What’s an old-school yet foolproof way to go matchy-matchy with your lover? Couple shirts! Just like Park Shin-Hye and Lee Min-Ho in their souvenir shirts from California in “The Heirs,” you too can channel the classic and adorable vibe of matching couple shirts. Of course, the easiest route is to pick the same unisex t-shirt with a genderless design for an identical style. However, there are also other ways you can tick off the “Wear a Couple Shirt” item in your relationship bucket list.

For a minimalist aesthetic, you and your partner can match shirts by opting for the same design but in different colorways like black and white. Some neutral designs that are worth consideration are stripes, pinstripes, and even solid colors. If you’re feeling extra, you can also incorporate funny quotes as well as creative couplecentric designs that only make sense when you’re next to each other. Maximize the relaxed and casual fit of t-shirts by pairing them with denim pants, tapered trousers, or plain shorts. Finish off your OOTD with a pair of comfortable sneakers so you can fully enjoy your day out in style!

Blushing Outfits in Peach Pink

Another popular way to complement your significant other’s outfit is through color-matching. If you find some basic and neutral hues overrated, you might want to consider emulating the color of Korean peaches for your dress-up. Take Park Min-Young and Park Seo-Joon in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, for example. The sweet and blushing tone of peach pink creates a carefree and subtly romantic vibe that suits the spring season. Although the on-screen couple’s tops are quite different, with one being feminine and elegant while the other being casual and rather sporty, they still complement each other through the peach hue.

Couples can also cop this look straight from a K-drama by choosing a soft and romantic color like peach and pink. If you’re feeling more feminine, you can pair an elegant button-down top in peach with a white mini or midi skirt. For a masculine aura, a blush pink polo shirt or long-sleeved button-down paired with baggy pants or beige shorts can be your go-to. Feeling casual? Just put on a plain peach-colored shirt and jeans!

Teenage Romantic School Uniforms

With a good number of K-drama couples emerging from a high school setting, the standardized school uniform aesthetic might seem nostalgic. As seen on Shin Min-Ah and Kim Seon-Ho in Hometown Cha Cha Cha, even adults can rock the adorable Korean-style high school uniforms for an effortless teenage couple energy. As it is a tradition in South Korea to wear uniforms in amusement parks like Lotte World, it’s the best chance to feel young and free while relishing in your romantic date!

While you and your partner can rely on uniform rentals, you can also exhibit this teenage romance motif by wearing white collared buttoned shirts, sweater vests, blazers, neckties, and sneakers or loafers. Girls can complete their academia-style outfits with staple pleated tennis skirts in beige, black, gray, or plaid as well as knee-high socks. On the other hand, guys can look cool and clean with a pair of beige or gray trousers.

Casual & Street-Style Ensembles

In an easy and romantic drama like Our Beloved Summer, it’s just fitting that protagonists Kim Da-Mi and Choi Woo-Shik also dress in imitable laid-back couple outfits. In particular, their casual and street-style aesthetic makes the couple more adorably relatable. Here, we can see a classic way to dress in sync with your partner through a neutral pair of Converse sneakers, open button-down shirts over a plain tee, and ankle-length pants.

You can also emulate their casual ensembles by wearing flannels, dark blue jeans, lace-up sneakers, and crisp white shirts. Backpacks or canvas tote bags in black, white, or beige will also perfectly complement this cool teenage style popular among young couples. Moreover, you can rely on baseball caps, corduroy jackets, and band tees to spice up your couple OOTD. If the cool indie aesthetic with a minimalist touch is your go-to, then you can count on this!

Double Denim on Denim

Perhaps one of the most debatable Korean couple outfits on this list is denim on denim. But if Song Hye-Kyo and Jang Ki-Yong have made it look stylish in the drama Now We Are Breaking Up, what’s stopping couples from doing the same? Undeniably, this is a unique and unexpectedly voguish approach to coordinating outfits with your lover. If you can perfectly combine similar denim shades like they did, you can channel a more modern and chic version of Wild West ensembles!

If you choose to explore this track, opt for the same or at least similar denim shades for your top and bottom for a safe co-ords-like outfit. However, you are also free to style a blue washed-out denim jacket with black denim pants to diversify your OOTD’s palette. Add a rustic touch to your ensemble by wearing a brown leather belt and a leather crossbody bag. If you prefer street-style, you won’t go wrong with black Chuck Taylors or chunky dad shoes. Denim-on-denim challenge done!

Elegant Couple Power Dressing

Want to prove to everyone that you’re a major power couple? Then look into elegant power-dressing! Jeon Yeo-Bin and Song Joong-Ki’s impeccable fashion sense in Vincenzo synergize to create a powerful and professionallooking duo, fitting for a cool mafia vibe. Aside from displaying unparalleled class and confidence, this style proves that cool can also be romantic! Truly, solid-colored suits, leather suitcases, and edgy black sunglasses emit a “don’t mess with us” vibe.

To channel this elegantly cool aesthetic, blazers are a must for you and your significant other. The best and safest colors you can resort to are black and white for timeless elegance. From there, you’re now free to wear an aboveknee dress, white button-down shirt, and/or black trousers with your jacket. Knee-high boots and neutral-colored pumps can give a slightly different vibe, edgy and professional, but same amount of confidence. Finish with a handmade leather bag for a classy touch!

Cute Coordinated Cardigans

Cardigans are a staple among Korean couple outfits for their warm fit, perhaps because they emulate the feeling of being in the arms of your partner! During winter or fall, couples like you might want to coordinate outfits through this fuzzy outerwear that’s ideal for layering. Just like Park So-Dam and Park Bo-Gum in Record Of Youth, you can look relaxed, warm, and adorable in color-matched cardigans. Whether you’re staying at home or going for a casual walk, cardigans can make you look comfortable and cute at the same time!

Copy this look by opting for color-matching knitwear with popular and/or festive designs such as hearts, snowflakes, plaid, and argyle. Aside from cardigans, other knitwear like sweaters and beanies are also excellent pieces for this snuggly aesthetic. Since these garments are commonly worn when you’re feeling cold, it’s just right to pair them with thick pants or at least with a skirt and high socks.

Black & Edgy Getups

Last on our list of Korean couple outfits are the edgiest ensembles from Kim Da-Mi and Park Seo-Joon in Itaewon Class. Undeniably, this trendsetting pair’s street-style edge gives us total influencer couple energy, courtesy of Kim Da-Mi’s character, that young and cool partners would definitely love. If you prefer the power and sophistication that come with black and other deep dark hues like army green and maroon, you’d definitely love to rock leather biker jackets and black long coats like they did!

These black and edgy getups are easily imitable if you and your partner want to channel their wardrobe’s rock n’ roll coolness. Other than faux leather and corduroy textiles that add dimension to your outfit, you can also go for staple pieces like a snuggly turtleneck sweater and black skinny jeans. Leather boots, patent loafers, and designer sneakers will also help in creating a bold fashion statement. If you want more details, accessorize with silver chains and rings for a signature rockstar look.

Will you be wearing any of these Korean couple outfits together with your significant other? We hope that you gained some sweet inspiration for your next couple OOTD! Let us know your favorites and other couple outfit ideas we might have missed by commenting down below!

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Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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