BTS Airport Fashion Looks And What They Say About Them


BTS Airport Fashion Looks And What They Say About Them

If you’ve been in the Kpop fan community for long enough, you’ll surely know about airport fashion and its importance. The clothes worn off the stage are just as important (if not more) as those meant for performances. And if you struggle to understand the concept and point of it, worry not!
Today, we will be delving into this craze. More specifically, we will be looking at some BTS airport fashion looks that the boys have worn over the recent years.

And to make it more fun and instructive, we’ll analyze how their airport style mirrors their personas. After all, everyone likes to fly wearing whatever clothes make them feel most comfortable.

Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it, shall we?

  1. What is airport fashion?
  2. Why is airport fashion so important in Kpop?
  3. BTS airport fashion & their style personalities

What is airport fashion?

The whole concept of airport fashion originated in the golden Hollywood age. As celebrity fashion garnered the same level of public interest as their personal lives, paparazzi saw an opportunity to profit from candid pictures taken at the airport.

Nowadays, the biggest gossip and fashion media outlets have photographers stationed at all major airports seven days out of the week. Some of the outfits we see may be calculated efforts. Nevertheless, it’s safe to assume that most are the truest reflection of these celeb’s styles and personalities.

Essentially, airport fashion is the chance for audiences to glimpse at these fleeting moments of normalcy in their idols’ lives – at least as far as outfits are concerned.

Why is airport fashion so important in Kpop?

Very few things are coincidental in the Kpop industry. Nearly all aspects of it are systematic, from training to debuts, promotions, and public appearances. And in most circumstances, you can expect a stylist to carefully curate their idols’ image.

However, the few instances where a stylist likely hasn’t intervened happen to be the most telling. When Kpop idols are photographed going about their daily life and doing menial tasks, that’s when we get to sample their personal closet.

Given that when we fly we tend to dress whichever way we feel most comfortable, airport fashion is the perfect showcase of the clothes we most like.

BTS airport fashion & their style personalities

As if being at the forefront of the Kpop industry and its globalization wasn’t enough. BTS have also earned themselves the titles of fashion icons in their own right. As a matter of fact, they have very recently been named global brand ambassadors for luxury designer brand Louis Vuitton.

BTS airport fashion has been making headlines not only in Korea but also in international tabloids. Their success has brought on waves of massive public interest. As a result, there is plenty of content out there that perfectly reflects each member’s aesthetic and stylistic choices.

Now, let’s take a look at some looks that we’ve seen the boys wear in more recent appearances:


Let’s address the big elephant in the room. Or rather, the large coat.
We definitely noticed a pattern when looking at Jin’s airport looks. The man seems to like oversized outerwear, and we are here for it.

Whether it be a fleece-lined brown leather statement, a collared denim number, or a pretty-in-pink overcoat, Jin has definitely learned how to accentuate his enviable proportions.


Winter, spring, summer, or fall, we can expect Suga to show up dressed to the 90s – black and white edition. After all, his whole fashion aesthetic is pretty much rooted in his hip-hop origins and moody persona.

Not only is Suga a man of a few words, but he is also a man of a few tones. And understated looks aren’t necessarily dull. He is the perfect proof of that. Besides, it only makes it that much easier for us to recreate his looks.


J-Hope has truly mastered the statement piece trend. He is particularly good at adding a contrasting pop of color to his looks. And his go-to accessory for flying is his green Chanel x Pharell Williams oversized pouch bag.

Another of his favorite picks for comfortable flights is a good pair of sneakers. Pair it with your favorite jeans and a large coat and you’ll be all set to relax way up in the clouds.



When it comes to the leader of BTS’ airport fashion, we started to notice a trend as well – sunglasses. And how handy they must come when you disembark your flight, all sleep-deprived and tired-looking. (Not that this would ever be a problem for the charismatic RM.)

Aside from his accessory of choice, he seems to have a soft spot for big cardigans as well. Which further proves that his smart fashion perfectly aligns with his intellectual persona.


Jimin is often described as the perfect combination of elegance and fierceness. And if his performances weren’t sufficiently indicative of that, his style really comes through in that sense.

What we can always expect of Jimin’s closet is unique, sophisticated pieces, mostly in black or darker tones. He also seems to have a fondness for leather, as we can verify through his recurrent wear of leather jackets, bags, and footwear.


Often referred to as the eccentric of the group, V certainly has a distinct quality – but in the best way possible. His love for the arts certainly shows through his unusual but undoubtedly fun style.

Whether it be a painting-stamped blue sweater or literal paint-splattered pants. To look at V is to understand who he is and what he’s passionate about. And to complete his whole renaissance aesthetic, V definitely has an old soul, and that’s made obvious even when he’s boarding a flight.


Last but definitely not least, we’ve got the maknae, with his bad-boy aura. Jungkook always manages to put together the most effortlessly cool outfits. And all it takes is some plaid accents, graphic tees, and a black hat.

When it comes to airport fashion, he certainly maintains a great equilibrium of taste and comfort. You can tell that he has likely been inspired by his stage wardrobe, as many of his looks are absolutely stage-ready. And perhaps being the youngest helps Jungkook be the most in tune with contemporary trends.


Did we miss any of your favorite BTS airport fashion looks? And which style most closely resembles your go-to flight outfit?
We are very curious to learn your thoughts in the comments!

Now, if you would like to learn more about fashion in the Kpop sphere, we recommend reading about the evolution throughout the Kpop generations and where idols get their clothes.

As for you, get your own airport fashion-inspired clothes right here and recreate your favorite looks!

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