BTS Aesthetics: individuality expressed through fashion


BTS Aesthetics: individuality expressed through fashion

The recently appointed Louis Vuitton global ambassadors have been making headlines for years. When it comes to styles that convey personality and distinctiveness expressed through style, very few are doing it like the biggest Kpop group in the world. This is why today we will dive into the BTS Aesthetics, and how each member’s fashion is a reflection of themselves.

From their debut in 2013 up until now, their style has evolved tremendously. From relying on stylists to help grow their name to needing no introduction on any red carpet. BTS have showcased themselves through various media platforms over the past seven years. And as the fandom grew, so did the number of dedicated fan pages. In fact, some of these focus solely on their style!

Any dedicated ARMY can pinpoint with no difficulty what aesthetics correlate to each BTS member. The preferred colors, signature pieces, and overall stylistic expression. 

But for those who may be new to the community or have just now taken notice of these boys’ fashion, we will be covering it all in this article.

So, take notes and fashion hints as we go through the ultimate BTS aesthetics:

  1. Kim Seokjin (Jin): a modern-day prince
  2. Min Yoongi (Suga): the grunge revival
  3. Jung Hoseok (J-Hope): the rainbow personified
  4. Kim Namjoon (RM): understated intellectual
  5. Park Jimin (Jimin): effortless elegance
  6. Kim Taehyung (V): a thrifted old soul

Kim Seokjin (Jin): a modern-day prince

The eldest member of BTS did not originally have the ambition to make it in the music industry. In fact, Jin graduated university with an Arts degree and the intent to become an actor. And it was while furthering his studies that he first got scouted. The reason? His looks.

Kim Seokjin is a very visually gifted individual, even by Korean standards. Despite not having a musical background, two of the now greatest entertainment companies in South Korea expressed an interest in him. And it just happens that his Prince Charming aura perfectly aligns with his style.

Muted pastels, white, pink, and golden accents. His style is very much illustrative of the romantic academia aesthetic. In terms of fabrics, satin, silk, cotton, and cashmere are the most prevalent. As for clothing items, we can highlight button-downs, crewneck and turtleneck sweaters, blazers, cardigans, dress pants, and shoes.

Min Yoongi (Suga): the grunge revival

Much like the latter, becoming an idol wasn’t in Suga’s plans either. The difference here is his significant background in music. More specifically, in the Daegu underground rapping scene. And it was his talent for composing and producing that landed him a spot on the music label.

Min Yoongi appears to be very rough around the edges. His hip-hop origins are very prevailing even today. And these are the circumstances that wrongfully make people assume he’s more of a bad boy. But anyone who has scratched beyond the surface will learn that he’s highly misunderstood. Suga has a very big heart, despite the somewhat darker connotations that bleed through his music.

It is precisely this duality that is brought through with the grunge aesthetic. The musical genius behind so much of BTS’ discography is often seen donning black, gray, and other smokey tones. As the style has its roots in a rejection of the mainstream in the 90s, clothes may look somewhat oversized and faded. The most common features include boxy t-shirts and sweaters, ripped jeans, and rugged boots.

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope): the rainbow personified

Unarguably the brightest personality in BTS, if not in the whole Kpop scene. J-Hope is not only the main dancer of the group but also the biggest source of comic relief. And although he has showcased a darker, more serious side in certain campaigns or concepts that fit the theme, no one can deny how pure and naturally joyful his aura is.

Jung Hoseok started out in an underground dance team. He was relatively successful from the get-go. However, he quickly gained an interest in rapping and singing, which ultimately motivated him to audition as a trainee.

His dance background is reflected in many of the loose-fitted clothes and fun accessories, such as bucket hats, that he often wears. But if there is something fashion-wise that sets him apart from the group, that’s how colorful his wardrobe is.


For this reason, it is adequate to attribute him the rainbowcore aesthetic. His go-to outfits tend to be very bright in colors, with playful patterns and unconventional designs. It ties up quite nicely with the Y2K trend that seems to be making a comeback, which incidentally was heavily influenced by the OG boy bands. And maybe J-Hope is partially at fault for the revival… One thing is for sure, his charm is greatly derived from that sunny disposition of his that we all love so much

Kim Namjoon (RM): understated intellectual

The leader of BTS is well-known for his rational capacity. Kim Namjoon is a self-taught English speaker, with an impressive IQ of 148, and an innate talent for the written word. In fact, before even gaining interest in rap music, he received praise for his early poetic works. Undoubtedly, his lyricism played a big part early on in his career. Despite failing in early auditions, his talent was recognized by influential people that ended up connecting RM with Big Hit.

As far as aesthetics go, his don’t exactly match up with his leading persona in BTS. His lyrical content may have dark undertones, especially on his solo ventures, but his fashion couldn’t be more opposite…

The light academia aesthetic, which beautifully mirrors RM’s brilliant demeanor, is mostly illustrated through neutral tones. Warm browns, off-white hues, along with navy blue and burgundy contrasts. These are the colors that are most commonly reflected on preppy textiles. Denim jeans and basic white tees are not entirely uncommon. However, the style is mostly made up of classic pieces, such as button-ups, trench coats, turtle necks, and fitted pants.

This aesthetic is evocative of a passion for the arts, music, literature, and learning. So, it is quite fair to say that Kim Namjoon embraces the optimistic and motivational nature of the theme. One could also argue that he definitely knows how to dress ‘smart’.

Park Jimin (Jimin): effortless elegance

BTS’ very own Jimin was destined to be a star. From an early age, he showed promise in the performative arts. He majored in Contemporary Dance with very high praise. So much so that it was one of his teachers that first floated the idea of auditioning to become an idol trainee.

To see Park Jimin dance is to witness ethereal beauty and effortless elegance. While he may move softly and with careful precision, one can still feel the intensity and overflowing passion. It is his delicate but fierce duality that leaves everyone who witnesses it in pure awe. Jimin’s aura is soft, gentle, and that translates flawlessly into his elegant style.

For these reasons, his is an ethereal aesthetic. A nearly otherwordly quality identical to that of heavenly angels. And such is displayed through white, pale colors, and dainty accessories. Jimin’s visuals typically evoke emotions of tranquility, kindness, and compassion.

Kim Taehyung (V): a thrifted old soul

Kim Taehyung dreamed of a musical career from a very young age. He picked up the saxophone in middle school but his true ambition was to become a successful vocalist. And unlike his fellow BTS members’ aesthetics, his personal style is not such an obvious representation of his personality.

His bubbly, sometimes oblivious character is not quite matched up by that of J-Hope. However, he does have a quality to him that makes you wonder whether he belongs in another time.

In contrast to the group’s leader, V is the poster child for the dark academia aesthetic. His fashion is of an older period, with upscale pieces that could either have endured generations or been bought from high-end boutiques. Uniform items are highly prevalent, with patterns kept minimal textiles reminiscent of human sciences professors. To dress for this aesthetic is to embody autumn, along with its warm tones and polished layers.

Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook): the restless wonder

At last, we have reached the youngest and golden prodigy – Jeon Jungkook. He did not dream of becoming a singer since the very begging. Still, no one can deny that his talent would eventually catch up with him and earn him the stardom he has today. And despite being the youngest, he has solidified his spot as main vocal and is one of the best all-rounders in the Kpop industry.

Jungkook was only 15 at the time of BTS’ debut, so we got to see him grow into the exceptional young man he is today. And as he did, so did his style, which seems to have now settled.

The maknae is the portrait of the e-boy aesthetic through and through. Grown-out middle parts, arm tattoos, asymmetrical earrings, and a pensive look are the most recognizable features. It is partly influenced by the grunge edginess with the main difference being its contemporality.


Do you agree with our perspective on the BTS aesthetics? Do you think there is a different theme better suited to one of the members? Let us know in the comments how you perceive these boys’ individual styles and what aesthetic is your favorite.

And if you would like to learn more about Korean fashion, we recommend you take a look at this summer’s trends or get inspired by the essential pieces that Kpop idols swear by.

As always, happy reads and happy shopping!


  1. for all i care they can wear a trash bag and they would look gorgeous and handsome

  2. I feel like this article has truly captured every member’s individual styles! i’m so glad that i see bangtan as my fashion role models. ????

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