The sensational K-pop boy band BTS has taken over the global stage with its iconic music, intense choreography, and surreal visuals. If you have been following and even obsessing over this group for some time now, chances are you wouldn’t want to miss your bias performing live on the stage as you swing your ARMY Bomb and sing your heart out. Luckily, we’ve prepared these BTS concert outfit ideas to have you unforgettably dressed for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion!

Here, we will provide you with some useful and stylish tips so you can attend your much-awaited BTS concert prepared! Whether you want to dress casually, rock band merchandise, or style as if you’ll be on the stage, we got you! Read on as we dive into these trendy BTS concert outfit ideas!

Disclaimer: This article was written before the announcement of BTS to focus on the members’ individual projects at this time.

Tips on How to Style for a BTS Concert

Believe it or not, your BTS concert experience also relies on your whole OOTD. There are some significant differences in your outfits if you are seated or in the standing pit. Either way, these are the general styling tips to take note of when you’re attending a BTS concert!

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Whether you’re seated or not, it’s important to wear clothes that you can freely move in so you can join the hype! In a BTS concert, you would most likely still stand and dance so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest. Opt for a fashionable outfit that doesn’t require much maintenance, especially when you’re going to the bathroom or in the standing pit.
  • Prioritize the weather when dressing up. We understand if you really want to channel BTS’ “Spring Day” outfits, but it’s best to ditch them if the weather is scorching hot. You should prioritize comfort over fashion when it comes to concert outfits. You can bring a jacket if you’re not sure about the temperature in the concert halls.
  • Grab the chance to show off your BTS merchandise. Exhibit your passion as an ARMY by wearing your BT21 or Tiny TAN merchandise! You can also use the official shirt, hoodie, cap, beanie, bandana, and/or tote bag sold at the concert grounds or from the previous BTS concerts you’ve attended. Skip the unnecessary merchandise like plushies (or worse, albums) for the concert. 
  • Bring a roomy bag. You’ll definitely need enough space for concert-related stuff like your power bank, charger, camera, wallet, phone, extra batteries, and ARMY Bomb. Some bag items that may also come in handy during a concert are bottled water, ear plugs, and emergency medicine for headaches or sore throat (Because we know you’ll be screaming your lungs out!).
  • Go for simple or sweat-proof makeup. Even if the temperature in the halls is low, it’s highly possible to still sweat out of the hype from dancing, jumping, and screaming. You wouldn’t want to take a souvenir picture with smudged mascara and melted foundation. Best to go for little to no makeup or make it sweat-proof!

In summary, these are some style guidelines and even general tips that you can follow when you’re attending a BTS concert. Our Kpop concert outfit ideas can also add more insight when it comes to dressing up for these much-awaited events. Read on for more specific BTS concert outfit inspirations that you can easily cop!

BTS Concert Outfit Ideas 

  1. Get Inspired by Grunge & Indie like in “Run” & “I Need U”
  2. Be Cute, Cozy, and Casual like in “Spring Day”
  3. Exude Edgy Elegance like in “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”
  4. Be Preppy like V
  5. Style Straightforwardly like Suga
  6. Go Purple like ARMYs

1. Get Inspired by Grunge & Indie like in “Run” & “I Need U”

Feeling nostalgic about the earlier teenage concepts of BTS? You can take inspiration from their “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” era, specifically their idyllic outfits for “I Need U” and “Run.” Their grungy and indie ensembles served as a mark for the lost youth concept they’ve rocked before they rose to stardom. You’re sure to look effortlessly cool in a BTS concert by styling with this aesthetic in mind!

You can rely on flannels, denim pants, graphic t-shirts, and beanies to complete your concert ensemble. Ripped jeans, combat boots, and leather jackets are also stylish options for an edgier appearance. Keep the hues dark or at least neutral with a sparse pop of color. For example, Somi’s cropped top, denim shorts, and blue flannel long sleeves getup can be your style guide for your next concert!

2. Be Cute, Cozy, and Casual like in “Spring Day”

As ARMYs, we all love how soft, light, and dreamy the concept of “Spring Day” was. In fact, along with the music and lyrics themselves, their cozy knitted pieces for winter in the music video held a very special place in our hearts. For your next concert, dressing cute, warm, and casual like this might just be your best option if the concert halls are air-conditioned or naturally chilly

Mock-neck sweaters, printed pullovers, and oversized cardigans are excellent wardrobe choices to complete your concert getup. Softened shades of pink, turquoise, orange, and blue are ideal to radiate a dreamy positive atmosphere. Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s coordinating knit top and cardigan in pastel pink below are a perfect display of the “Spring Day” aesthetic. Pair these with denim pants and classic sneakers and you’re good to go!

3. Exude Edgy Elegance like in “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”

Want to own the stage just like BTS? There’s no stopping you from dressing fancy just like your idols even as part of the audience. The luxuriously elegant costumes donned by BTS in “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” are surely something we’d like to experience ourselves. If you manage to pull off this unapologetically edgy and elegant look, you might even get the chance to be noticed by your biases. 

Sequins, diamonds, glitter, and other intricate features, when combined with black fabrics, can make you stand out from the crowd. Fishnet stockings, knee-high boots, and fancy accessories are also fantastic additions. With that, you can cop IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung’s all-black stage ensemble embellished with silver and diamond studs. Just make sure that your fancy getup is still comfortable so you can freely enjoy your concert experience.

4. Be Preppy like V

BTS’ very own fashion king V is extremely popular for his airport outfits that are never short of stylish. In particular, what ARMYs notice about his style is that he has an inclination for preppy clothes that give him the vibe of a studious college student! If you want something simple but smart-looking, you can replicate V’s fashionable getups even when you’re attending a fun concert!

Berets, sweater vests, collared shirts, neckerchiefs, scarfs, and glasses are the usual staples for a preppy look. You can stick to fool-proof neutral hues like beige, khaki, brown, black, and white but other accent colors are also welcomed. Another ensemble from IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung displays a sailor-collared black top paired with a Parisian beret for a clean yet refined look.

5. Style Straightforwardly like Suga

We truly understand if you’re the type of ARMY who prioritizes comfort and freedom to move when you’re having the time of your life in a concert. With that said, you can still be fashionable by following Suga’s straightforward principle when it comes to clothing. There’s no need to stress about the fancy details and color schemes if you want to dress casually for a BTS concert!

Plain white tees, denim pants, skinny jeans, white sneakers, and oversized blazers for layering are some pieces that you can easily take out from your wardrobe. Red Velvet Yeri’s casual OOTD features a minimalist shirt, a pair of faded mom jeans, and off-white rubber shoes, which you can replicate for effortless chic!

6. Go Purple like ARMYs


If you really want to express “I Purple You” as a die-hard ARMY, the best BTS concert outfit would certainly be in the shade of purple! You can blend in with the sea of purple lights produced by ARMY Bombs while chanting your favorite tracks together with other ARMYs. Jimin has also exclusively designed an official ARMY hoodie called With You Hoody that is in solid purple.

Of course, aside from this hoodie, you can also explore other purple or similar outfits that will show that you’re really attending a BTS concert. For example, BLACKPINK Jisoo’s chic getup is comprised of a buttoned lilac cardigan, a versatile black mini skirt, and a matching purple handbag. Since purple is also considered a feminine color, this is also your chance to don a lovely ensemble!

That ends our list of BTS concert outfit ideas to make the most of your concert experience! We’re hoping that you already had a pick on which style to go for once BTS announces their tour in your area. If we missed any important concert outfit tips or some iconic BTS styles, feel free to comment them down below!

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Thanks for reading and happy shopping!